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Bluetooth Vs NFC Technology


Ah yes, we all know and love Bluetooth.  It has helped us cut the cord with our electronic devices and has come along way since it’s creation in 1997. It has been implemented into everything from cars to headphones and has become a staple in wireless communication between devices.  However, there’s a new alternative that has gained some steam over the past couple of years. It’s call NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and while it’s similar to Bluetooth, there are some major difference that could have you jumping through hoops.

The Parrot Zik Headphones have Bluetooth and NFC technology

First and foremost, they are both forms of wireless communication between devices over short distances.  NFC is limited to a distance of approximately four centimeters while Bluetooth can reach over thirty feet. While it may seem that Bluetooth is superior in this regard, both Bluetooth and NFC technology have their advantages and disadvantages compared to one another and can work together to meet users’ needs. NFC can prove useful with it’s shorter range for the reason that there will be almost no chance of interference with 3rd party devices. Additionally, NFC will automatically connect to your devices whereas with Bluetooth you have to manually connect the device which can take up to several minutes. Power consumption is another difference seeing as Bluetooth takes more energy to keep your device connected.

However, they can team up as a dynamic duo and automate and speed up the pairing process while still maintaining the effective range of Bluetooth technology. An example of this is the Parrot Zik headphones which have both technologies built in. In the next few years, expect these technologies to be more prominent and your life much more wireless.


Hands-Free Bluetooth Installation Made Easy with Axxeses Plug-and-play Harnesses

“Hello!? Where are you? You sound like you’re in a wind tunnel (note sarcasm)…” Have you ever heard this from a friend, customer or colleague while using your standalone Bluetooth device in your car? Yes? Thought so…

Most universal standalone hands-free Bluetooth devices for your car can be cumbersome and do not sound very good to the user, or to the person on the other end of the phone. Of course there are exceptions to this, but integrated add-on Bluetooth car kits for your factory stereo are definitely the way to go. They usually include independent microphones and displays. Both of which are very beneficial. But, a down side could be the need of professional installation. This can be a little intimidating for the average weekend warrior/installer. Now, there are plug-and-play harnesses to make their installation simpler.

Specifically Axxesses new line of vehicle specific harnesses.

Vehicle Specific Harnesses for Bluetooth Devices:

Axxess Vehicle specific harness for select Parrot, Novero and Motorola Bluetooth car kits

Axxess engineered this line of T-harnesses for most vehicles. They provide a direct plug-and-play between your vehicles stereo harness, and select Parrot, Novero and Motorola Bluetooth interfaces.

They are literally that simple. They take the guessing game out of which wire goes where for you or your installer.



Bluetooth Car Kits:

Motorola TK30

Parrot, Motorola, and Novero make a full range of compatible kits to suit everyone’s needs. From the budget conscience Motorola TK30, with an LCD screen and voice recognition, to the great Novero TrulyOne.


The Novero TrulyOne features a convenient display that allows users to visually track options, take full advantage of all of your phone’s features, including voice options and phone book sync. It also providesr multipoint connectivity allowing for connection for up to two Bluetooth compatible devices. The TrulyOne is a stylish and modern application. By the way, both of these kits stream music wirelessly, as do most of them.


So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth device for your vehicle, but are worried that there will be too much involved in having it installed, it can be easy as just plugging it in. Well, maybe a little more but you get the idea. Here at Sonic Electronix we have bundled these two items together at a discount to make your lives easier, and to save you some money! So check them out! If you need assistance selecting the correct harness for your application you can give our knowledgeable Customer Commitment team a call or buy them directly at sonicelectronix.com.


TextFriendly for Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits

TextFriendly for Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits

Parrot is a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones and Bluetooth handsfree car kits. The Paris, France based company was founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux and since has become a main staple in the handsfree Bluetooth business. Parrot has developed the most extensive range of hands-free systems on the market for mobile phones, cars, motorbikes and scooters.

In late 2010, Parrot created an even more convenient product for you Bluetooth users with the introduction of TextFriendly. TextFriendly is a voice-to-text service that allows you to listen & delete email, compose, reply & forward email, compose text messages, and read text messages all by voice activation through your compatible Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit. The main vocal commands of TextFriendly are very simple, if you want to listen to your emails, just say “Email”, to compose email, say “Compose Email”, to compose SMS, say “Compose SMS” etc. Facebook and Twitter are also compatible with this product; you can post updates and status’s all by voice. TextFriendly is compatible with all operating systems and all phone brands as well.

As of now, TextFriendly is only available for the CK Series and MKi Series parrot kits. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry the following Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits.

Each of these kits will work with TextFriendly and there are only a couple simple steps to integrate it into your existing kit.

  1. Step 1 to get TextFriendly for one of pre-mentioned compatible car kits is to call 877-9PARROT to receive your registration code.
  2. Step 2 is to navigate your way to TextFriendly.net to enter in your registration code and fill out some other basic information to allow the access to the email database.
  3. Step 3 is getting your free software update by following the flashing procedure available on the Parrot Product Support Page.
  4. Step 4 is to select the TextFriendly menu on MKi Series or CK Series and access the service.
  5. Step 5 follow the vocal instruction and say the commands, it’s that simple.

This product helps to reduce distracted driving by allowing connectivity addicts to stay in touch using hands-free texting and voice mail behind the wheel. So create a safer driving environment for everybody and get yours today.