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Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector Locator

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

When searching for the perfect Radar detector, a common thought may arise.  “Which one would be best for me?”  With Radar Detection, we all have a similar goal – to go unnoticed, and to complete this objective we’ll need something that can aid our senses the most when traveling.

A Radar Detector will only work if the owner can understand how to react to its alerts.  Standard radar detectors will only have a few lights and an audible beeping alert to notify of any possible threats.   This can lead to a lot of guessing as to which direction the radar is coming from, and how many threats may be present.  The Valentine One uses multiple sensors and receivers to allow for more accurate detection and feedback.  There is also an indicator on the front to notify the user how many threats are present.  This can help the user distinguish between speed traps, and areas like grocery stores with motion sensors.

Radar Detectors must be able to accept all interference in order to be fully compliant, so this means a lot of “false alarms” are commonly associated with Radar Detectors.  The Valentine One helps you distinguish against false alarms and urgent alarms as much as possible.  The detector not only informs the user which band the radar is coming from, but also the strength of signal and how many radars it is detecting.  Users do need to get used to the alerts the Valentine One provides, and adjust their driving habits accordingly.  When used correctly, the Valentine One can severely reduce how noticed you are when driving.

The Valentine One radar detector is backed by lifetime updates.  Products manufactured in 1992 are updated as a courtesy just as products purchased in 2010.  The Valentine One has been critically reviewed by many different sources, and in the end has appeared to trump the competition.  For the most accurate results when driving, there’s no replacement for the additional information the Valentine One provides.


BEL Beltronics Vector 995

Beltronics Vector 995

Written by David D – Product Specialist

Radar detectors have saved me from getting a lot of tickets, but I know sometimes they can be annoying and hard to figure out how to operate. With the user friendly Beltronics Vector 995 Radar/Laser/Safety Detector, you no longer have to worry about that.

This detector is made for the person that wants it all, including supreme protection from speed traps. The Vector 995 Detector includes 5 operating bands, X-Band, K-Band, Ka-Band, Ku-Band, and Laser for superior detection. Equipped with a reprogrammable flash microprocessor, you can now upgrade the software to handle new technologies making this the only radar detector you will ever need. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and multiple laser sensors minimize the annoying false alarms and give you long-range warnings, allowing you to detect speed traps before they detect you. Beltronics 995 Detector has 360 degrees of protection; the alerts from this unit are the same whether the signals are received from the front or the rear of the vehicle, giving you ultimate protection. The easy to read ultra bright LED display features bar graph or text display, 3 levels of brightness settings, dark mode, threat display tracks, numerous radar signals including signal strength, hazards, construction zones and more. Another great feature is the digital POP alert; with a purpose only to block radar detectors by transmitting the radar in a short burst. One accessory I think is a must have for the Vector 995 is the direct wire smartplug cord, this accessory provides a hardwired connection to the fuse box in the car and features a convenient mute button. This package also includes a soft travel case and a quick release windshield mount, which makes for easy installation.  With programmable features such as power-on indication, voice alerts, power-on sequence, signal strength meter, AutoMute, radar/laser bands, and city/highway modes, it has everything it needs to be a top of the line detector.