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Alarm and Security Vehicle Bypass Modules


Woo! You just got your brand new car alarm security system with remote start installed to protect your sweet sound system that you bought from Sonic Electronix, and to warm up or cool down your car ahead of time. Awesome… All you gotta do is push that remote start button on your remote and your car should come to life and… Nothing! Your car isn’t starting! Why not? You forgot your bypass module dude, that’s why!

What the heck is a bypass module?! Most newer vehicles use a chip in your key that lets your car know that someone with the right key is trying to start the engine. This way, if someone breaks in and tries to hotwire your car, your engine wont start. Well, if you’re trying toOmega Blade start your car remotely your key isn’t going to be in the ignition so your car isn’t going to start!

So how do you get around that? With bypass modules of course! A bypass module can work in several different ways. Some of the older modules require you to leave a spare key inside to program them which can be a little inconvenient. Fortunately the technology has evolved pretty substantially with auto learning modules that are very simple to program. If you want to step up to some of the nicer modules you can check out the Omega OL-MDB-ALL, the idataLink or the Omega Blade. All of these modules require a simple programming which we actually take care of you for free because we’re that cool. Just leave your vehicle information on the order and we’ll take care of it. If you have a compatible Omega alarm system you can save yourself even more time by installing the Blade bypass module. With its easy slot cartridge design, it literally is a plug and play system.

So, the moral of the story is: Don’t forget your bypass module! You’ll end up looking like a fool if you try to show off your new remote start alarm system to your friends if you don’t get your module. We offer a comprehensive guide on our site to help you determine if you need one, or you can always give our friendly and helpful tech support a call if you still aren’t sure and we’ll be glad to help you out. Get your module today!

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Can Installing Car Audio Equipment Void My Vehicle Warranty?

For Once the Law is on Your Side!

“We told him that his vehicle warranty was void and he bought it!”

Have you ever wondered if there are any disadvantages to installing audio equipment, remote starts, or overhead monitors in your vehicle? You may have heard someone say that doing these types of installs will void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. The law can be a tricky beast to tame and can often lead to much confusion on matters such as these. To put it frankly, your vehicle warranty will not be voided due to these types of installs, so long as they are done properly.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law created in 1975 which establishes warranty requirements, states the following:

“Warranties, written or implied, cannot be conditioned on the consumer’s use of any article or service identified by brand, trade, or corporate name. This prohibition against conditioning warranties on the use of authorized items or services can only be waived by the Federal Trade Commission if two specific factors are found: 1) The Federal Trade Commission is satisfied that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used and 2) The Federal Trade Commission finds it is in the public interest. The Federal Trade Commission in determining what is in the public interest, seeks and accepts comments from the public.”

After reading this you may be ripping your hair out in confusion. However, when you break it down, it turns out to be quite simple. To void the warranty, the manufacturer must convince the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that the installation or service will cause a malfunction to the vehicle and that it is in the public’s best interest to do so. This is very hard for manufacturers to accomplish considering the technological and economic availability of third party accessory options. Vehicles of this day and age feature a lot more electronic integration. For this reason, it is hard to say that the source of a malfunction in your vehicle is the result of aftermarket accessories. If your Manufacturer or dealer tries to tell you that your vehicles warranty is void due to a third party installation or service, then ask them for the determination from the FTC which supports the claim. You can even go as far as to contact the FTC yourself to preserve your warranty. Don’t let the man bring you down! Fight for your warranty rights today!


Exploring Immobilizer Bypasses

Why Bypass?

If your thinking about purchasing a remote start for your vehicle, then you might require an immobilizer bypass.  These devices may be necessary when adding a remote start on mostly 2000 and up vehicles.   If you are unfamiliar with these devices, they are a must for any vehicle with a chipped key.  The way it works is the “Chipped” key is supposed to communicate electronically with your vehicle,  just as the teeth on your key communicate with the tumblers in your ignition.  When you install an aftermarket remote start, there has to be a way for this connection to remain intact.  That’s where the bypass comes in.  It tricks your vehicle into thinking the key is in the ignition allowing the motor to turn over.  Without the bypass, your vehicle will recognize that there is no key in the ignition and will start and immediately die.

idataLink ADS-AL CA

All-In-One Doorlock, Bypass + CANbus Enabled Interface Module for Most Vehicles

Depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you will require different software that is pre-loaded on the bypass.  To make things simple, you always want to try to get a bypass that already has the pre-loaded software for your vehicle.  When you program bypasses, they will require one or two keys to program.  Some will even require you to use one at all times during operation.  If you go with the iData Link ADS-AL CA, then we can actually pre-program your car software into the module at no additional charge.  Convenient right? There are also combo modules.  These give you transponder override as well as some other functions such as door locks, trunk pop, dome light trigger, tach sense, ect.

