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How to Get Yourself out of a Noise Complaint

Police Car

Have you ever been pulled over for having too loud of a system? Or gotten a noise complaint about your vehicle from a neighbor? And if you haven’t, do you know what you would do to get out of that ticket, if you were pulled over or complained about? Well, some of our fans have been victims of noise complaints and told us how to avoid that ticket! Read on to learn about the top ways to avoid noise complaints, without turning down your system’s volume!

1I’m Sorry Officer…

What exactly is the limit in decibels for it to be in violation? And if he pushes it, I play dumb and ask him if he can use his SPL meter (which they don’t have) to show me because I can’t believe my car could be that loud. Works every time.

                                                                                          –  Michael V.

2Subwoofer Trick

Turn the subs off on my head unit in the settings and tell the cop it’s not hooked up yet. And demo it with door speakers. Confuses the hell out of them every time. Last time I did it I was told that when I do get it hooked up to keep it down. Like that would happen!

                                                                                              – Andrew R.

3I’m a Professional Audio Technician…

And I am running diagnostics for research on how to better sound deaden cars and on easing the reverberation on other cars so that noise complaints like this are less likely to happen.

                                                                                                 – Jeremy C.

4Remote Control Trick

Get a separate switch on the remote control and put it in a hiding spot within reach then when the sirens turn on, hit the switch and your subwoofers are off! Tell them “my subs haven’t work for years.” Confuses them and they’ll let you off with warning.

                                                                                                 – Mario C.


You can always move to one of several states where there are no laws against loud noise!

                                                                                                 – Nick C.

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Enhance Your Sound System with Sound Dampening Material

Enhance Your Sound System with Sound Dampening Material

Enhancing your car audio stereo system can cost a lot of money, and what most people want in return for that hard earned money spent is superior sound quality. Yes, good quality amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers can all improve the quality of sound your vehicles audio system produces, however, they do not eliminate unwanted sounds such as road noise or rattles your car may make. To get the most out of sound system and stop unwanted noise, you may want to think about adding some sound dampening material to your ride.

There are many different forms and applications when it comes to sound deadening installation. There are specific kits made for your whole vehicle, which are usually called “bulk packs”, and kits made specifically for your trunk, doors, floor, roof, hood, speaker panels, and even license plates. It comes in many different sizes and thicknesses based on what you’re going to use it for. The most common form of sound dampening material comes in sheets or strips and is applied with an adhesive on the back of the sheet for installation.

When installing sound deadening material, your first want to take a spin in your car with the radio off to see where there most unwanted noise or rattles are coming from. The main places the annoying rattles come from are the vehicles floor, wheel wells, firewall, doors, roof of the trunk, and under the rear seats. So before you purchase this material, make sure you know where you want to install it and measure how much you will need. One rule you want to follow is to get more material than you think you will need. This is a good rule to follow because once you have installed the first application of deadening material, you can go back, this time with the radio on, and find some rattles you may have missed or places you want to bulk up on.

Dynamat 10007 Rubber Roller

There are some tricks and tools that can come in handy when installing sound dampening material. First things first, be sure to wear gloves when installing the sheets to avoid cutting yourself, it is sharp. There are a couple tools you want to use when installing, make sure you have an application roller like the Dynamat 1007 Heavy Duty Roller Tool, this makes applying the material much easier. You will also need a sharp utility knife to cut the material in the needed shape and size.

Sound Dampening material is often an afterthought when it comes to installing a sound system, it can eliminate road noise, increase your decibel output, enhance your sound quality, and provide a much more comfortable driving experience. Get the most out of audio system and install some today.