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Wet Sounds Icon Series Tower Speakers!


With winter coming to a close and spring fast approaching, the Sonic Electronix team is working hard to bring y’all the gear you need to have a truly awesome season out on the water! When it comes to getting great sound in your boat, there are many important componentsICON8BSC to your sound system – especially some excellent sounding tower speakers. Whether you want to enjoy crystal clear sound on your boat or want the loudest system on the water, tower speakers are a great addition to any marine sound system.

When it comes to getting great sound out on the lake, the Icon Series features a full passive crossover network that allows these speakers to deliver perfectly tuned frequencies to the powerful 8″ woofer for full, rich sound. Capable of tremendous volume and mid bass without distortion, you’ll be heard from across the lake!

Wet Sounds Icon Tower Speakers:

  • 8″ Icon Series Marine Tower Speakers
  • Peak Power: 300Wicon8wsc
  • RMS Power: 150W
  • Protective neoprene storage case available and sold separately
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Coaxially mounted 1″ HLT titanium tweeter
  • Marine rated polyurethane surround
  • Water resistant composite cone
  • Dimensions: 11-1/2″L x 9-9/16″H x 8-3/4″W
  • Available in Black or White

Wet Sounds has definitely taken tower speakers to the next level with their Icon Series! These high quality marine tower speakers are specially designed to thrive in any marine environment. They feature a reinforced composite enclosure to protect the internal components from the harsh marine environment. In addition, they include swivel and fixed clamp stainless steel mounting systems to provide a variety of mounting options.

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Top Features To Look For In Gaming Headsets

Gaming Headsets

Don’t be this guy

So, there you are trying to snipe some 10 year old noob in Black ops 2 who told you that he invited your mother to play with his legos (language toned down, of course).  Little do you that he’s sneaking up behind you and knifing you in the back.  Now, this could have been a completely avoidable situation if you had a good pair of gaming headsets that could pick up on the sounds of the footsteps coming up on you. Gamers can sometimes forget that without detailed sound, even the most captivating visuals can seem anemic. If you want to take your gaming to the next level, then you’re going to need headphones that have certain qualifications.


G4me Zero Gaming HeadsetThere are several important features to consider before you jump the gun on buying a gaming headset. The first thing that should be a major concern is surround sound capabilities. Lots of gaming headphones like the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO that have multiple drivers that produce sound equivalent to that of high end home stereo surround sound system. This is also extremely helpful in first person shooter games when someone is trying to sneak up behind you.  The surround sound capabilities will be able to pick up on the footstep audio that would otherwise go unheard by your conventional gaming headset.

Having wireless capabilities is another feature many might consider important.  If you like to move around a lot while you slay your adversaries, then it’s good to have no wires in the way that might cause your precious ear-hugging beauties to be thrown from your head. The microphone should be detachable and have an in-line controller to maintain chat and volume controls depending on your gaming situation.  Also, you should make sure they are equipped with comfortable earpads so that you can game through a long night.

Remember that if you don’t have good gaming headphones you could be missing out on a fully satisfying gaming experience!

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Best Sport Earbuds: In-Ear Headphones for Athletes

Anyone at the gym can tell you the difference that music makes in their ability to push through their personal strength thresholds. Working out to the beat of uptempo music has been scientifically proven to increase performance in athletes helping them to push their limits beyond their ordinary levels. Yet, not all headphones are designed to withstand the particular demands of the working human body at athletic levels. Many in-ear headphones sacrifice sound quality for comfort or vice-versa. In this review, I will introduce our best in-ear headphones that offer a balance of comfort and sound quality. The models highlighted include the Monster iSport Immersion, the AKG 326, and the Sony MDR-AS40EX.

iSport Immersion SportClips

Most impressive in our line-up is the iSport Immersion Seriesby Monster. These headphones are specifically designed with an athlete’s unique needs. Each feature of the iSport series is engineered to provide superb comfort to users as well as precise and accurate music reproduction. The iSport Immersion have so many great features for athletes that it is difficult to chose a place to begin. Nonetheless, one of the most distinguishing features of the iSport Immersion is the patented SportClip design. The exclusive SportClip design comfortably fits the inter curvature of the ear to provide stability to the earbud and limit the

earbud’s movement within the ear canal. Unlike most earbuds, even those intended for athletic use, the iSport Immersion are extremely unlike to fall out of a wearer’s ear during exercise activities. But comfort is not the only concern for athletes. The interaction between a sweaty body and headphones does always result in a pleasant experience, particularly for those concerned about cleanliness.

