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Upgrade Your Vehicles Sound with Pioneer Stage 3

Pioneer Car Audio

How often do you find yourself listening to music in your vehicle? Are you among the many who find themselves listening to their car stereo on any trip they make, even if it’s just to drive to the store to pick up a candy bar? If you are the type that just can’t help but crank their stereo most of the time they’re in their car then hopefully you’ve considered upgrading your car stereo, speakers, or even perhaps adding a subwoofer. If you haven’t considered it, start now! Pioneer’s innovating Stage 3 series of products is designed to help those looking to take their car’s sound to the next level. The best part about this series of car audio equipment is you don’t have to be making six figures to have your car sounding like one hundred grand.

Starting with a car stereo, the Pioneer DEH-P7200HD is the perfect epicenter for a car audio system to run off of. Pioneer is known for its superb sound quality when processing music, and this unit goes even further by having Advanced Sound Retrieval which helps improve the sound quality of compressed digital music files. Built-in HD radio and iPod connectivity give you plenty of source options.

A system always needs a voice, and what better voice than the Pioneer TS-D1602R D-Series Speakers. These speakers are engineered with injection molded matrix aramid-basalt fiber composite cone’s which allow for premium linearity and mid-bass response. The D-Series speakers perform well for mid and high frequencies, but to help completely even out the system a subwoofer is recommended. The Pioneeer TS-W308D4 is the perfect addition to the system. This 400 watt RMS subwoofer will help respond perfectly alongside with the speakers to give the lower frequencies the perfect bass tones.

Finally, to amplifier the speakers and subwoofer, the Pioneer GM-6400F is the perfect 4-channel amplifier to drive the D-Series speakers. A small and compact design keeps the amplifier easy to hide and the small footprint also allows the amplifier to be cooled in tight surfaces. The Pioneer GM-D7500M is a great amplifier to drive the subwoofer. This compact class D amplifier will drive the subwoofer for optimal bass response, and stay at lower temperatures with its class D digital design.


Pioneer Car Audio & Video Receivers

Pioneer Car Audio / Video Receivers

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

You can’t talk about Pioneer electronics without recognizing their incredible line of car audio products.  While they still make high-end home, DJ, and portable electronics, the mobile line of products stands out among the rest.  By creating a wide variety of car audio components, Pioneer is able to fully capture the sound inside of a car.  Car stereos, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers are some of the specific categories that have lead Pioneer to the top of the industry.  This year, Pioneer has found a way to simplify their advanced car stereo receivers to make them easy to understand.  That focus is the Connectivity, Quality, and Convenience of each unit. Lets take a moment and discuss these three different parts of the Pioneer Car Audio /Video Multimedia receivers.


Whether you’re keeping in touch with friends and family on your mobile phone, or browsing through thousands of songs on your iPod, Pioneer products bring it all together in the car.  Eliminate the clutter of having several devices in the car, and bring the intuitive control and convenience of Pioneer at your fingertips.


Pioneer’s universal reputation for quality is the perfect foundation to build upon due to its stylish design and detailed craftsmanship.  The Pioneer promise includes continuing to overcome the many challenges in the mobile industry.  For over 30 years, Pioneer has been a leading authority in audio technology and their new products keep them at the top.


Ease of use plus flexible mounting and function are essential aspects of Pioneer system convenience.  Control of a connected iPod via headunit rotary commander is intuitive.  For optimal installability, Pioneer makes tweeters and subwoofers surprisingly compact and the digital amplifiers small enough to fit underneath seats.

Each Pioneer Audio/Video head unit lives up to the Pioneer promise and proves to be a easily connected, high-quality, and convenient unit.