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S/PDIF Combos Coming Soon To Sonic Electronix!

What the heck is “S/PDIF?”

No, it’s not a typo. S/PDIF stands for “Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect Format,” or “Sony/Phillips Digital Interface,” and is a means through which users may transmit audio signals digitally, which makes for higher fidelity: digital in, digital out. Right now, there are two consumer-level digital transmission interfaces: HDMI and S/PDIF. Most people reading this probably know that HDMI transmits both video and audio, however, what you might not know is that S/PDIF only transmits audio.

So you might ask, “Why bother with S/PDIF then?” Well, not all equipment has an HDMI input or output, which should be pretty obvious when dealing with things like audio interfaces and reference monitors that don’t handle video signals. In some situations, like separate sound and video outputs from computers, you might even need to hook up both HDMI and S/PDIF cables.

Blow 4D

The Blow 4D reference monitors' DAC module which has both S/PDIF coaxial and 3-pin AES/EBU connections

S/PDIF has two different types of connectors: coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK). The coaxial cables are usually found colored orange in order to differentiate between other colored RCA connectors such as yellow for video, and red and white for analog audio. The optical cables are far more delicate and are made of fiber optics.

The upcoming combos…

We at Sonic Electronix value high-fidelity audio above all else, and that’s why we’re currently putting together combos that link pieces of gear based on S/PDIF. The picture above is taken from the Infrasonic Blow 4D reference monitors, about which I also recently wrote a blog. We’ll be pairing up these fantastic speakers with just about any piece of gear in our inventory that has S/PDIF output, and as always, we’ll be offering them to you at the special discounted prices you love and have come to expect from Sonic Electronix!


Amplifier and Subwoofer Combos at Sonic Electronix

Subwoofer Amplifier Combos at Sonic Electronix

In order to keep more money in your pockets, Sonic Electronix offers a huge variety of combo packages. Each of these combos are designed to help the customer get more for their money by purchasing everything they need at a discounted price. There are some great benefits that come from buying combos from Sonic Electronix.

  1. Combos can include everything that you need in one simple purchase.
  2. Combos are less expensive than buying everything separate.
  3. Combos are created by Sonic Electronix experts. This means that you can trust the components to become fully compatible with each other.

Each of these reasons alone justifies the purchase of the combo items. When you combine all three of the reasons above, it becomes a no-brainer to shop in combos. One of the more popular combo categories is the Amp + Sub Combos page. Here you will see amplifiers paired up with subwoofers. Each part of the combo is fully compatible with the other parts. Below are some popular combos that sound great and deliver deep bass response.

600W Renegade + Audiobahn Bass Bundle

This value subwoofer package includes everything you need for solid entry-level bass and more. It includes a solid Renegade subwoofer, Audiobahn amplifier, 1-farad capacitor, and installation accessories. When wired to 4 ohms, the system is perfectly matched at 300W RMS and will sound great in any vehicle.

1000W Audiobahn + Kicker Bass Bundle

This moderately priced bass bundle is the perfect combination of quality and performance. Kickers IX 500.1 amplifier is part of Kicker’s high-end amplifier line and matches perfectly with the Audiobahn AW1204J 12” subwoofer. Both at matched perfectly at a 500-watt RMS power handling rating and will bring powerful bass to your car.

2800W Kicker + Massive Audio Bass Package

One of the more powerful bass packages includes two Kicker Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers and a Massive Audio N3 amplifier. After wiring to a final impedance of 1 ohm, these two subwoofers will make some incredible bass. Get your earplugs because this combo will get loud!


Sonic Electronix’s Best Deals of 2010

Kewood and Alpine Bass Package

The end of the year is an ideal time for electronic products.  This year is difficult to reminisce on without thinking of all of the great products that were released – and subsequently all of the fantastic deals.

A lot of great deals were brought up in 2010, but a constant favorite has been the Eclipse CD1200G.  This radio was manufactured with the idea to have an aftermarket radio with all of the great features, but none of the distracting looks.  This double-din aftermarket receiver looks very similar to what you would find in any stock vehicle, but with a few extra features.  Not only does it have iPod connectivity to expand your music selection, but also contains a bit of extra wattage to make your even your speakers sound better!

Adding bass to your vehicle can sometimes be a daunting task.  Compatibility is tough to consider and matching up different items with their counterparts can be difficult.  Another amazing deal from 2010 was the Sonic Electronix Exclusive Bass Packages.  Bass Packages are a great way to make sure everything you’re getting works together, sounds great, and can significantly reduce the price you pay for each of the components separately.  These bass packages even include wiring to connect everything up in your car, so you can get some bass in your vehicle without any difficulties of mismatching products.

Sometimes speakers can be the best replacement for a vehicle to provide exceptional sound quality and are important for setting up the sound stage in your vehicle.  Kenwood’s Performance Series of speakers are perfect for improving the audio quality in any vehicle!  With a urethane foam surround to for improved midrange and warmth, there’s no chance you’ll experience listening fatigue while under their spell.  The Kenwood Performance speakers are a great upgrade, and also a great gift for the Holidays.


Exclusive Deals From Sonic Electronix

Sonic Exclusive Deals

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Online shopping is all about finding the best deal and keeping more money in your pocket.  The less money you have to spend on a product, the more money you can put towards other things in your life.  Finding the best deal should be fast, easy, and simple.  That is one reason why Sonic Electronix strives to constantly provide the best deals and prices on their products.  But now, they have taken their money saving deals a step further and introduced their Sonic Electronix Exclusive deals.  On select products, you will see an official seal of an exclusive Sonic Electronix deal.  Sonic continually strives to get the best deals and pay the savings on to their customers and this is just another way to save some money!

One example of a Sonic Electronix Exclusive is the Eclipse CD1200G. With Eclipse currently not manufacturing any car audio products, they have become harder to find.  While the quality of these products is still top-notch and highly reliable, they have become rare. However, due to Sonic Electronix’s industry relationships and manufacturer relationships, Sonic continues to be the only seller of this item.  Nowhere else will this item be found and at the low price that Sonic Electronix offers, this is an incredible deal for a double din car stereo.

Other Exclusive deals that are available only at Sonic Electronix are their combo packages.  They offer Pre-Configured Bass Systems that include a subwoofer, an amplifier, and the enclosure matched to the subwoofer’s specifications.  These Subwoofer and Amp Combos are the easiest and fastest way to put together a bass system that is guaranteed to play loud and greatly enhance the audio quality any vehicle.  Along the same lines, they offer the Car Speaker and Amplifier combos that match speakers to an appropriate amplifier.  Most recently, they have added their All Inclusive Car Audio Combos that include everything to install a quality aftermarket car audio system. When it comes to the best deals, Sonic Electronix is a step ahead of the rest.