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How To Install A Car Stereo In 5 Easy Steps

Putting an aftermarket car stereo into your vehicle is a simple upgrade that not only enhances the sound quality of your music, but also adds many new features. For most vehicles, it’s not difficult to install a car stereo yourself, and it takes only a couple of hours if you do everything correctly. To start this installation you will need the following tools:

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Panel Pry Tools
  • Wire Strippers
  • Crimping Tool
  • Butt Connectors (or crimp caps)

In addition to this list, you will need any additional tools that your vehicle may require. First and foremost, you need to disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent damage to the vehicles electrical system during the installation. Second, remove the factory car receiver by following the instructions that are included with the installation accessories that we provide with your stereo purchase. Third, prepare the aftermarket stereo by properly mounting the unit in the dash-kit by following the instructions that are included. Next, use butt connectors to connect the stereo’s wiring harness to the vehicle wiring harness adapter. Fourth, install any additional accessories the aftermarket stereo came with such as a wired microphone, GPS antenna or a rear USB cable extension. The fifth step is to connect the aftermarket stereo assembly and wiring harness to the vehicle, securing the dash and replacing all panels that were removed during the process. Don’t forget to reconnect anything else that was disconnected such as air bags, 12V cigarette lighter sockets, and of course the negative battery terminal.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal
  2. Remove the factory receiver
  3. Mount stereo in dash-kit and connect wiring harnesses
  4. Install additional stereo accessories
  5. Connect the new stereo assembly and wiring harness to vehicle

That’s all there is to it, 5 fairly easy steps and you’ll be enjoy all of the features of your new car stereo. Replacing your factory receiver is a great way to add quality and functionality to your vehicle’s sound system. There are many brands, styles, and features available, so be sure to shop around to find a stereo that best suits your needs. Our online vehicle fitment guide will let you know what accessories you need for your specific vehicle and these accessories will be included free with your car stereo purchase. If you have any questions or need help picking the right stereo, give us a call at 1-877-289-7664 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will help guide you and answer any questions you may have. Treat yourself to a new car stereo this season and we’ll gladly help you find the right one for you. Check us out at SonicElectronix.com.



CARSHOW OEM Replacement Receivers – A New Way to Upgrade

CARSHOW in-dash multimedia receivers are designed with the user in mind, giving you intuitive control over your media and offering you a variety of features that make life easier while out on the road. These custom fit OEM replacement stereos are vehicle specific and simply plug straight into the factory wiring harness for an easy installation. If you’re looking for a receiver that will retain the factory look of your vehicle, keep reading to find out what CARSHOW receivers are all about.

  • Factory Stereo Replacement
  • Vehicle Specific Design
  • Plug and Play Connectivity

Never lift a finger off the wheel, because Bluetooth technology allows you to make and receive hands-free phone calls and stream music from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. GPS navigation will guide you to each destination with beautiful maps of your surroundings to ensure you never get lost. The high definition LCD touchscreen display is easy to use and lets you quickly navigate through menus and settings so you can keep your eyes on the road. If you have steering wheel controls, this receiver will work with them without the need for any additional equipment. All of these CARSHOW receivers are iPod and iPhone ready (additional accessory required for some) so you’ll always have access to your favorite songs and artists.

  • Hands Free Bluetooth Phone Calls
  • Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation
  • LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Steering Wheel Control Ready

These custom fit receivers are available for select Ford, Volkswagen, Buick, Chevy, GMC, Saturn, Hyundai, Toyota, Scion and more, and will seamlessly integrate into your dash without modifying any of the vehicles stock electrical. Not only is this receiver easy to install, it’s easy to add additional accessories, such as SiriusXM satellite radio or rear entertainment monitors. With a lineup of factory fit receivers as functional and expandable as these, no longer will you have to put up with your stock radio ever again. If you’re in the market for a good sound system upgrade, look no further than CARSHOW Electronics.


Exciting New Car Stereos at CES 2013

Early each year we send a team of people out to CES in Las Vegas to capture the best of new technologies in car audio. This year many companies have heavily evolved their car stereo lines to include some of the latest technologies in playing digital media. Big name brands such as Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC and even newcomers such as Lightning Audio are stepping it up in the world of car audio, and here’s a glimpse from CES 2013 of what you can look forward to in the near future.

Kenwood’s 2013 multimedia radios and stereos with Bluetooth technology will be able to take control of Siri. The receiver’s Bluetooth Microphone will allow hands-free communication with Siri, making it easier to control your Apple iPhone while out on the road.

Clarion is now one of the first car audio manufacturers to produce an HDMI compatible receiver. This technology will allow you to mirror the display of an Android device to the stereo’s display, giving you full control of Apps and communication with others.

