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Reclaiming Your Rightful Bass with the SoundStream BX-12

Soundstream Bass Reconstructor

Tuning a sound system is a thing of beauty. Each band of equalization is set precisely so that frequencies coalesce into a fragrance of certainty. Soon after, filters are adjusted so that only perfect audio signals are permitted to the systems speakers. From there they summon all of their energy and move woofer cones and tweeters so that we can hear music, pure and undistorted. It sounds as though as wave of pure refreshing sound is crashing over your senses upon the world. In a flash it’s all over leaving many a question unanswered. There is one thing you know for certain, that warmth inside can only come from sheer excitement and strained disbelief. In a scurry you rush to find your favorite recording on your MP3 player and press “Play”. What you’re met with is another type of revelation, both unexpected and unwelcome. Your favorite recording sounds distorted and noisy. The bass frequencies sounded lost among the track and the woofers no longer responded as well. What caused this travesty? When the light fades and you come back to your senses its clear – you’ve been introduced to a low quality audio recording played through high quality speakers.

A low quality audio recording can victimize us all. In the age of digital media each track in your music library can’t all have that dreamy high quality bitrate and sometimes we’re forced to settle for less. Unfortunately we end up paying for that decision when it’s time to play your favorite track on a car audio system but your subwoofers are not as responsive.

No need to go out and replace your entire music collection, the Soundstream BX-12 will have your bass back in a hurry! This device uses higher range harmonics to reconstruct bass and allow your system to have that kicking bass that you’re after! All you need to do is tune up your system and hear the difference for yourself! These bass reconstruction devices can also restore bass lost in iPods, compressed music formats, and even satellite radio! Help reclaim the bass that you rightfully deserve with a Soundstream BX-12!


JVC KD-R200 and KD-R300 Car Stereos


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Looking for a new in-dash car audio receiver without all those extras? The JVC KD-R200 is perfect for you. It features a simple design that will get the job done in any situation. This particular head unit has a white dot-matrix display with customizable illumination depending on what menu you are in. Although this unit does not have built-in Bluetooth or Satellite radio capabilities, it still allows you to play CD and CD-RW’s along with MP3 and WMA files. And don’t think you will miss out on excellent sound either. The powerful internal MOSFET amplifier keeps your music sounding clean even with the volume turned all the way up. In addition to the amplifier, the KD-R200 has a 3-Band iEQ equalizer to tune your music, a low-pass filter and subwoofer control and a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter.

Wait, you say? You do want a CD Receiver with the works? Well, the JVC KD-R300 is a great way to kick off your new system. It has variable color illumination, which allows you to choose from over 30,000 color variations to match your vehicles interior. Just like the KD-R200, it plays CD’s, CD-R/RW’s, MP3 and WMA files. And you can even perfect your sound system with 3-Band parametric equalizer and loudness control for low-level listening.  There are multiple expandability options that can be added to this in-dash receiver. For example, you can add HD Radio, Bluetooth and even Satellite Radio. All of these expandability features are available with optional adapters.

Both of these JVC head units are great for first time audio enthusiasts looking to broaden their car audio system.