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The Top 5 Must Haves for a Road Trip

Personal Massager

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned road trip? The answer is no one. Even if someone doesn’t love a road trip, the answer is still no one. Anyways, we decided to bring you the top 5 must haves for your next road trip.

Emergency Equipment

Seriously, this entire movie is based off getting a flat tire. Sure, they got a flat tire in a former nuclear test zone but so what? Don't let it happen to you!

1. Emergency Equipment

The last thing you want to happen on your road trip is get a flat tire or be otherwise stranded on the highway. I mean, how many slasher horror movies are based around this concept? I’ve seen plenty of horror movies about stranded people and none of them end well, mostly because not many of them are actually movies… But whatever, you get the point. Luckily for you, we carry Lifeline Emergency Equipment. We’ve got tire gauges so you can find the leaking tire BEFORE you leave on your trip and we’ve got an air compressor for tires just in case that tire explodes on the road anyways. And we’ve got a nice warm blanket in case you stuck somewhere cold and we EVEN have orange road triangles so that people don’t crash into your stranded vehicle. Wow, are we prepared or what?


We couldn’t leave this one out, it’s got “road trip” right in the name. Yes, CB radios have been around for a long long time but they’ll never go out of style. If you don’t believe me, check out the CB and 2-Way Radios – Why the Technology of the 50’s is Still Relevant Today article. You’d be surprised to find that CB radios are actually far more convenient than a Smartphone for keeping in touch with your fellow road trippers in other vehicles. Just one touch of a button and you can send and receive messages. Texting? Too slow. Phone call? Gotta wait while it rings. CB Radio? Just press a button on your HHROADTRIP, talk and the other people can magically hear you instantly! Sometimes old school is better!

MAD11 Android Computer3. The MAD11

The MAD11 is a genius new device that basically turns any monitor in your vehicle into an android computer. There’s a video on the product page you check out and see it in action. But on a road trip, entertainment is key so this way you can keep yourself and your friends occupied with rousing games of Angry Birds and Temple Run, or you watch movies with Netflix or Hulu. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road.

4. Radar Detector

If you’re gonna be cruisin’ down the open road you’re gonna want a radar detector. Sometimes you just realize how fast you’re going, it’s OK, we’ve all been there. But if you’re on a long trip, maybe out of state and in places you aren’t familiar with, the last thing you want is a speeding ticket. But the convenience doesn’t stop there: some of the fancier radar detectors like the Cobra iRad200 use GPS to link up to the Aura redlight and speed camera database to warn you if you’re approaching either of these road nuisances. Like I said, perfect for areas you’re unfamiliar with.

Personal Massager

Release that driving tension!

5. The Personal Massager

Last but not least, the personal massager. Hey, driving can cause some tension and soreness so why not vibrate it away with the Limitless Creations PM1PR MagicTouch Personal Massager? It even comes in pink and it’s waterproof too! Check out the reviews on it, we’ve left some satisfied customers.

So there you have it, the top 5 must haves for your next road trip. Get them all right here at Sonic Electronix!


Top 3 Gadgets for Truckers

Being a trucker is a lot of hard work so we decided to recommend a few items to make your lives easier while on the road. Here are The 3 Gadgets For Truckers!

bluetooth hands free headset#1 Bluetooth Handsfree Kits

Nothing says convenience like a Bluetooth handsfree kit. Not only is it extremely dangerous to talk on the phone while driving, it’s also illegal in many states including here in California. That’s why we’ve got plenty of Bluetooth headsets to choose from from brands like Motorola, Jaybird, Parrot, Samsung and more. Just them all out here. And we know it’s tempting to answer that text message right after you get it, even if you’re driving, but that’s even worse than than talking on the phone. That’s why we’ve got Bluetooth headsets with the Text-to-Speech function. This handy feature will read your text message aloud to you and allow you to send a message back just by using your voice. This even works for emails as well! So be safe and be responsible, stop talking on the phone while you’re driving and get yourself a Bluetooth headset! Check out the VXI Xpressway, one of our top sellers!

Radar Detector#2 Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are an absolute must for anyone that spends long hours on the road. It’s always a relief to know where the cops are but that’s not all a radar detector does; the CR85 from Whistler features a Safety Warning System that can decode signals sent from emergency vehicles or hazard crews to warn you of approaching emergency vehicles, obstructions on the road, or road crews. In addition, the Whistler CR series have the exclusive Stay Alert feature to keep you awake. Every 4 hours the radar detector will emit a tone to make sure you’re alert and awake.

GMRS Radio#3 CB and GMRS Radios

The technology might be old but the value is definitely still there. Check out my other article, Why the Technology of the 50’s Is Still Relevant Today, if you don’t believe me. As a trucker, you probably drive through stretches of road that still have never even heard of a cell phone tower—Hence, GMRS and CB Radios. In addition, these radios allow you to contact emergency services and receive weather alerts instantly. With a Smartphone you’d have to dial the number, wait until someone picks up, wait to be directed to the right person blah blah BLAH! CB and GMRS radios get you that information instantly. Boom. Not to mention, YOU SHOULDN’T BE ON THE PHONE WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING ANYWAYS!!! That’s why Bluetooth headsets are #1 on this list! So anyways, yes CB and GMRS radios are still very much useful, even 60 years later.


