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Top Locations to Mount a Car Amplifier

There’s no greater accomplishment than installing a sound system on your own. Sometimes you’ll run into road blocks along the way, like finding a location to mount your new amplifier. There are many places that are acceptable to mount an amplifier, and it’s a matter of finding the one the works best for your application.

Underneath the Seat

One of the most common locations to mount an amplifier is underneath a seat. This method will keep your amp out of sight and leave your car looking factory. If you’re installing a 4-channel car amplifier to power your door speakers, by mounting it under your seat you will have a central location to rout all of your speaker wires. Keep in mind you will need to hide any connections that could potentially be kicked or stepped on by passengers.

Trunk or Hatch Area

Another option is to mount the amplifier in your trunk or hatch area. This is most commonly done with subwoofer amplifiers, as it’s easy to keep the length of the speaker wire leading to your subwoofer down to a minimum. Keep in mind if you have a vehicle where you can see into the trunk area, this may not be the best location.

Amplifier Rack

If you’re going for a custom look for your installation you can build what’s called an amp rack. An amplifier rack can be anything that you’ve built to hold one or multiple amps in place. You can mount amplifiers in places like under the rear deck of a sedan, hidden in open cavities of your car or any other place you can think of. If you do build a rack to hide your amplifier, make sure it has lots of ventilation as it will get hot.

Final Tips

If you want to mount a car amplifier to the back of an enclosure, add a rubber gasket wherever you put a screw in. This will reduce vibrations that travel to the amplifier, potentially causing damage. If you decide to mount your amp to the back of a seat, remember to leave a couple of extra inches on each wire in case you need to fold your seat down. Strategize your installation and plan things out before you start screwing things in. You can do it! Let us know where you prefer to mount your amplifiers in the comment section below!


4 Tips to Improve Sound Efficiency of Your Speakers

Could your speakers be performing better than they already are? The answer is most likely. There are a few tricks to increasing the efficiency of your speakers, and anyone interested in car audio should consider them for current projects or future installs. The importance of efficiency is to increase the quality of music while removing things such as distortion, rattles and emptiness in your music. There are 4 tricks in particular that I will highlight, and you can tackle as many or as few of these tricks as you’d like, but they will all help the overall sound of your vehicle.

4 Tips to Improve Your Sound

  • Sound dampening material is one of the most overlooked additions of any sound system. It is used to eliminate excessive road noise, reduce rattles within the interior and it helps maintain a proper acoustic environment for your speakers.
  • Bass blockers remove frequencies from music that are not typically playable by smaller speaker drivers. They are used to prevent distortion in tweeters while trying to reproduce low frequency music notes.
  • Speaker baffles will protect your speaker from moisture and dirt. Nothing is worse than purchasing a nice set of speakers, only to find they have rotted out over a rainy winter.
  • Speaker wire that is properly sized is important for delivering a clean signal to your speakers with little electrical resistance. Whenever you increase the amount of power you are delivering to your factory speakers, you will need to upgrade the thickness of your speaker wire.

Liven Up Your Audio System

These simple tricks will help you get the very most out of your vehicles sound system. Do one or do them all, you will have amazing sounding door speakers in no time. Let us know what you think about these tips, or if you have some tips of your own by commenting below!


Save Installation Time with 9 Conductor Speed Wire

9 Conductor Speed Wire

If you’ve ever installed an amplifier in your car, you know how messy and how much work it can be to run multiple sets of speaker wire through your vehicle. 9 Conductor Speed Wire can make this process much easier; this speed wire contains 9 individually jacketed wires enclosed inside a protective outer PVC jacket and contains enough wire strands for 4 speakers and an amplifier turn-on wire. 9 Conductor speed wire comes in 18 & 22 gauge and uses the same color-coding system standard in most aftermarket products, which makes matching up wires to the correct speaker very easy. This wire really comes in handy in situations where you need four sets of speaker leads, like bypassing an old factory amplifier or adding a 4-channel amplifier to a radio without preamp outputs. Installing this wire is simple, trim the outer jacket as much as needed, connect the wires to your receivers speaker outputs, then run the cable to your amplifier and or speakers. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry 9 conductor speed wire from top car audio manufacturers like EFX, Kicker, and Xscorpion and comes in various lengths ranging from 20-foot pre-cut pieces to 250-foot spools.

