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Coming Soon: Alpine INE-Z928HD Navigation Receiver

The Game Changer

If you thought 7 inches was the maximum size a Double-Din car stereo screen could achieve, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  The folks at Alpine have been hard at work concocting a head unit that breaks all the rules.  The Alpine INE-Z928HD navigation receiver features an unheard of 8 inch screen and is filled to the brim with the latest technology.  This year at the international CES awards, this unit won an innovations design and engineering award and it is blatantly obvious as to why. Everything about this unit is smoothly intuitive and gives the user a seamless way to access any of the plentiful features that are present.

Noteworthy Features

 Alpine INE-Z928HD

Alpine INE-Z928HD

  • Pandora Internet Radio control for streaming and station creation from iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry smartphones
  • 3D WVGA navigation design with over 6 million points of interest and free TMC traffic monitoring
  • Built-in HD radio which is compatible with SiriusXM
  • Built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming, phonebook search, hands-free calling and call waiting
  • 9-Band Parametric equalizer with customization features such as speaker count, speaker location, and upholstery type
  • 3 Pairs of 4 volt pre-amp outputs
  • My favorites screen allows user to set up to 8 shortcuts

If you’re wondering how you fit an 8 inch double-din head unit in a space meant for up to 7 inches, then don’t worry because Alpine is way ahead of you.  They have developed Perfect fit packages which are specifically designed to accommodate the INE-Z928HD.  They are available in ten of the most popular vehicle platforms and have even designed a universal kit for custom installations if there is no specific kit for your car.  In addition, these kits will retain any factory steering wheel controls and come with a vehicle specific wiring harness.  We are very eager to get our hands on this unit and you should be too.


Blast to the Past!

Love music? Love dancing? Ever wonder would it would be like to kick it old school, or perhaps (even for some of us) to do it again?  Well now you can with the Lasonic i-931 High Performance Ghetto Blaster! This portable stereo brings back the classic ghetto blaster (boom box) design that was always rocking throughout the 80s. Not only does this stereo system take you back in time, but is also fuses modern day technology with that legendary old school look.

Lasonic i-931Ghetto Blaster (Black)

The Lasonic i-931 is unique from its successors by its ability to stream audio using Bluetooth technology allowing anyone to enjoy a wireless experience. The stereo is also capable of reproducing music from SD/MMC cards for MP3 playback and USB flash disks. With a built-in auxiliary input, this stereo can pair up with essentially any portable music device. For those feeling that this may be a bit “too modern,” this ghetto blaster also has an AM/FM tuner with up to 20 radio presets to allow any user to have quick access to their favorite radio stations.

Old School and Modern Day Fusion

The Lasonic i-931 not only has all of these great features, but it also plays out a very awesome clean and detailed sound. The stereo is powered by two 15 watt speakers with devoted bass and treble EQ controls. This old school blaster is anything but outdated, and still has that great classic feel with that powerful modern day sound.

The Lasonic i-931 comes in Black and White skins, so make sure you check them out here at Sonic Electronix and start kicking it old school today!

Lasonic i-931Ghetto Blaster (White)


New Kicker IX Amplifiers Added to the 2011 Product Line

Kicker has long been associated with manufacturing quality amplifiers that are rock solid and can stand the time of test in pretty much any car audio environment. Last year, they shocked the car audio industry by introducing an amplifier series that could yield high amounts of clean underrated Kicker power output with the chassis width and length of a standard sheet of paper. When Kicker released their prototype IX Monoblock and 4-Channel amplifiers the world was eager to see how they would perform in their own applications. One year later and the unmistakable success of the Kicker IX amplifiers have inspired the launch of an entire new line-up of Full Range Class D, super efficient compact IX amplifiers, including new multi-channels and stereo models.

The new Kicker IX amplifiers will retain all of the features that made the IX Amplifier line-up last year so successful. These features include the High-efficiency Class-D power that allows these amplifiers to not only be one of the smallest amplifiers available on the market, but the main benefit for the high efficiency is so customers can load up a small vehicle with over 2000 watts of RMS power from IX amplifiers and not even have to upgrade the alternator or any batteries!

The new features introduced for the 2011 IX amplifiers is the ability to use FIT (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) for significant noise reduction and compatibility with any factory radio. Also new to the line-up is the hybrid IX-Series of multi-channel amplifiers giving the listener flexibility for multiple system choices. Brand new to the 2011 Kicker IX Amp lineup is a new 5-Channel amplifier to allow for running an entire system on one amplifier. Other new option in the line-up is the IX500.2 stereo 2-channel amplifier for diversity among the IX amplifier lineup. The new demand in car audio is super-small amplifiers and Kicker is working to make sure theirs is the also super efficient for running some awesome systems!


Dual XHD7720

Dual XHD7720

HD Radio is the new radio.  In the next couple of years, many of the new automobile makers are going to including HD Radio in their vehicles.  But for those of us that aren’t in the market to purchase a new vehicle, Dual saves the day. The HD Radio bar has been raised with the release of the Dual XHD7720.  The single DIN receiver seems like a basic in-dash receiver, but is so much more.

The first and most notable feature on the XHD7720 is the HD Radio iTunes tagging.  The process is quite simple.  First, make sure that your iPod is connected to the unit.  Then when you hear a song on via HD Radio, you are able to “tag” the song on your iPod.  Because the HD Radio carries a digital signal, the song information can be stored digitally on the iPod.  That information stays on your iPod so that the next time you sync your iPod on your computer, the song information it transferred to the PC and the “tagged” songs will display with a link to download them.  Imagine the convenience: hear a song you like on the radio, push a button, sync your iPod, and download the songs to your home computer.  You’ll never again have that frusturating feeling of wondering who just played that great song on the radio! The best part about this feature is that it comes built-in.  No need to purchase a separate HD tuner, an additional iPod add-on, or even a subscription because it comes with everything you need.

The Dual XHD7720 also comes with all the features that make it a solid head unit.  It plays MP3 and WMA files.  Front panel USB for the connection and charging of iPods or other MP3 devices.  The unit is Bluetooth ready with the Dual BTM60 microphone.  For even more music options, this head unit allows A2DP streaming of Bluetooth audio.  Overall, this car radio (in-dash head unit) is perfect for those that like to discover new music on the radio and then take that music with them. The interface on the 2-step motorized front panel is easy to learn and simple to use.  With the rise of HD Radio, Dual is one step ahead with the XHD7720.