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Samsung 7000 Series TVs

Samsung UN55C7000
By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

Experience a new dimension in Samsung TV’s with the 3D LED 7000 Series. This new series allows you to view a television show or movie at an extraordinary level with amazing realism. The action seems to just leap off the screen with increased depth and dimension, so you are not just watching a show, you’re actually living it. Lets talk a little about how 3D Technology works inside this advanced, new series of televisions.  It begins by creating the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image by presenting a slightly different image to each eye. When the user is wearing the compatible 3D glasses, the images join together to render a lifelike, 3-Dimensional image.  Even with the incredible 3D technology in these TVs, these ultra-slim displays measure an astonishing 1.1” screen depth.

The UN55C7000 is a 55” Full 1080p, edge-lit LED television that has the Samsung 3D Technology. This visually stunning TV creates a picture that has a considerable contrast and color range, making images appear more real. The Samsung 240Hz Clear Motion Rate Technology delivers the smoothest picture possible with almost no motion blur. And combined with the 6,000,000:1 Mega dynamic contrast ratio you will experience not only a stunning picture, but also an awesome home entertainment experience!

If the 55” is too big, then the UN46C7000 should be just right. It is a 46” LED Television that has all the same great features as the 55” just in a smaller package. Both of these televisions will also include Skype. This will allow you to enjoy picture-in-picture video and watch the conversation as it occurs. The 7000 Series televisions allow you to customize streaming, play games and even view pictures. A few examples include Blockbuster, YouTube and NetFlix for video streaming, Monopoly and interactive card games, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and sports information.  The advanced connectivity provided by this series allows you to transfer videos, music and photos from your computer or cell phone.

Again, the 7000 Series televisions are beautiful and even energy-efficient!  This television is worth every penny and will make a great home theater addition.


Samsung UN40B6000

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

Samsung UN40B6000

The Samsung UN40B6000 is part of the entry-level line of LED backlit TVs and is one of the slimmest TV’s they have ever made. It comes in at an exceptionally thin 1.2” deep. This will allow you to mount the television so close to the wall that it will look built-in! Enhancing the beauty and stylish design of this television are the touch panel controls and red accents around the edges of the black, glossy frame. Now, the UN40B6000 is not just a regular LCD Television. It features a series of LED lights that improve picture quality while increasing the number of available colors. The LED backlighting has a more natural and relaxed feel to it.

This is Samsung television has a refresh rate of 120Hz, while most high-definition televisions are still using 60Hz. How does this affect you? Well, it means a smoother picture with less motion blur, which is much appreciated when it comes to sports and action-packed movies. Along with smooth, crisp images from the 120Hz refresh rate, the UN40B6000 has a 3,000,000:1 Mega contrast ratio. This will allow for brilliant whites and pure blacks.

If the Auto Motion Plus 120Hz and Mega contrast ratio weren’t enough, Samsung adds enhanced menu adjustments with 5-color temperature presets, 4 adjustable picture modes and black tone control for shadow detail. As a bonus for you, the 6000 series televisions have InfoLink. This feature can display news, stock and local weather information keeping you up-to-date on everything going on. If you were worried about hooking up your gear, this television has four HDMI Inputs and a component video input for connecting all your HD equipment.

Samsung is known for having high-standards and with the world going “Green”, they wanted to their part as well. The Samsung 6000 Series is energy star rated, consuming 40% less power than a conventional LCD TV and even has an eco-friendly mercury-free design.

Since you are in the market for a new HDTV, size is everything. A 40” television may not be big enough for the type of application you are using it for such as a large living room or home theater system. Samsung does offer 46” and 55” sizes that contain all the same great features as above, just in a bigger package. You can now have the television of your dreams with every amazing feature, in an ultra-slim design.


Samsung WMN1000B TV Wall Mount


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The Samsung WMN1000B is an incredibly thin wall mount designed for Samsung LED flat panel televisions. Using a wall mount saves space and provides a better viewing angle. You will feel like you are at a movie theater while peering up at your wall-mounted big screen. A wall-mounted television also enhances the elegance of your home’s interior. Besides, this wafer-thin wall mount makes installation easy. The WMN1000B enables you to hang Samsung TVs like a picture. Just tighten the two fasteners to the wall and you will be ready to mount your TV.

