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Why Should I Consider a Remote Start System?

Avital 5103L
When it comes to aftermarket convenience options for your car, there is nothing more popular than the addition of remote start. Remote start systems allow you to start your vehicle from a distance with just the press of a button. These systems can come in handy for a variety of reasons and help benefit your vehicle as well as yourself. Sonic Electronix has a huge selection on Remote Car Starters, and there isn’t a better time to have one installed than before the upcoming hot summer.

Responder 350

Systems like the Viper Responder 350 include LCD screens to confirm remote starts, and also provide optional alerts

A great reason for remote start is simply comfort. Who doesn’t want to jump into an A/C cooled vehicle during the upcoming summer months? Remote start has always been a prominent option for making your vehicle the ultimate comfort zone before you even jump in. During the winter months your vehicle can be a safe haven from the cold temperatures, and during the hot summer months there’s nothing better than an air conditioned vehicle at a nice 72 degrees (or whatever your personal preference is, I won’t judge). Keep in mind that when adding a remote start system to your vehicle, there are options that also have alarms built in. If you’re also interested in security, you may want to consider the Car Alarms with Remote Start.




You should also consider that, when your vehicle starts up, it needs a short amount of ‘warming up’ before it’s optimal to drive. About 90% of the time, I find myself ignoring any warm up for my engine and jetting off within 5 seconds of my vehicle being started with keys. When I sit down, I’m ready to go. When these are the circumstances, you are making your vehicle work much harder than it needs to. If you give your vehicle some time to warm up before accelerating away, you’re allowing all of the fluids to run through your vehicles engine and other components, reaching a uniform temperature which makes the engine much more efficient and ready for travel. This is especially true in climates that are colder, and some climates that are very hot. Adding a remote start system means when you’re ready to go, so is your vehicle.


Crimestopper SP101

Remote Start Systems and Car Alarms are tough to install! All systems, even this simple Crimestopper SP-101, are recommended for professional installation only

Keep in mind with Remote Start Systems there are a few features implemented to allow for security on your vehicle as well. When you press the button to start your car, the vehicle won’t just be sitting there with an engine running ready to be stolen. The car is automatically locked when the remote start feature is activated to prevent any curious bystanders. Not only is the vehicle locked, but the car will automatically shut off if the brake is pressed without the key already in the ignition. This means the moment a potential thief attempts to switch the vehicle out of gear it will shut off. It’s fairly easy to test this fail-safe on your own, and you probably will when it slips your mind to insert the keys before driving off. Like I said before, when I sit down I’m ready to go.


Things to Look for When Buying an Alarm System

AutoPage C3RS915

The Holiday Seasons are a great time to pick out an alarm system for a gift. They’ll protect your possessions, your transportation, and also add some convenient features to make driving a better experience. Adding an aftermarket security system is easier than one may expect. In fact, alarm installation shops can help you install an aftermarket alarm system into most vehicles. Do a bit of research on your vehicle with a professional installer to ensure an alarm system can be installed into your car, and after verifying you can, the next step is choosing your security system.

Alarm Systems have a lot of features to offer, from LCD displays to help confirm the status of your vehicle, or extended paging range which in some circumstances can reach up to one mile. There’s also tons of small personal adjustments you can make with your alarm system to truly personalize it to your expectations. These features vary from being able to remote start a car (if your alarm is equipped with a remote starter, like the Autopage C3-RS915-LCD) at a specific time of the day. This is especially convenient if you want to coordinate your vehicle to start on your schedule. This can help the car get nice and warmed up before you’re ready to jump in on your daily commute. Giving a vehicle roughly 2-4 minutes of warm up time before accelerating away is much better for your vehicles fluids to all reach a consistent temperature and will extend your vehicles lifetime.

Let’s not forget the alarm systems main feature is to deter theft. Most vehicles don’t come equipped from the factory with an alarm system. A common misconception is that since your vehicle may chirp or honk when you lock the doors that an alarm system is now active. This isn’t the case, and can put you at risk of vehicle theft. Equipping a vehicle with an alarm system is always a plus, and with the Holidays coming up, they make a perfect gift for almost any car!


