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Headphone Showdown (Beats by Dre, Soul by Ludacris, Sync by 50 Cent)

Battle of the Artists

In today’s headphone world, there are an abundance of choices and styles. Deciding which headphone is right for you can be a daunting task.  However, there are a few pairs that stick out from the rest that are endorsed by some of today’s best and critically acclaimed artists. The Beats by Dre, Soul by Ludacris SL300, and Sync by 50 Cent are the flagship models of their lines.  There will undoubtedly be endless debates over which of these pairs is the best quality overall, but each one does have a little different functionality.

Beats by Dre

Beats by DreJust like Dr. Dre, his headphones are one of the originals.  The style of these headphones have inspired many other artist to get involved in the headphone game.  The Beats boasts crisp audio reproduction and excellent bass output.  They are excellent for studio and DJ use alike.  Being backed by Monster means these headphones are built with quality and precision with the most high quality components.  A majority of people think that the Beats are the only way to go.  However, two other pairs can definitely give the Beats a run for its money.

Soul By Ludacris

Soul by LudacrisLudacris obsesses over accurate and clean audio in all aspects of his life.  The Soul by Ludacris SL300 pays homage to his strict musical tendencies in its design and audio reproduction.  Not only do these headphone produce a full frequency reproduction but they also make a fashion statement.  Exclusive to these headphones is an illuminated driver badge to give you that head-turning emphasis that you might be looking for.  The leather stitching and padding are unrivaled and provide amazing comfort for long listening sessions.

Sync by 50 Cent

Sync by 50You know anything endorsed by 50 Cent is going to be tough.  The Sync by 50 Cent is no exception.  These wireless headphones are capable of syncing up to 4 pairs to a single audio source.  The included wireless transmitter will allow you to listen to music as far as 50 feet away.  The ultra flexible polymer allows for unparalleled flexibility and durability. This shatterproof design will ensure that you can take these headphones anywhere.  Whether your in the club or enjoying some tunes at home, the Sync’s will be able to keep up.


Soul by Ludacris Headphones- New Arrivals!

Soul by Ludacris Headphones
If you thought Dr. Dre was the only one with a successful headphone line, then it’s time for a wake up call. Backed by one of the most recognized rappers in the game today, the Soul by Ludacris headphones are a perfect combination of style and sound quality. They are the result of years of research and development by some of the most dignified audio engineers in existence today. The Souls have an option available for every lifestyle including the sleek SL300, SL100, and the in-ear version SL99.

Music Listening On the Go

Soul by Ludacris SL99The SL99 is the ideal in-ear headphone for the music listener on the go. With it’s built in sound isolation technology, you will be able to keep your beloved music in and the noise out. These Souls are included with small, medium, and
large ear tips for optimum fitment. If you live life in the fast lane, the SL99’s are the optimal choice.

  • Protective road case for storage and convenience
  • Tangle-resistant cable with cord manager for hassle-free use
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, 3GS, iPad and iPod

The Workhorse

Soul by Ludacris SL100If you are looking for a dynamic on-ear headphone that wont break the bank, then look no further. The SL100 is perfect for DJ’s and students alike. This stylish headphone will allow you to look good and listen even better. Its comfortable and audio-inducing design will give you that little edge you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re hitting the club or hitting the books, these bad boys will deliver.

  • Breathable, adjustable headband for comfortable listening sessions
  • Convenient folding design for added portability
  • Engineered for precise audio balance

Maximum Soul

Soul by Ludacris SL300The SL300 is what the audio gods had in mind. Not only does it have unparalleled noise cancellation technology, but its lustrous comfort and design will keep you from putting them down. The large and accurate drivers deliver a sound that will rival that of its competitors and provides clear and precise music reproduction. The Sl300 will allow you to listen to the music just like the artist intended.

  • World class active noise cancelling technology, eliminates unwanted sounds and noises
  • Illuminated, stylish earcup badge
  • Advanced sound driver circuitry, designed for superb bass, and clear mids and highs