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February Scosche Giveaway at Sonic Electronix

February Scosche Giveaway

There is nothing better then winning free stuff, right? That is pretty much true. The only thing that might top that is winning free stuff that is actually useful. That is what Sonic Electronix is striving for with their February Facebook giveaway. By teaming up with Scosche, Sonic is able to offer some items that are convenient and useful. The grand prize is a stereo alarm clock with iPod dock. The dock is a great addition to your bedroom, child’s room, kitchen, living room, office or any other room that you spend a lot of time in. It is very simple to enter the giveaway and only takes a few seconds.

How to enter the February Scosche Giveaway

Step 1: Go to the Sonic Electronix Facebook page

Step 2: Click the “LIKE” button to become a fan.

Step 3: Click on the “Discussions” tab and leave a 3+ sentence testimonial within the “February Giveaway” topic.

That’s all there is to it. A fast and easy giveaway to enter and a great prize that is useful to everyone. Each month, Sonic Electronix has a new contest on their Facebook page where they give away free goods to their fans. If you aren’t a fan of Sonic Electronix yet, head on over to their Facebook page, click the “LIKE” button, become a fan, and be eligible to win free prizes!


SEMA Show 2009 – Day 1, Afternoon Update

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

In case you missed the previous post, I will be reporting live from the SEMA Show all day today. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the SEMA Show is the premier car specialty products convention in the world. In my previous post from earlier today, I promised that I would tell you all about the Scosche brand’s exhibit. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Scosche booth: the first thing you see is their back wall, which is decked out with all of their fine installation accessories. Of course, you can’t miss the two fabulous show cars on display–a 2008 Subaru STI and the crown jewel of their exhibit, a custom-designed Nissan Cube (video footage after the jump).

The Nissan Cube was jaw-dropping. As soon as I glanced at the cargo area behind the backseat, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The cargo area was rigged with two illuminated rotating cubes, each loaded with a 10″ EFX subwoofer. At this point I was already blown away, but that wasn’t all. The Nissan Cube had amplifiers mounted in the floor panels! That’s right, Scosche put an amplifier into the floorspace in front of each seat for a total of four amps mounted in the floorboard! They used plexiglass to seal the amplifier in place so that passengers can look down under their feet and see the amplifiers below. The Nissan Cube had a custom white with an orange paint job with the EFX logo painted on the sides of the vehicle. Scosche loaded the door panels with EFX speakers to complete the EFX theme. Scosche’s Subaru STI was pretty impressive as well. The STI had a nice audio system, including a special plexiglass box in the back, which housed an EFX subwoofer. The see-through box gave this vehicle’s system an extremely clean look and was the highlight of the vehicle.

Video of the 2009 Nissan Cube at SEMA 2009:

I also made my way outdoors and browsed through some of the specialty custom show cars on display. There are literally thousands of cars here, so I have yet to see them all, but just in the last hour or so I have seen countless gems. Two of my favorites include a 2008 Chevy Avalanche designed with a Guitar Hero / Rockband theme and a bright yellow Mustang loaded with top of the line KICKER car audio products.

Be sure to check back as we will continue to provide live blogs, photos and videos from the hottest automotive show in the world, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!


Scosche FD1438B

When it comes to the installation of car audio and video, Scosche is a company that can be trusted. You can rely on them as a premier source for high quality components to make your install easier and more efficient. The new FD1438 from Scosche is highly anticipated double or single DIN dash kit for the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck.

In keeping with the Scosche tradition, the FD1438B, or sometimes called the FD1438, is made from the highest-grade materials, as well as a perfect factory match. Strong ABS plastic is used for the majority of the unit’s construction. The ABS plastic is of industrial grade and allow the dash-kit to feature a finish that is practically identical to that of the original manufacturer, Ford. Along with the matching texture, Scosche takes care to ensure that the color also matches that of the vehicle. Care is not only taken with the color and texture, but the shape is also contoured to match that of the factory dash. For those that intend to install a double DIN aftermarket head unit, this unit will allow for that installation. For those that wish to install a single DIN unit, the kit includes an optional pocket that can be installed underneath the head unit to allow for some storage space. As the Ford F-150 becomes progressively more popular and more individuals purchase the truck for home and commercial use, the demand on these kits is expected to increase. Now matter what type of stereo you are planning to put in your 2009 F-150, this will be the perfect installation kit for your truck.