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Professional Headphones 15 % Off Sale at Sonic Electronix

Professional Headphones Promotion

If you are looking for an upgrade in the field of home, DJ, or studio Professional Headphones now is the time to act. For a special limited time only Sonic Electronix will be offering a 15% discount on all of our Professional Headphones. As the holiday season comes around the corner now is the perfect time to purchase those high quality headphones you have always wanted. With manufacturers like Audio Technica, Grado, Sennheiser, Kicker and many more you are sure to find exactly what you want and need.

Professional Home Headphones

The want for high-quality sound reproduction is what sets the true audio listener apart from your average every day listener. Headphones like the SR60i and SR80i from Grado offer a fuller sound reproduction that is almost never seen in your standard pair of headphones. Here you will get cleaner, crisper and more accurate highs, mids, and lows. Kicker’s HP541 headphones also provide that higher-quality that makes listening to music a whole new experience.

Professional DJ Headphones

With professional DJ style headphones not only is sound quality important but aside from that they must feature some sort of swivel of the ear-cups and extreme flexibility. Pioneer’s HDJ-500K, and HDJ-1000 offer unique folding housing and joint movement that allow for flexibility during performance which allow for easier use when mixing. The same goes for the Shure SRH750DJ and SRH550DJ headphones. These headphones excel in low and mid frequency reproduction which is essential to a good DJ. A DJ is only as good as his equipment, and these DJ style headphones will allow for true artistic presentation.

Professional Studio Headphones

Studio monitoring headphones are a complete different ballgame in the professional headphone category. These headphones will pick up a very wide range of frequencies which is needed for proper monitoring and mixing. Audio Technica’s ATH-M50, Sony’s MDR-V600, and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones all offer a very dynamic sound reproduction and are able to reproduce frequencies that are not always heard but play a significant role in the overall sound quality and production. Studio monitoring and mixing professional have a great sense of hearing but even they need a reliable pair of professional studio headphones to get the job done as accurate as possible.


Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 1 of 2

Not every ear-canal is created equal and what is good for one might not be good for another. We all have different taste in music and we hear and perceive sound differently as well. Thankfully we live in an era where technology has brought us some amazing things and above all else it has brought us options. When looking into purchasing in-ear headphones the amount of options we have can be a bit much. I mean what really makes one better than the other? Most of us really could not tell one way or the other and end up selecting a well known company or maybe just go with the suggestion of an article or close friend. Below is what we here at Sonic Electronix consider the top 5 ear-bud headphones, the list will include the Woodees Blues IESW100L, Klipsch Image S4i (black), Grado iGi, AKG Q350-Black, and Monster Cable iBeats (black). The order in which they are listed does not in any way suggest one is better than the other. However, know that any of these five in-ear headphones would be a great selection and will change the way you appreciate music. Facebook fans feel free to leave comments on how you feel about our list thus far.

Woodees Blues IESW100L

Woodees Blues IESW100L

The Woodees Blues IESW100L are by far the most unique pair of in-ear headphones on this list. Its natural wood housing reproduces a more natural deep bass that is often not found in other headphones in the same class. The use of wood materials creates an ergonomic design that is both lightweight and fashionable making then easy on the ears and great to look at. The IESW100L feature a soft cable to reduce static noise from cord brushing and an in-line microphone with in-line controls for answering and ending calls as well as pausing and playing music. Small form silicone buds fit snug into ear canal for enhanced noise-isolation while the solid construction provides durabilityand makes them perfect during travel. Compatibility with all music devices with a 3.5mm earphone jack makes these ear-buds extremely versatile and a great way to enhance your personal music listening experience.

Klipsch Image S4i-Black

Klipsch Image S4i-Black

The Klipsch Image S4i (Black) are able to create a realistic sound with the use of a single moving coil driver. Full music and voice control on select Apple devices is possible with an advanced 3-button microphone and remote system. The angled nozzle provides proper in-ear alignment and superior noise-isolation for that full sound reproduction. The Image S4i in-ear headphones feature a built-in strain relief that add comfort for long –term use and wear by reducing hear fatigue. The dual-magnet micro-speakers offer a wide frequency range with unsurpassed dynamic detail. The tangle resistant cable makes them perfect for travel while the exclusive flexible and soft oval earphone design provide a better seal and thus the headphones are able to deliver a smooth and warm sound with great responsive bass. Klipsch are very well known for exceeding in high-quality, high-end audio, and it is clear to see that they have taken their love for audio and have incorporated that into a high-quality pair of in-ear headphones.

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Good, Better, Best with Klipsch Personal Audio In-Ear Headphones

Portable personal audio has become a fast growing industry in the last 10 years with the improvement of portable media players. Due to this fast growing industry many companies have jumped into the In-Ear Headphone game, which has given consumers options upon options on In-Ear headphone selection. Klipsch brings to the table what other companies lack, and that is experience in audio. With over 60 years of experience in home audio, cinematic audio and other forms of audio, Klipsch has manufactured both entry level and high-end products with tremendous quality and sound reproduction. Building from their Image S3 all the way to their Image X10i, which is considered the crème de la crème in Klipsch personal audio, Klipsch has taken personal portable audio to a new standard that only a few can meet.

Klipsch Image S3

Image S3-Rebel Red

Image S3 in-ear headphones are entry level headphones that are perfect for anyone that is not looking to spend a lot of money but to upgrade and enhance the listening experience not usually found in stock headphones. The oval ear tips offer a more natural and secure fit into the ear canal. This creates comfort and a better seal which keeps music from leaking out and ambient noise from leaking in. The secure fit makes them perfect for when in motion or on the go. The use of a single moving coil driver produces a more realistic sounding experience that is often missed from stock merchandise. Image S3 in-ear headphones deliver comfort with a built-in strain relief, making them wearable for long listening sessions. These in-ear headphones provide enhanced bass with less distortion and muddiness, while also providing a more dynamic detail across a wider range frequency. Image S3 in-ear headphones come in a variety of colors, not only giving an improved all around sound but also a sense of individualism and fashion.

Klipsch Image S4i

Image S4i-Black

Image S4i in-ear headphones offer improved qualities that are found in the Image S3 with the addition of and advanced 3-button microphone and remote system. Image S4i headphones use a dual magnet micro speaker structure to enhance the sound production coming from your listening device. The angled-nozzle design provides a proper in-ear alignment for superior noise cancellation and comfort during long periods of use. Image S4i headphones are the first third party to offer a full control of Apple devices like, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod with music and video content. The microphone is placed at the yoke for a more natural feel when controlling a device. The microphone features echo cancellation for clean undistorted call making and call receiving. The remote allows for full volume control and track selection. Image S4i in-hear headphones provide realistic acoustic sound and deep rich bass, the microphone and remote feature make them more versatile and the perfect headphones for those looking for audio and video control at the touch of a button.

Klipsch Image S4i

Image X10i

Image X10i in-ear headphones are for the serious music enthusiast. Image X10i headphones feature the same advanced 3-button microphone and remote system for full music and video content control. Unlike other models the X10i’s feature anodized copper ear pieces that provide a high premium sound reproduction. The tuned bass-reflex system gives you rich, deep and accurate bass that is usually lost when using stock headphone or even lower end after market headphones. The X10i bring out every single aspect that is meant to be heard in your music. From clear mids to clean and crisps highs and enhanced vocals so that you can hear the artist clear as day. These high resolution headphones are meant for high quality compressed formatted music with a high bit rate for a professional and extremely high quality music listening experience. X10i’s are equipped with gel ear tips, a 50” vinyl cable, an exclusive oval ear tip design making these headphones great for any music enthusiast looking to get the absolute best out of their music listening experience.