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4 Tips to Improve Sound Efficiency of Your Speakers

Could your speakers be performing better than they already are? The answer is most likely. There are a few tricks to increasing the efficiency of your speakers, and anyone interested in car audio should consider them for current projects or future installs. The importance of efficiency is to increase the quality of music while removing things such as distortion, rattles and emptiness in your music. There are 4 tricks in particular that I will highlight, and you can tackle as many or as few of these tricks as you’d like, but they will all help the overall sound of your vehicle.

4 Tips to Improve Your Sound

  • Sound dampening material is one of the most overlooked additions of any sound system. It is used to eliminate excessive road noise, reduce rattles within the interior and it helps maintain a proper acoustic environment for your speakers.
  • Bass blockers remove frequencies from music that are not typically playable by smaller speaker drivers. They are used to prevent distortion in tweeters while trying to reproduce low frequency music notes.
  • Speaker baffles will protect your speaker from moisture and dirt. Nothing is worse than purchasing a nice set of speakers, only to find they have rotted out over a rainy winter.
  • Speaker wire that is properly sized is important for delivering a clean signal to your speakers with little electrical resistance. Whenever you increase the amount of power you are delivering to your factory speakers, you will need to upgrade the thickness of your speaker wire.

Liven Up Your Audio System

These simple tricks will help you get the very most out of your vehicles sound system. Do one or do them all, you will have amazing sounding door speakers in no time. Let us know what you think about these tips, or if you have some tips of your own by commenting below!


Car Sound Staging and Acoustics

Focal No. 7

The Stage is Set

Many people are convinced that buying high quality car audio equipment will automatically guarantee them a top notch sounding system.   Fact of the matter is, there are many factors to take into consideration when installing aftermarket sound components in your vehicle.   Sound staging is one of the most important aspects in that it can make the difference between a good system and a great one.  The basic concept of sound staging can be best described as trying to recreate a stereo recording as a live performance.  Think of the basic format of a band:  You have a singer, one or two guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  Someone who has proper sound staging should be able to listen to the recording and hear the singer in the center, the guitarist on the left, the bassist on the right, and the drummer behind the singer.

Speaker Placement

Sound Staging

The placement of a vehicle’s speakers can drastically affect its sound staging. Common vehicles usually only have a standard 4 speaker system.  This can often result in poor sound staging creating a very artificial sound.  However, this can be improved by adding speakers such as the Infinity Reference 6032cf. The Unipivot feature allows the tweeter to be pointed at the listeners location even when the speaker is mounted off axis. Passionate audiophiles will go above and beyond to ensure that their speakers are in locations that will provide optimum performance.  This might include modifying door panels or building custom kick panels to accommodate midbass drivers and tweeters.  Some may create mounting devices which allow them to raise the speaker above the dash for improved imaging and staging.  Installers might achieve better sound staging by adding additional speakers to the equation in locations such as pillars or under seats.

Interior Acoustics

Sound StagingA vehicle’s interior characteristics can help determine sound staging as well.  Different surfaces will have various responses to sound waves depending on how they absorb or reflect them.  For instance, a surface such as glass will be reflective and cause sound waves to bounce around.  A surface such as upholstery will cause sound wave to be absorbed.  This can greatly affect how your speakers and subwoofers reproduce music.  For example, if you were to put identical sound systems in a Rolls Royce and a Toyota Corolla, they would sound very different.  Adding a digital sound processor such as the JBL MS-8 can improve staging significantly with its automatic time correction feature, allowing the sound from each speaker to reach the listener simultaneously.  Audiophiles will often apply sound dampening material to door panels and trunks in order to control interior surfaces and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Let’s be honest, there is no perfect sound system, but understanding how to take advantage of every small detail can mean a world of difference.


Great Deals on Car Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio Installation Accessories

One of the most important ways to get a great sounding audio system in your car is to have a proper installation. This means that all the correct wire is used, connections are made properly, the right accessory is used for the right purpose, and so on. When all of the little steps are done properly, the final result is huge. The music sounds cleaner, the system will last longer, and the listener will be happier.

Car Amplifier Installation Accessories

If you have an amplifier in your car audio system, installing it properly is one of the most important things you can do. Since it is the middleman between the car stereo and the speakers, ensuring proper installation is critical. Use true to gauge wire that is thick enough for the amount of power your system requires. For systems ranging from 400 watts to 1000 watts, consider the Kicker ZCK44 Amplifier Kit. This complete kit has everything that you need to get your amp up and running. For more information about what wire gauge to use, Sonic Electronix explains this clearly in their article “What Gauge Wire do i Need to Install My Amplifier“.