To solve the problem of gross and sweaty earbuds, Monster designed the iSport to be completely washable. The iSport can be washed–with water–without being damaged either by the moisture of sweat or a stream of water. Moreover, for individuals who wish to listento music while practicing a water sport, the iSport can be used in swimming pools, while surfing, jet skiing and other relatively “surface” water sports. It is this water submersion feature that really distinguishes the Monster iSport Immersion from other in-ear headphones. But if water submersion ability isn’t enough, the iSport Immersion even features an in-line microphone and volume controls for complete power over the tracks and phone compatibility.



Not far behind the iSport Immersion in features, the Sony MDR-AS40EX offers lightweight comfort and exceptional sound quality. Generally priced at about a quarter of the price of the iSport Immersion, the Sony MDR-AS40EX is a great low-budget alternative. While lacking the in-line control and microphone for phone compatibility, the MDR-ASS40EX is moisture resistant and will not be damaged by the moisture produced when working out. Although the Sony MDR-AS40EX are probably not the very best choice if you are into intense water sports, they can reliably be used for intense workouts because they allow moisture to pass through the chamber without the threat of destroying the electrical components.

Like more conventional in-ear headphones, the Sony MDR-AS40EX are better suited for land use. They include pleasantly comfortable and stable ear hangers in three sizes. The hangers are removable, in case you prefer the earbud to sit in the ear without support. When used with the hangers, the MDR-AS40EX are securely held in place and are not jostled when jogging or running. Overall, the sound quality is respectable and they limit ambient noise for a focused and clear reproduction.

AKG 326

Finally, the AKG 326 boasts superior sound quality and functionally. As usual, the AKG brand provokes a sense of admiration among those familiar with the name. And, satisfying those expectations, the AKG 326 delivers stunningly accurate sound for headphones in our athletic category. If sound quality is your main priority from your workout audio gear, the AKG 326 are a great choice without caveat. Although far more of a traditional design approach, the AKG 326 do feature an in-line volume control and microphone for integration with a phone.

The construction of the AKG 326 is simple yet sturdy and reliable. When jogging the

AKG 326, Sound Quality for Athletes

comfortable earhooks hold the driver unit fast within the ear and do not allow the driver to be jostled by a users movement. The comfort and stability of the AKG 326 is further enhanced by the rubberized ear pads which also function to limit interference from ambient noise.

Overall, the AKG 326 are a straight forward answer for to-the-point athletes who demand quality sound reproduction.



Some of us at SonicElectronix.com were lucky enough to be able to attend the 2008 SEMA Show this year.  If there is one word to describe the overall SEMA experience, it would be “impressive.”  Almost everything that we saw impressed us.  The new products, the incredible cars, the amazing sound systems, the elaborate booths, the precise attention to detail, beautiful paint jobs, the newest technology, and last but certainly not least… the girls.  There was so much to do; we could not see everything that we wanted to in the time that we were there.  There were a few booths and manufacturers that did stand out in our mind.  Some of them were quite… impressive.  We would like to outline some of our favorite moments that we had at SEMA, something that is hard to do because there were so many highlights.

The first thing that we noticed when we got off the bus was the insane amount of cars that were tricked out and blasting their loud systems.  We first met Scooby who had a sweet green truck that was loaded with all MA Audio subs and speakers.  With the 20 Subs in the back seat, this thing got LOUD!  He had even more subs raised above the bed of the truck and MA Audio amplifiers lining the bed of the truck.  Now here is the catch.  Scooby rigged this truck to have a pool of water in the truck bed (below the amps), a pump that will pull the water up to the subs, and a waterfall that falls into the pool of water.  It was a waterfall fountain in the bed of his truck!  So while the truck is pounding some hardcore tunes, it is also rotating some water for an incredible show.  Way to go Scooby!

