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Sonic Electronix’s Recommendations For Car Subwoofers

Here at Sonic Electronix we are a diverse group of individuals with a decent range of age, who all have a love, be it small or big, for car audio. In the Descriptions Department we all come from different walks of life and listen to different types of music. Some of us prefer SPL while others prefer SQ. In this industry you either know what you want or someone gives their advice or opinion on a certain brand or model and you end up going with that. Below are some of our favorite car subwoofers within the Descriptions Department here at Sonic Electronix.

RE Audio SEX12D4


Seth, “the boss”, has an eye for RE Audio’s SEX12D4 12” SE-X series subwoofer. This woofer is able to handle 600 watts of RMS and is perfect for either a sealed or ported enclosure, giving you either some serious bass output or a more accurate and responsive bass. The woofer has a dual composite 2-piece cone and rubatek foam surround for rigidity and optimum performance. Seth has a wide taste in music so the SEX12D4 suits his needs for elongated bass when needed or short precise bass when listening to some alternative rock music. This really is the all around subwoofer for its ability to perform on both ends of the spectrum.

Alpine SWR-1243D


David, “ the veteran”, is not much for car audio but even he gets goose bumps and inner child comes out when he hears the Alpine SWR-1243D 12” Type-R series subwoofer. David’s playlist will showcase many genres of music but you can’t miss the fact that he loves rap and music that really has a beat. Nothing could be better than the Type-R for this genre of music, with an RMS handling of 600 watts; this subwoofer is known for being power hungry which means a ridiculous amount of bass. With an Xmax of 20mm this woofer will sound booming in a ported enclosure but will also perform beautifully in a sealed enclosure. The many technologies and high-end materials used on the SWR-1243D subwoofer make it one of the top subwoofers in its class.

Kicker Solo-Baric 11S10L74


Harry, “the new guy”, is your staple Generation Y kid and all he wants is bass. For him Kicker’s 11S10L74 10” L7 series subwoofer is the way to go. With a square design woofer this subwoofer is able to output 18% more bass that will make it sound more like a 12” subwoofer than a 10”. Even with his desire for bass Harry still likes quality and Kicker is very well known in the car audio world for making products that last and perform for long periods of time without diminishing in quality. Improvements to the woofer cone and structure of this woofer, allow for better heat dissipation and more surface area for harder hitting longer lasting bass. As always Kicker has made installation a piece of cake by using spring loaded terminals for secure and quick installs. Harry might be the young buck in group but he definitely knows what a good subwoofer should sound like.

Boston Acoustics G312-44


For me it’s all about quality, quick and responsive bass. For this reason one of my favorite subwoofer is the Boston Acoustics G312-44 G3 series subwoofer. Unlike some of my co-workers I am not really into hard shaking bass thus the generous 375 watts of RMS power handling, and my music genre, indie rock, really doesn’t require deep bass. What it does require is crisp, precise, and accurate bass which is exactly what I get from the G312-44. The woofer is equipped with RadialVent® technology for enhanced heat dissipation and increased power handling. This allows me to play my sub longer without having to worry about it clipping. The Soft Par System (SPS™) technology allows for cone assembly removal making it easy to replace any parts that wear out from use or even change my voice coils to simplify installation when adding more subs.


RE Audio Photo Caption Contest at Sonic Electronix

It is the beginning of a new month and that means that Sonic Electronix is hosting a brand new contest on their Facebook page! For the month of March 2011, Sonic Electronix has partnered together with RE Audio to an exciting contest to all of their Facebook fans. If you have not yet joined the Sonic Electronix’s Facebook page, head on over to the worlds most popular social network and do so. You will get quicker updates on the sales, Facebook exclusive deals, fast customer service, and access to a network of fellow car audio enthusiasts.

The March 2011 contest is a photo caption contest. Entering is simple and the comment with the most likes will win. It is that easy. Follow the steps below to enter the contest.

How to Enter:

  1. Become a Fan of Sonic Electronix
  2. Leave a creative caption comment for this photo
  3. Get your friends to like your caption! The comment with the most likes wins

Since Sonic Electronix has partnered with RE Audio to host this contest, you can be sure that some high end RE Audio gear will be the prize for winning. In fact, there will be four different winners with four different prizes. The grand prize winner will have the first pick and choose the item that he or she wants. Then the first runner up will be able to choose from the remaining prizes. This will continue until the four prizes are given away to the four winners.

RE Audio Caption Contest Prizes:

  1. RE Audio XXX12: 12″ Dual 2 ohm XXX Series Subwoofer (XXX12D2)
  2. RE Audio VLX-2DE: 1800W RMS, 1-Channel Monoblock Class “DE” Digital Stereo Amplifier
  3. RE Audio SEX12D4: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_27312_RE-Audio-SEX12D4.html
  4. RE Audio RE65C: 6-1/2″, RE Series 2-Way Component Car Speakers

RE Audio Enters the Overhead Monitor Game

RE Audio Kove KV15.1

RE Audio has been popular in the car audio industry with their high impact subwoofers, and cleanly organized no-nonsense amplifiers. Recently, Kove Audio joined forces with RE Audio and designed a product line of overhead monitors. These monitors follow in RE Audio’s path with affordable pricing and quality craftsmanship. These Holiday Seasons make your road trips more stress-free with the addition of an Overhead LCD Monitor. These awesome distractions will have your road trips filled with audible entertainment and will minimize distractions from the road so you can have safer, more enjoyable travels all across the country.