Car Speaker Installation Accessories

Sound dampening door panels, trunks, and other places within a car can significantly improve the sound quality. Sonic Electronix is offering many different brands of sound dampener on their Car Audio Installation Accessories Sale. For a simple speaker kit, the Ballistic SSSK or the Dynamat Xtreme speaker kit has just enough material. For two sets of doors, the Stinger RKXDK is a great cost-effective dampening kit.

Car Stereo Installation Accessories

Using the right accessories for your car stereo can ensure that the unit functions the way it should. Getting the correct steering wheel control, such as the universal Axxess ASWC will make sure that you have a quality interface and your steering wheel controls continue to work year after year. Other devices, such as the Got2bWireless The Voice add Bluetooth to the car for hands-free calling, texting, emailing, and more.

Be sure to get the best deals on car audio installation accessories over at Sonic Electronix. For a complete list of all the great deals, visit the Car Audio Installation Deals.


Sound Dampening Packages at Sonic Electronix!

RE Audio XXX with Sound Dampening

Car audio has a lot of important variables that can greatly affect the final outcome of the installation. Sound Dampening Material can not only help with making the system sound much fuller and dynamic, but it can also help eliminate some of the annoying rattling from doors. Another benefit to Sound Dampening Material is that it can greatly improve the isolation from road noise that your vehicle attracts as you barrel down the highway. Cache Sound Dampening Material Packages at Sonic Electronix are extremely effective ways to get some Sound Dampening Material along with a speaker or subwoofer purchase.

The Renegade RX62 with Sound Dampening Speaker Package is a package designed for great quality sound at an affordable price. Including the Renegade RX62 Coaxial speakers, and the Cache CSM Sound Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material, the package is designed to eliminate road noise as well as quiet vibrations and increase sound pressure levels by door speakers. Two 10” by 10” pieces of the Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material are included in this package and are easily installed along with the speakers.

Another quality Sound Dampening package is the RE Audio XXX6.5C w/ Sound Dampening Package. This set of XXX 6-1/2” Component Series Speakers is designed for pure performance and quality and can handle a whopping 150 watts of RMS power! Along with a heavier speaker, a heavier sound dampening material is provided as well. The Cache CDM is Four 12” by 36” pieces of Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material. This extra bulk truly helps along with reducing road noise and increasing overall SPL. When installed in doors, trunks as well as on the roof liner and floor of a vehicle, Sound Dampening and help eliminate road noise, making for a luxury experience when driving in whatever your vehicle may be.


Enhance Your Sound System with Sound Dampening Material

Enhance Your Sound System with Sound Dampening Material

Enhancing your car audio stereo system can cost a lot of money, and what most people want in return for that hard earned money spent is superior sound quality. Yes, good quality amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers can all improve the quality of sound your vehicles audio system produces, however, they do not eliminate unwanted sounds such as road noise or rattles your car may make. To get the most out of sound system and stop unwanted noise, you may want to think about adding some sound dampening material to your ride.

There are many different forms and applications when it comes to sound deadening installation. There are specific kits made for your whole vehicle, which are usually called “bulk packs”, and kits made specifically for your trunk, doors, floor, roof, hood, speaker panels, and even license plates. It comes in many different sizes and thicknesses based on what you’re going to use it for. The most common form of sound dampening material comes in sheets or strips and is applied with an adhesive on the back of the sheet for installation.

When installing sound deadening material, your first want to take a spin in your car with the radio off to see where there most unwanted noise or rattles are coming from. The main places the annoying rattles come from are the vehicles floor, wheel wells, firewall, doors, roof of the trunk, and under the rear seats. So before you purchase this material, make sure you know where you want to install it and measure how much you will need. One rule you want to follow is to get more material than you think you will need. This is a good rule to follow because once you have installed the first application of deadening material, you can go back, this time with the radio on, and find some rattles you may have missed or places you want to bulk up on.

Dynamat 10007 Rubber Roller

There are some tricks and tools that can come in handy when installing sound dampening material. First things first, be sure to wear gloves when installing the sheets to avoid cutting yourself, it is sharp. There are a couple tools you want to use when installing, make sure you have an application roller like the Dynamat 1007 Heavy Duty Roller Tool, this makes applying the material much easier. You will also need a sharp utility knife to cut the material in the needed shape and size.

Sound Dampening material is often an afterthought when it comes to installing a sound system, it can eliminate road noise, increase your decibel output, enhance your sound quality, and provide a much more comfortable driving experience. Get the most out of audio system and install some today.