Through the show we saw a lot of really good looking Scions.  The single Scion that stood out to the SonicElectronix.com crew was the Rockford Fosgate Scion.  Beautiful silver and black paint job with decals in all the right places.  The system housed a fully loaded Rockford Fosgate system, complete with custom made amplifier covers.  We were lucky enough to be at the car while the owner was there and we got a full tour of the vehicle.  Very nice and very clean.

When we got inside we found ourselves at the Kicker booth checking out the Scion that they made.  Talk about one loud Scion… This system was loaded and complete with ZX Amps, SS component speakers and CVR subwoofers in the back.  They had it all playing a Microsoft Zune thought the factory head unit with the help of some Soundgate accessories.  We talked with Aaron there at the Kicker booth and he gave us a whole run down on the product lines and the Scion.  He also showed us some of the new marine products that we had never before seen.  We saw some new components and coaxial speakers with some new pure white speaker grills.  These speakers looked great, and sounded even better on the show boat that they had there on site.

As we were walking around the floor we saw the guys over at Mitek Factory.  They had their new Malibu show car, and we could hear from across the hall.  The black 2008 Malibu looked clean and smooth on the outside, but possibly even smoother on the inside.  The way they used the factory head unit in conjunction with the MTX Audio re-Q created an incredible bass response.  The several square subs sitting in the back were pounding like no tomorrow.  The speakers were custom mounted components and very clear.  The MTX Audio amplifiers were powering the MTX Audio subwoofers and the MTX Audio speakers.  The Mitek guys placed the four MTX Audio amplifiers in a track that moves in and out of the truck.  This is perfect for show, as the amps were normally exposed and then hidden from view with the push of a button.  Words cannot give this breathtaking car enough credit.

There was so much to see and talk about at the show that we cannot possibly describe it all.  RE Audio gave us an remarkable demo of their subs and speakers.  Kenwood showed off their 2008 product line with more detail and helped us understand why they are a top-notch company.  The folks at AudioNet Mobile showed us how easy it is to hook up a wireless network in a car and broadcast a short range network for the ultimate mobile internet access.  The GoPro booth was catching a lot of attention with the Motorsports Hero Wide camera.  Mount that camera anywhere and film in great detail all of your extreme sports. We had a good laugh when we heard cows and Duffy Duck over at the Horntones booth. They offer a custom horn that plays any MP3 that you load on to the unit. The horn will play any MP3 load and clear for all to hear.

As usual, Scosche and Metra both showed us some of their new and improved in-dash installation kits.  But each had much more than just installation kits.  Our friend Chris from Metra showed off their Ballistic dampening material, the Shuriken batteries and power cells, and the brand new Xenonworx HID headlights.  Metra seems to always be working at bringing out the best in our vehicles.  Scosche showed us some of the e2 amplifier installation kits, the navigation accessories, and the bluetooth products. Most notable from Scosche was the new BlueFusion technology, which integrates Bluetooth technology into a factory headunit for seamless integration and superior sound.  We had Nathan help us out and give us a tour of the BlueFusion. The tour left us astonished at the capability of BlueFusion.  Keep looking at these companies as there are always bring out some new products that will move this market to the next level.

Overall, SonicElectronix.com had a great time at SEMA 2008.  We saw a lot of new products that we had never seen.  We saw some amazing cars that took our breath away.  We got to hear firsthand from the manufacturers themselves what makes these products so amazing.  We gained a new understanding of all the work that these companies are putting in to bring forth newer products and more advanced technology.  We saw that these companies really care about their customers and that they are dedicated to bring forth the best products that they can.  We saw incredible booths.  We heard some marvelous sound systems. All of us here at SonicElectronix.com cannot wait until next SEMA show.  Like we said before, if there was one word that we could choose to sum up all the events at the 2008 SEMA Show, that word would be “impressive.”

Article by Seth Wilde