The Samsung WMN1000B wall mount is fully adjustable, making it easy to access inputs behind the TV.  Even though this wall mount is extremely thin at only .6” deep, it can hold flat panel TVs as heavy as 110 pounds. In fact, it is compatible with LED screens between 40” and 55” in the Samsung 6000, 7000, 7100, and 8000 series. It can also hold 50” Plasma TVs in the 850 and 860 series. You will love the way this wall mount keeps your TV up and out of the way. It not only saves space, it also protects your investment!

Read more about how to mount flat TVs using the WMN1000B wall mount.


Samsung LED 1080p HDTVs

Samsung Televisions

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Samsung LED TVs are high-end, 1.2”, ultra-thin screens. These LED screens feature an extra sharp image display with a full range of effervescent colors. Flat panel TVs are now more affordable than ever before, which is one of the reasons why they are the en vogue addition to home entertainment systems. Furthermore, a flat screen LED television allows you to optimize your floor space. You can use a Samsung television mount to install your TV in the wall or on the ceiling, among many other options. You will be able to tilt your TV screen to find the perfect angle. Adding a Samsung LED TV monitor will enhance the space in your room and augment the aesthetic value of your home.
Featuring brighter screens with richer picture details, Samsung series 8 LED TVs will allow you to enjoy your favorite television programming like never before. The top of the line Samsung UN55B8000 55” widescreen LED flat panel 1080p HDTV television uses 240 Hz anti-blur technology to ensure a clear and accurate picture. It also uses digital noise reduction technology to reduce static and unwanted ghost imagery from appearing on the screen. This LED TV even has two built-in USB inputs for connecting a digital camera, thumb drive, MP3 player, or any other USB compatible digital media player. You can also use the home network center to connect the television to compatible cell phones via a wireless internet connection. You can view call info, text messages, and other phone info right on your 55” LED monitor!

Unlike many flat panel screens, these ultra-slim models are also eco-friendly as these TVs use a special technology to reduce power consumption. The ultra-thin 46” Samsung UN46B8000 widescreen LED flat panel HD television features many of the same features as the UN55B8000. It obviously has a slight smaller screen (by 9” in total), but other than that you get all of the same great features at a lower price. Like all Samsung LED TVs, the UN46B8000 uses LED backlight technology to provide the sharpest colors and imagery.

Finally, you won’t find a better deal on the market than the ultra-thin Samsung UN40B7000 40” widescreen LED flat screen TV. This TV monitor uses 120 Hz anti-blur technology for a sharpened image display. You will enjoy the smooth picture emitted from this 1.2” thick flatscreen. Like the aforementioned screens, it has a pair of USB inputs for connecting additional media players. It is compatible with the internet so you can use the monitor to display certain phones as well. You will enjoy a dazzling display for watching all of your favorite TV shows, movies and digital programming.

Samsung LED TVs will maximize your TV and home entertainment viewing pleasure. These LED TVs can be placed up on the walls and out of the way to save space (WMN1000B). Samsung flatpanel LED TVs will look great in living rooms, bedrooms and just about any room with a floor, ceiling and four walls.


LED vs LCD TV Technology

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Both LCD televisions and LED televisions offer beautiful screen displays. How do you choose between an LCD and LED monitor? It may depend on your personal preferences, as each type has its advantages.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Displays. LCD screens typically have minimal distortion, high resolution, and tend to be brighter than plasmas. LCDs are known for their realistic imagery, color accuracy, and sharpness. A great new LCD TV is the 52” Samsung LN-52B750 flat panel television. This TV uses the exclusive Auto Motion Plus technology, which minimizes motion blur. Samsung TVs use exclusive technology to enhance the picture quality. In addition, Samsung LCD televisions have amazing processing capability, as they can transfer between 100-120 Hz. This fast processing helps eliminate and reduce motion blur.

LEDs stands for Light Emitting Diodes, which are tiny lights used to reflect red, green or blue colors. This LED technology results in richer color reproduction and crisper images. Another great aspect of LED televisions is that they enhance the lifespan of a TV screen two times over the previously designed CCFL screens. Not to mention, LEDs do not use Mercury, which makes them much more eco-friendly.

LED monitors have a 3,000,000:1 mega contrast, which enables the screen to present a fabulous array of color shades, from the deepest blacks to the cleanest whites. The built-in advanced color processing provides a greater range of colors. These are a few of the reasons why LED screens can depict an absolutely stunning picture quality. The Samsun UN46B7000 is a 46” LED widescreen monitor with Auto Motion Plus technology. When you watch the game on this TV, you will feel like you are actually there. This television will leave you amazed at the realism and screen quality.