The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475 – The Totally Awesome Laser and Radar Detector

Oh yeah… You’re cruisin’ down the freeway with the top down feeling fly like a G6 when all


of a sudden BAM! No we’re not kickin it up a notch, you’ve got red and blues flashing behind you and a whopper of a ticket awaits. “But wait a minute,” you’re thinking, “I have a radar detector! How could this happen?” Because you didn’t have the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475 THAT’s how. Does your other radar detector have a 360 degree radar, laser/LIDAR AND scrambler? Yeah I didn’t think so. Rocky Mountain Radar isn’t a company to mess around with cheap imitation products, I mean they have the name “Radar” in their name. With their exclusive Smart-Scan technology, your false alerts are lowered and the reaction time is quicker keeping you safer and more protected than ever before. The RMR-C475 can detect ALL radar bands including “Instant-on,” “POP,” and “Photo” so you’ll never be vulnerable.

Now that's pretty...

The RMR-C475 laughs in the face of all radar threats by scrambling their brains out. And don’t worry, it’s completely undetectable by VG-2 and VG-3. The officer’s radar signal will be scrambled by a white nose that is reflected back onto the radar’s own signal! And if you get hit by a laser, or LIDAR, the scrambler basically decreases the range of the reflected laser which won’t allow the signal to reach the officer which means you’re good to go. The coolest part, is that this scrambler conforms to all FCC rules and regulations. Part 15 off the FCC code regulates products that leak or transmit radio frequency energy into the atmosphere. Since the scrambler are not transmitting and work by either reflecting the same signal or by decreasing the reflective range of the radar and laser guns, those regulations do not apply. Boo ya. And guess what, Rocky Mountain offers a 1-year ticket refund policy if you do somehow manage to get get caught so your back is covered no matter what!

Not having the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475. THAT’s how you got caught. Step up to the best protection today!


Note: Sonic Electronix does not endorse speeding or breaking the law in any way. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by driving safely.


Beltronics GX65 merges GPS Technology with Radar Detectors

BEL Beltronics GX65 Radar Laser Detector

As the radar and laser detector industry is becoming more popular, many new items are being released with a wide variety of product features. Popular manufacturers of these detectors include companies like Cobra, Escort, Beltronics, Valentine, and Whistler. Every year these companies put more convenience features in their products to give them the edge over their competitors. The recent release of the Beltronics GX65 brought the radar detector to an entire new level with the integrated GPS receiver.

Aside from the rock-solid radar detector features, the most notable about the Beltronics GX65 is the safety camera database. Being a web ready device, the GX65 can be connected to the Internet to have an online safety camera database loaded onto the unit. While driving, the GPS receiver inside the GX65 will inform the driver if they are approaching a speed camera, red light camera, of potential speed trap. Drivers can also set their own speed trap locations and hot spots with the Mark Location feature. New variable speed sensitivity enables real-time protection that uses the vehicles current speed to determine it an alert needs to go off.

These are just a few of the ways that Beltronics is looking to make a radar detector that meets the needs of everyone. By integrating advanced and complex technologies into a radar detector that is surprisingly simple to operation, Beltronics widens the target market of potential customers. The GX65 still retains all the solid features that make Beltronics Radar Detectors one of the leaders in their industry. It provides extended long-range warning for X, K, Ka, Ku, and Pop radars. One of the finishing touches that really define the style of Beltronics is the carrying and protective case that is included. Tough and durable, this radar detector is defining the future of the industry.


Full Protection with the Valentine One & Laser Interceptor Radar Detectors/Jammers

Radar Detector Jammer Package

Last month we talked about the Valentine One and all of its spectacular features and ratings. For the Holidays we’re all buckling up and taking our Holiday journeys. Now is the best time to protect yourself against those who Valentine refers to as “The Unknown”. Well if you’ve researched radar a bit, you may know already that a radar detector alone will not have you fully protected. Yes, it will protect you from radar frequencies and give you plenty of time to slow down, but when you’re captured by a laser used in different areas unfortunately it’s too late already. Lasers are used to track vehicles progress, and by the time the alert from your radar detector would go off to alert you of an incoming laser, you will have already had your speed registered and written down.

Radar detectors may be capable of detecting lasers, but they certainly won’t protect you from the readings, and unfortunately won’t buy you any time to slow your vehicle down. Laser Jammers are capable of reading these incoming laser signals and disrupting them from getting a clear read out.

Protecting yourself from unwanted lasers and radar is a project within itself, but there are components ready for this challenge. Try pairing a Valentine One Radar detector along with the supreme Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer. These premium Laser Jammers will protect your vehicle from all attempts at a clear readout from a Laser signal. The Valentine One has it’s spot at the top of the Radar game secured, so with careful use these will get you by. On your Holiday trip this season, protect yourself from radar, but always remember the other invisible threat, the laser.

Laser Interceptor is also at the top of their charts with the supreme Laser Interceptor Dual jammer. This, along with the Laser Interceptor Quad are the most reliable Laser Interceptors on the market and do an exceptional job of keeping you protected from the invisible enemy. With superb detection and jamming response, you won’t fall victim to unreliable laser protection.