Having personal experience with these modules, I can safely say that installing a remote start with an immobilizer bypass is not a easy task.  It involves splicing into the main electrical components of your vehicle.  One wrong move and you can cause serious damage to your vehicle such as deploying your airbags (Oh yes, it happens).  Although vehicle specific information is available, professional installation is recommended.  Now if that’s the way you roll, then go out and immobilize your transponder!


Top 5 Vehicle Upgrades For Car Enthusiasts

HID Conversion Kit
If you find your headlights aren’t bright enough at night, maybe it’s time for a little extra power. HID lights come in sizes and strengths for any user. Simply look up the bulb size of your headlights, and choose the strength of the conversion kit. The higher the rating of the HID kit, the darker the bulb color is.

Radar Detector
Love speeding but hate jail? If so, a radar detector would suit you and your vehicle well! Plug it into a 12v socket and mount the detector and you are ready to go. There are many different kinds out there to choose from.

Sound Dampening Material
Got rattles? Sound dampening is great for reducing annoying vibrations. It adds dead weight to the panels you apply it to, which lowers the resonating frequency. It effectively reduces the amount of road noise that’s let into the vehicle. You will also notice you won’t need to turn your stereo volume up as high as before.

Seat-Heating Pads
Does your booty freeze in the winter? Well there’s a solution, and it’s probably simpler than you may think. Universal seat-heating pads are available at very pleasant prices. Simply remove the upholstery of your seats, and lay the heating pads down in your desired locations. With the flip of a switch, these seat-heating pads will thaw you, posterior first of course.

Remote Start
Continuing with the winter theme, we always recommend a good solid remote start module for those cold winter mornings. These are very useful for warming up your engine and the interior of your car without stepping foot out of your house. With the press of a button, start your car and let it warm up for a few minutes before you drive off. It will save you some shivers, and hopefully some miles.


Different Types of Car Alarms and Remote Start Systems

AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD

By Kyle D. – Product Specialist

Lets be honest, factory car alarms just don’t cut it. More often than not they don’t trigger and what good does it do if you aren’t near enough to hear the alarm go off? Alas, we have the technology, and with technology comes power. You have the power to install an aftermarket alarm system in your vehicle that has a higher sensitivity, 2-way paging function, and even remote start. There are many types of car alarm systems for you to choose from.

Standard Car Alarm:
A generic add on alarm system will come with a shock sensor, siren, and a remote control. A great example of a standard car alarm is the Viper 350 Plus.  These systems often come with a few features, such as starter kill, panic mode, and lock/unlock. A standard car alarm mimics your average factory alarm system, except with more control options

Car Alarms with 2-Way Paging:
2-Way paging car alarm systems go a step beyond the norm, and add two way communications to your alarm. Look at the Viper Responder 350 for an example of this. If you lock your vehicle, the remote will inform you that your vehicle was successfully locked. Likewise, if your vehicle is being broken into, the alarm will notify the owner that their vehicle is in trouble. 2-Way paging systems have range limitations with some going as far as 1-mile from its transmitter.

Car Alarms with Remote Start:
Starting your vehicle from a mile away is not only cool, it’s beneficial. Car alarm remote start systems combine car alarms with the ability to start your vehicle from a distance. The AutoPage C3 RS-665 is a great basic remote start system. If it’s snowing outside, you can turn your vehicle on to heat it up before you get to it or even cool it down under the summer sun. Security features are built in and active while your vehicle is running without its driver. If you have a turbo charger, some of these systems come with turbo timers that keep your vehicle running a few minutes after its been shut off.

Car Alarms with 2-Way Paging and Remote Start:
To get all the features in one package they have 2-way car alarm remote start systems that give you the best of all the worlds. Consider the AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD for an all-in-one system.  Remote start your vehicle and receive confirmation on your remote control that it started successfully. Lock and unlock your car, get temperature readings and more with these aftermarket alarm systems.