Remote Car Starters Get Your Car Ready For Winter

AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD (C3-RS730) Remote Start Vehicle Security System

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

Winter is coming along soon and the temperatures are beginning to drop.  When waking up on a dreary Monday morning, there’s always the lurking fear of getting into a cold, uncomfortable vehicle.  Jumpstart your mornings with the addition of a remote car starter !  These systems remotely start your vehicle before you get in, and will allow your air conditioning the time it needs to reach a comfortable temperature to get your day started!

Remote start systems are hardwired to your vehicles ignition, a task that’s recommended for professional installers.  The Python 413 (P/N 4103P) is a great example of a basic remote start system. After installation you’ll have a remote in which you can just press a button and your vehicle will start.  Whenever you’re ready to get going, just unlock and get into your vehicle, insert your key into the ignition as normal and you’re set.

I know what you’re asking at this point. “Why would I want to have my vehicle’s engine running when I’m not around, wouldn’t anyone be able to get in and drive off?” That’s been taken care of by a few cleverly implemented features into a remote start systems design.  First, in most systems when you active the automatic start features, the system will simultaneously lock your vehicles. This is the first step designed to change anyone’s mind that sees a running vehicle with unlocked doors.  At that point, if someone enters your vehicle without first inserting the key into the ignition, the system is designed to turn off your vehicles engine the moment a foot is pressed on the brake.

Remote start systems, such as the AutoPage C3-RS730 can offer plenty of other optional features to help secure your vehicle, and make remote starting an easier experience.  Some higher end features found on some remote start systems are temperature based remote starting.  If your area is super cold and you need to take precautions against freezing your engine, a remote starter can automatically start your vehicle whenever a certain temperature is reached.  The same can go with when it gets too hot, and you need to cool down your vehicle.

Another convenient remote start option is the ability to start your vehicle at a programmed time every day.  If you’re heading to work at a specified time every day, you can have your vehicle start a few minutes beforehand so everything is ready by the time you’re ready to go, without the need to press any buttons.  This convenient feature will not only help with getting your vehicle to your desired, cozy temperature, but your vehicle will thank you for the extra few minutes of start time.  This allows all of the running fluids to reach desired temperature to properly circulate; this is especially true for colder environments.  If you have components in your car, like navigation systems that take some time to start, this is also useful to help get them started and get you going quicker.

In a lot of newer vehicles, a chip is built into the key, called an Immobilizer.  This prevents your vehicle from starting without sensing the chip, so no one can start your car with a tool like a screwdriver.  In order to properly use a remote start system if your vehicle has this feature, an immobilizer bypass is required.  This bypass kit will allow your remote start system to bypass your immobilizer temporarily to start your car, and still maintains the integrity of the immobilizer’s primary function.  Ready for your mornings to be less stressful, and more cozy? A remote start system is perfect for you!


Viper 7900 Car Alarm

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

As you probably well know, car alarms provide vehicle security. Viper brand car alarms have some of the most cutting-edge features on the market, like 2-way paging and remote start capability. With the Viper sticker on your window and the flashing LED on your dashboard, thieves will think twice about breaking-in to your vehicle.

The Viper car alarms chirp if they detect a light touch, but upon further contact, they will unleash an increasingly loud 6-tone siren. The shock sensor technology ensures that a siren will be emitted whenever anyone attempts to intrude in your vehicle. And even if they were to enter your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about them hot wiring it because the Failsafe Starter Kill will prevent auto theft.

The Viper 7900 is a 6-channel remote start keyless entry system. We carry both the brand new and the refurbished version of the Viper 7900 car alarm. The refurbished model LS-Viper-7900-RB carries the same warranty as the new model. While the brain of the alarm is refurbished, the wires and remote are new, so it is guaranteed to work like a new model.

One of the coolest new features is the car call button on the antenna. This enables you to communicate with any passengers who are in the vehicle. Another built-in feature is the nuisance prevention circuitry, which allows you to set controls to mute or disable a zone based on the frequency of triggers. This helps mitigate the occurrence of false alarms.

The remote keeps you updated by using various animations to indicate your vehicle’s status or to relay an alert. The 2-way paging capability is functional within a 1 mile range. The remote includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can power the remote for up to a week before it needs to be charged again. This alarm is truly a fine piece of equipment, and can be yours at an unbeatable price on our website.