First on the production line is the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 Overhead LCD Monitor. This 14.1” Monitor is perfect for a wide-range of different vehicles. The large LCD screen allows for easy enjoyable views of the picture along with the 1024 x 768 screen resolution. This resolution allows for a large amount of pixels to display on the monitor, which can help combat against strained eyes. The overhead monitor has a built in 2-step FM transmitter and IR transmitter to help transmit audio either via headphones or an FM radio source. The rotating swivel screen will allow you to adjust the monitors viewing angle even after it has been installed into your vehicle. Finally, integrated overhead dome lights help replicate the factory experience and retain previous lighting in your vehicle to help seamlessly integrate this overhead monitor.

We know that holiday seasons can be stressful! Distracting your family from open road boredom is not only helpful to them, but can help you drive more focused and less distracted from in-vehicle distractions. This year when the bickering starts you’ll know exactly what to do. Just flip down the screen on the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 and allow the 14.1” of LCD screen do its thing. We all know that on a family road trip a quiet, relaxed car is a happy car.


Things to Look For When Buying New Car Speakers

Vibe Audio SPACE 5

It’s common for someone to ask “Which speakers would be right for me?”  Well, putting together a car audio system can require a lot of thought, or it can be something that’s decided on a whim.  There’s a few questions you should ask yourself before picking out the next car speakers for your ride, and to help make the best decision you should consider the most popular questions asked.  So first, find out what size speakers your vehicle has installed, and follow this guide to finding the perfect car speakers.

A commonly asked questioned is “Will I need an amplifier?”  The short answer to this question is do you want to have an amplifier?  A lot of speakers on the market can be used as direct factory replacements.  Make sure each speaker requires no more than 50 watts of power handling and these will work right off of your factory stereo.  A common factory replacement that doesn’t require amplification is the Boston Acoustics S65 speakers.  If you’re looking for a more fully staged audio experience with better volume and voice you might want to consider finding an amplifier.  In this case, match up the amplifiers power rating with your speakers RMS power rating.  This way you can get the best possible continual performance from your speakers.  Component style speakers, like the Vibe Audio SPACE 5 speakers will usually always require an amplifier since there’s separate components to power.

“Will I need a soft-dome tweeter, or a metallic dome tweeter?” This question is common when searching through speakers and this can really only be defined by personal preference.  Soft dome tweeters like Silk found on the RE Audio RE65FR speakers, and Cloth will produce a crisp listening experience.  Metallic tweeters can be considered “brighter” and will produce louder volumes with less power.  Metallic tweeters are popular on Boats, Motorcycles, and other environments where a lot of outside noise is present and needs to be drowned out.

After considering your amplification options and what style of speaker you want. It’s about finding the correct speaker by different manufactures.  Keep in mind each manufacturer has tried to develop their own sound so they can stand out and create brand loyalty.


Deep Bass From the RE Audio SEX Subwoofers

RE Audio SEX12D4 Car Subwoofer

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

There are many ways to get better bass in your car.  From increasing the size of your amplifier to improving your electrical system, there are almost countless ways to enhance the overall sound inside your car.  Replacing the factory stereo and speakers are a great place to start.  The best way to get better sound quality and bass in a car is to match a quality amplifier with a well-engineered subwoofer.  There are many different amplifiers out there that are well built, however a truly well built subwoofer is hard to come by.  RE Audio is a company that has defined many of today’s standards when it comes to car subwoofers.  Leading the competition audio circuit for many years, they learned and implemented many different engineering techniques that help them build some of the finest moderately priced car subwoofers.

The RE Audio SEX12D4 is a great example of a well-built subwoofer that sounds phenomenal.  After looking at one of these subwoofers and having the chance to hear one properly installed, it is easy to say that they are among best sounding subwoofers available today. By melding high quality materials with superior engineering, RE Audio is able to manufacturer a subwoofer that sounds great and will last a long time. The dual composite 2-piece cone and the Rubatek foam surround are the first things that are noticed on the woofer. The Rubatek surround is the closest foam composite to rubber that has been created. It supports high excursion and is extremely durable.  There is a 3” voice coil and a FEA optimized motor structure that work together to create a smoother and deeper bass response. At the base of this RE Audio subwoofer, there is a triple stacked magnet structure that helps to increase the power handling of the subwoofer. Once this subwoofer is powered by the correct amplifier, it is going to sound loud and clear.  If your goal is to have a SPL audio system, then the SEX car subwoofer is an excellent choice for you.  If your aim is for a system founded in sound quality, then the RE Audio SEX sub is still the perfect choice for you.