Pioneer is well known for their intuitive interfacing of Apple iPod and iPhone devices, and now the 2013 multimedia receivers will support audio and video from the iPhone 5. The App Radio 2 will be able to display and control Apps that are already installed on the iPhone.

Alpine has introduced a whole new kind of stereo, offering Facebook alerts. When you connect your compatible phone, a blue LED glass light will start blinking when you receive a Facebook message, wall post, friend request and more. There is also an Alpine TuneIt App to assist with adjusting the equalizer to your vehicle’s acoustic environment.

JVC Mobile is stepping it up by including the MirrorLink application on three different head-units. MirrorLink mirrors the display of your smartphone and gives you complete control over many of its functions without ever having to touch the device.

There are many new technologies and innovations here at CES 2013, so continue to check back for coverage on the latest car audio, video and GPS devices and accessories. Let us know in the comments section below what brands you would like to see!


Kenwood KDC-MP142 Review


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

This Black Friday, everyone is looking for the best deals on the market.  But you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to start saving money on consumer electronics.  If you are looking to spend $100 or less on a high quality car stereo, the Kenwood KDC-MP142 is the choice for you. At our special price of only $79.99, this in-dash CD, MP3, WMA and AM/FM car radio is an absolute bargain.

With key features such as an illuminated front aux input and a handy wireless remote, the Kenwood KDC-MP142 receiver is going to fly off of the shelves this holiday season. The front aux input makes it easy to connect portable media players so that you can listen to all of your favorite music as you drive. While this stereo does not include any of the advanced expandability options (no Bluetooth, Satellite radio, or built-in iPod controls), its appeal is in its ease of use, sharp design and low price.


Using our 12V testing bay, I was able to get an up-close look at this head unit. The fluorescent display makes it easy to read the artist and title name as your song plays. Its built-in amp provides the industry standard 22 watts x 4 channels as expected. The KDC-MP142 includes 1 set of 2V preamp outputs, which allowed me to easily connect a subwoofer while testing it. Overall, the sound output was impressive as its 105 dB signal to noise ratio proved to be true to specs. I would highly recommend this car stereo for anyone looking for a great budget buy this holiday season. The Kenwood KDC-MP142 would be an excellent gift for anyone who needs a reliable car stereo in their vehicle.


Eclipse AVN52D Receiver

Eclipse’s new AVN52D is a fantastic multi-source receiver that can do it all.  The quality and performance of this unit really make it stand out when compared to other receivers in the same class.  For starters, it comes included with the GPS antenna and the GPS navigation.  Its maps completely cover the United States.  The navigation is accurate and surprisingly quick.  While it is not the best navigation on the market, it is a very good value buy.  The AVN52D provides the outputs for a complete car stereo system.  The three sets of preamp outputs allow for greater flexibility when running the audio signals through an amplifier or multiple amplifiers.  The 5 volt outputs result in superior sound with little noise resistance.  When connected to a high end amplifier, the sound of this unit is nearly unmatched.  It is truly amazing.  Aside from the normal audio CD and MP3 discs, this unit offers playback of WMA files and DVD movies.  The DVD playback is seamless and looks fantastic on the 7 inch LCD display.  The screen is large and bright enough for everyone in the vehicle to see.  For those that need more displays, the Eclipse AVN52D provides all the video outputs that one could ever need.  It can provide an output for an overhead monitor mounted to the vehicles ceiling or to a couple headrest monitors.  Either way, the unit can support excellent playback and video output.

In addition to the video output, the unit offers a dedicated video input signal for a rear view camera.  These back up cameras are becoming more and more popular in today’s society, and for good reason!  If you have ever used a back up camera or been in a vehicle with one, then you know exactly how nice these things are.  Some drivers that have kids consider these rear view cameras a must because of the safety that it can provide for the children.  Connecting one of these back up cameras to the unit is quite simple, as it is for all of the additional add on features.  One additional adapter adds the complete control of an iPod through the head unit.  Unlike other lower end units, the iPod interface on the AVN52D is fast and accurate.  It is one of the best that is on the market today.  Another add-on is the Bluetooth adapter.  This Bluetooth adapter from Parrot allows one to talk hands free in the car.  It connects and integrates seamlessly into the vehicle.  When a call is incoming, the music will mute and then resume playing after the call has finished.  For those that live in areas where it is illegal to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time, they will appreciate this feature.  Aside from the convenience factor, it is also makes your drive safer.  HD Radio is another optional adapter that can be added to the unit for more listening options. This unit does it all.  The possibilities are endless with the AVN52D.