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Driver Safety: Driving & Parking Assist Systems

You Need Some Assistance

Disclaimer: This is not a crash course in drivers ed.  This is a wake-up call to all you distracted and accident-prone drivers out there!

In today’s modern world, there are countless distractions that can cause injury to yourself and others. I can attest to this personally seeing as I have carelessly totaled a car and watching your wheel fly off is not a good start to anyone’s day. With that being said, there are lots of ways to prevent you from being ignorant like me.  There are tons of aftermarket parking and driving assist systems that could save your car from utter destruction or even your life.


GOSHERS BSDS3016 Blind Spot Detection System

Power Acoustik DRIVE ALERT

Power Acoustik DRIVE ALERT

In recent studies it has been found that the average driver has an accident about every 10 years.  However, if you live in a busy city this can be cut in half to about 5 years! A major cause of accidents is negligence of checking your blind spots.  A way of drastically reducing this danger is by purchasing a system such as the GOSHERS BSDS3016.  This is a blind spot detection system that will give you audible and visual warnings if you try to change lanes when there is someone present in your blind spot.  It is a universal system so it can be put on any vehicle such as commercial trucks, RVs, fleet vehicles, or a standard automobile. Another noteworthy prevention system is the 3-in-1 Power Acoustik DRIVE ALERT.  This is a unique system that offers front collision warning, lane departure warning and a black-box recorder which records audio and video prior to a collision to aid in insurance or police investigation.

We also offer an abundance of rear and front parking sensors that you can integrate into your front and rear bumpers for reduced difficulty when parking.  Steelmate has a number of multi-sensor systems that can seamlessly be added.  They feature paintable covers for decreased visibility of the sensors. Just remember that there are two types of drivers out there: those who have been in an accident and those who have not been in an accident YET.


Power Acoustik 8.3” In-Dash Receivers

Power Acoustik PTID-8300NR Car Stereo DVD Receiver

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

In-dash flip out monitors are becoming a more popular option. In vehicles where a double din sizes radio’s can’t fit without cutting, they’re a great fit!  Power Acoustik has revolutionized the screen size, and implanted a new rotary flip out mechanism that allows them to fit an 8.3” monitor, in a single din chassis.  This allows for a screen size that is 38% larger than traditional in-dash flip out receivers!

Power Acoustik started by integrating a brand new user-interface that showcases clean, large icons that bare resemblance to those found on an iPhone.  The menu will transition cleanly with a built in graphics system to make the menu’s change seamlessly and simple to navigate.

With multiple models all offering different features, the first model is the Power Acoustik PTID-8300NR.   Boasting with its large 8.3” display, this in-dash receiver proves that it can be considered anything but entry level.  Some features this unit has to offer are its input sources, such as USB, and Auxiliary inputs. Finally, it also offers expandability options of add-on Navigation with their NAVIBOX-1, and also iPod connectivity with the IC-2.

Hands-free cellular phone usage is a feature that’s becoming almost required.  A lot of states now by law only permit cell-phone conversations if they’re being carried out over a Bluetooth device. Power Acoustik has included a model with built-in Bluetooth as well – the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB.  This unit gives you additional features of being able to carry about phone conversations through the radio.

If multimedia was your main goal with this new large in-dash receiver, the Power Acoustik PTID-8300NRT will have you covered.  A built-in TV Tuner will allow for one of the most integrated multimedia experiences currently available on the market!  And finally, for those of you searching for the one that just has it all – the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRBT has everything built-in.  For this price you’ll get the built-in Bluetooth, the built-in TV Tuner and all of the great playback options like the USB and Auxiliary inputs. The PTID-8300NRBT has similar expandability options and you can add on Navigation and iPod connectivity with their required accessories.


Large 8.3” Displays from Power Acoustik, Soundstream, and Farenheit

<br /> Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that enjoy watching movies inside their car from an in-dash DVD player will be pleased with some of the newest flip-out car receivers on the market.  Select companies have been able to revolutionize the in-car multimedia receiver with the introduction of a larger display than the typical in-dash car stereo.  With bright, vivid color and surround sound outputs, these receivers achieve the perfect balance between value and features.

As one of the leaders behind extra large displays, Power Acoustik has taken a new vision of the in-dash receiver and developed an entirely new mechanism to support the enormous 8.3” LCD display.  Consider the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB as the perfect example of what this new display style is capable of.  The PTID8310NRB features a large 8.3” Touch screen with incredible detail and bright color.  Instead of the traditional flip-out display that moves a long a linear track, these new screens will emerge from the main receiver and then pivot at one corner to rotate the screen.  The rotation allows a large sized screen to fit inside the receiver.   These extra large screens open an entire new world for DVD and video playback.  The larger screen is easy to see and makes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) simple to navigate.

In addition to the Power Acoustic PTID-8310NRB, there are other units that feature a similar style of display.  The Farenheit TID-831NRB and the Soundstream VIR-8310NRB.  All based on a standard design, these three units feature a huge touch screen that is great for movies, videos, adjusting settings, and the general use of the unit.  Most of these units also come built-in with other features such as built-in Bluetooth or a TV Tuner. With a price that is so affordable, there is no reason to settle for less.  Upgrade your factory system to a receiver with the largest flip-out screen available on the market.