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StreetWires Releases Zero Noise Sound Dampening

StreetWires ZeroNoise Sound Dampening

No aftermarket car audio installation is complete without some good sound dampening. This industry has traditionally been led by sound dampening giants such as Dynamat, Hushmat, Stinger, and Ballistic. However, there is a new line of sound dampening that is going to give all the other brands a run for their money. Brand new for 2011, MTX Audio’s accessory line Streetwires has released a new type of sound dampening that is looking to revolutionize the industry.

While the purpose of all sound dampening material is the same, it doesn’t mean that all the products are the same. The new ZeroNoise Noise Killer Mat from StreetWires is entering the industry hoping to show the world that they are very different from the rest. Just like the rest of the sound dampening products, the Zero Noise mat will reduce the amount of road noise, engine noise, and vibrations in the vehicle. This will enhance the sound quality of the music, reduce the amount of outside noise, and make your Toyota sound like a Lexus.

The primary difference that separates the StreetWires Noise Killer Mat and its competitors is what it is made out of. Straying away from the traditional dampening material, Streetwires chose to use their own ZeroStain material that has incredible adhesion, but does not leave any stains on the installer’s hands or the car. For those that have every installed this material in their car, they will be able to appreciate a mess-free material that is easy to install, highly adhesive, and still has all the same sound dampening qualities as the highest end material. StreetWires is offering the material in two different thicknesses and a variety of different packages to match your application.


MTX 1 Year Extended Warranty Promotion

MTX Warranty Extention

Customer satisfaction is often overlooked by big companies in today’s fast growing car audio industry. MTX has always pride themselves in not only providing top of the line products but also, unmatched customer service and satisfaction. MTX has taken their dedication one step further by extending the warranty of their amplifiers by 1 year when purchased along with a qualifying StreetWires installation kit. Every amplifier needs and installation kit in order to work properly. Unfortunately not all installation kits are of great quality or even accurate when listing the gauge of their wire. MTX feels that in order to get the best possible performance from their amplifiers that only installation kits by StreetWires will be up to the test. They feel that StreetWires will not only improve the sound of quality but will also keep your amplifier running at its optimum potential. They stand behind this notion so much that they are willing to extend the manufactures warranty on their amplifiers by one year when purchasing a qualifying installation kit to go along with a qualifying MTX amplifier.

The extended warranty will be offered on all Thunder Elite, Road Thunder, and RFL amplifiers. Each amplifier will have a designated, qualifying StreetWires installation kit, and in some cases more than one installation kit will be available for a particular amplifier model. With these many options MTX has guaranteed that any possible set up that you need, will be available for this amazing promotion.

As an authorized MTX Audio dealer we are able to offer this great deal. This promotion however will be available only for a short period of time, so act quickly. Once a qualifying amplifier and installation kit are purchased together, all that needs to be done is to register your products at MTX’s website. The original sales receipt and amplifier serial number will be need to conclude the registration. After completing the registration MTX will automatically extend your warranty by 1 year. By registering your product, MTX will be able to give the best customer service in the case that a warranty is ever needed.


MTX StreetWires

Many car enthusiasts don’t pay much attention to their wires when they upgrade their car’s sound system. However, when you put together your car’s sound system, is that it can only be as good as its weakest link. You can spend as much money as you want on speakers, subs and amps, but without quality wires and kits, you won’t get the sound you expect from your system. If you are using inferior parts to connect you audio system, you will get inferior sound. StreetWires, one of the best-known names in car audio accessories, offers a full line of equipment that is designed to give you the best performance out of your system.

SreetWire offers three series of interconnect wires:

StreetWires Interconnects:

1)      ZeroNoise 9 (ZN 9):

The ZN 9 series are the best audio interconnects line StreetWires has. These interconnects have superior noise rejection capabilities materials and provide the cleanest signal transfer.

2)      ZeroNoise 7 (ZN 7):

These interconnect series offer great noise rejection. They are also made with quality materials to improve the sound quality and performance in any car audio system.

3)      ZeroNoise 5 (ZN 5):

These interconnect are designed as an affordable, dynamic alternative to cheap and noisy cables. This is the ideal if you are looking for excellent sound performance with a reasonable price.

Power Cables:

When people think about wires, they don’t really realize the importance of wires on their audio system. You will be losing a lot power by not using the best cables for your system. StreetWires power cables are fully gauged cables for ultimate audio performance. These cables/wires are built from the purest oxygen-free, fine-stranded copper using highly flexible Rope-Lay wire construction, which stops kinking and offers more installation options. Using inferior wire will to lead to inferior performance.  Using the right StreetWires products on the right powered amp will allow you to get the optimal power transfer to your audio system.

StreetWires offers a full line of accessories to make sure you have everything you need to make your system rock. The advanced technology that goes behind the creation of these cables/wires has made StreetWires cables one of the best wires to connect your car audio system for superior performance.