One of the top models we carry is the Xscorpion MC918.100, this 9 Conductor Expert Link Speed Cable is an 18 AWG 100-foot spool with a 22 x .20mm strand count. This wire is constructed with oxygen free copper that prevents oxidation and transfers the cleanest audio signal possible. The flexible, protective jacket has a blue color finish and adds to convenience to the installation. As with all Xscorpion cable & wire, it meets the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards, which means it is true-to-gauge for ultimate performance.

Using 9 Conductor Speed Wire will make your installation go quickly and smoothly while giving your car audio sound system a very professional look. Eliminate the mess of running multiple speaker wires and enhance your system with 9 Conductor Speed Wire.


Install Monster Cable in your Car

Monster Cable Performance Car

By David Doyle – Product Specialist

There are many important components when it comes to installing a car audio/video system. Most people only think about headunits, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers when purchasing a system, never putting much thought into the wiring that connects all of those expensive components together. Wiring is usually the one thing a lot of people look past. This is a big mistake. To get the best possible sound quality out of your stereo system, you need to use good wires and cables.

Before I started working here at Sonic Electronix, I had no idea the difference good speaker cable could make in my cars sound system. I was never really that satisfied with my system, I had high performance equipment in there too. So I asked one of my co-workers if he knew what I could do to enhance the clarity of my system, he informed me that he had the same problem before he added Monster Cable to his vehicle. When I heard his system, I was blown away by the clarity. His system was probably half the cost of mine but sounded noticeably better. That same day, I purchased some Monster 400 series Speaker Cable, got it installed, and it honestly sounds like a got a brand new system. I could not be happier.

Monster Cable has been known for manufacturing the best home theater wires and cables we have today. One thing you may not have known about Monster is that they also put the same great qualities into their car audio/video cables that has made their home theater cables famous all over the world.

When it comes to achieving superior audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Most Monster Performance Car Cables are equipped with 2-way time correct windings, which is a patented winding process of separate high and low frequency wire networks that greatly improve sound clarity. Monster Cable uses a large copper conductor surface area to achieve the maximum power transfer, a patented Magnetic Flux Tube to minimize distortion, microfiber dielectric minimizes signal loss, and the DuraFlex HexMesh Protective Jacket provides easy installation and maximum durability. I can assure you that these awesome features will not be found in that cheap speaker cable most of us use.

If you want your system to sound like it was meant to, get rid of those cheap wires and get yourself some Monster Speaker Cable. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


Monster Audio Cables

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1979, Monster has been the leader of the car audio cable industry. Monster audio cable makes top performance possible for all of your consumer electronics. Monster Cable is used for connecting audio and video components in the car and at home. From computer wires, to video cables, to monster subwoofer cable, Monster Cable enables you to experience optimal picture and sound quality.

The Monster audio cable line includes the ultimate performance 400 series, the advanced performance 300 series, and the high performance 200 series. The 400 series headlines the Monster audio cable line, but all three lines feature outstanding speaker wire. Monster’s technology is patented and unparalleled in the industry. The extra investment you place into purchasing Monster cable is well worth it—you get what you pay for, and it ensures high performance from your car audio speakers and components. What’s better news is that Monster Cable announced today that they are cutting prices on high definition television cables as well as some of their HDMI cables.

Monster audio cable makes it easy to connect your sound system with their specially designed interconnects. The clarity of sound you get from the Monster audio cable interconnects will leave you fascinated. The interconnect use 3-Way Time Correct windings, which filter high, mid, and low frequencies into separate wire networks. The result is a beautiful defined sound that will leave even the most selective pair of ears satisfied.

If you are running a lot of different wires, not to worry, Monster audio cables feature exclusive Xtra Low Noise technology to minimize external signal interference. You will enjoy loud and clear sound as this technology can block up to 80dB of noise. These wires are fully insulated with special MicroFiber material to ensure long lasting high performance. The Duraflex HexMesh protective jacket gives it a slick look and extra protection against any wear and tear. Flexible but strong, these wires are sure to last.

These wires are the most efficiently designed car audio cables on the market. Monster audio cables can transfer a signal extremely quick and accurate. The patented magnetic flux tube enables a great current transfer. Better yet, the high purity copper stranding lowers resistance only further enhances the current transfer. The more you learn about the Monster audio cables, the more you realize that they are truly in a class of their own.