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LG 60PS80 – 60 Inch Full HD 1080p Plasma TV with THX Display

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

LG 60PS80

A leading innovator in the flat-panel television market, LG has introduced an amazingly thin plasma television. The LG 60PS80 is only 3” in depth allowing it to be mounted closely to the wall for a clean look while screen glass blends smoothly into the surrounding black border, complimenting any room. The 60PS80 is a full HD 1080p television with a 600Hz Sub-Field drive for more realistic sports, action and movies. Once you have seen an image this clear, you will wonder what you did before getting a plasma TV! The 2,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio broadens the color range, delivering deeper black and pure whites. Brighter colors mean an overall better picture for any show you may be watching. Along with having an amazing picture, the sound quality is even better! The 60PS80 has an invisible speaker system that delivers enhanced audio with a wider sound field.

This television is unique in the fact that it has a THX Display. This mean that it includes more than 400 data points ensuring exceptional image quality and signal processing to get better performance in your home theater. THX Certification allows the television to display images and video with improved picture quality, regardless of definition settings. The 60PS80 also offers an Ethernet input connection to NetFlix streaming video, so the set connects directly to the internet to download movies. Do you ever want to view pictures and music on your TV easily? The USB Input allows you to access digital music, photos and even hook up a camcorder.

Many large television sets limit their options when it comes to size and location, but LG has not sacrificed any features when it comes to the 60PS80. The LG 60PS80 is a beautiful, flawless television that will look great in any living room or home theater system.


Samsung WMN1000B TV Wall Mount


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The Samsung WMN1000B is an incredibly thin wall mount designed for Samsung LED flat panel televisions. Using a wall mount saves space and provides a better viewing angle. You will feel like you are at a movie theater while peering up at your wall-mounted big screen. A wall-mounted television also enhances the elegance of your home’s interior. Besides, this wafer-thin wall mount makes installation easy. The WMN1000B enables you to hang Samsung TVs like a picture. Just tighten the two fasteners to the wall and you will be ready to mount your TV.

The Samsung WMN1000B wall mount is fully adjustable, making it easy to access inputs behind the TV.  Even though this wall mount is extremely thin at only .6” deep, it can hold flat panel TVs as heavy as 110 pounds. In fact, it is compatible with LED screens between 40” and 55” in the Samsung 6000, 7000, 7100, and 8000 series. It can also hold 50” Plasma TVs in the 850 and 860 series. You will love the way this wall mount keeps your TV up and out of the way. It not only saves space, it also protects your investment!

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