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Top 10 Sonic Comments of the Week


1*Puts down seat* . Here me now?Good


May 30 at 8:48am - Jon Morgan

Or for the subwoofer trunk build peeps pulling the seats down to get better sound


2Basshead Problems Life-choices


May 29 at 10:24am - Tony Nuszkiewicz

I chose bass screw groceries lol


3/4Just look…


May 27 at 12:13pm - Eric Morris
May 28 at 5:29am - Philip Jolly

5Gimme Moar!


May 22 at 4:08pm - Rusty Shackleford

True but then again I am never satisfied with bass. I always end up needing more powah!!!!!

6OEM vs. Aftermarket. Thoughts???

May 23 at 12:40pm - Jd Thompson

Some newer cars today have a decent sound system that can compete with about $500 worth of upgrades in a stock basic system. However if you want any real power combined with any kind of quality you definitely need an aftermarket system bc even with advanced speaker placement your not going to get alot of power from a factory system even if amplified. So if you want to see more that 110-120db (if your lucky) from your car stereo you need to go aftermarket! And quite frankly my dodge magnum’s factory amplified system is loud but it doesn’t tickle my sweet spot for power!

7+10 HP


May 12 at 10:07am - Pete LeClair

my neon put them all to shame



Carter Schindel

Grill envy look at that cooler

9You pull up to a red light and hear the car next to you is bumping louder than your system. What’s your next move?

May 21 at 10:59am - Tony Nuszkiewicz

I love to turn my bass knob down to where there’s no bass to let them think they’re louder, then once the light turns green crank the knob up and watch their heads turn and just stare at me, lol


- Jay Campagna


Custom NVX Subwoofer Enclosure for Lexus IS Series

NVX Lexus Enclosure

NVX Lexus Enclosure
When it comes to car audio, adding a subwoofer to your vehicle’s sound system is crucial if you are looking to really hear the low frequencies in your music. When you add a subwoofer to your vehicle, you will need to put it in an enclosure that both fits your vehicle as well as the subwoofer. This classic method of adding bass to your system can tend to be a little inconvenient. In addition, sub boxes take up a good amount of room, whether it’s in your trunk or the backseat of your vehicle. However, for a more convenient way of adding bass to your vehicle – NVX has provided a vehicle specific solution for 2006-2013 Lexus IS Series owners! This subwoofer enclosure is an excellent way to add a stealthy subwoofer to your vehicle in order to save space in your vehicle and achieve head turning bass at the same time.


NVX Lexus Enclosure

  • Custom designed bass enclosure
  • Fits 2006-13 Lexus IS 250/350/F vehicles
  • Hand-laid fiberglass shell
  • Installs easily into the left side of the trunk
  • 10″ Dual 4 Ohm VCW Series Subwoofer
  • RMS Power Range: 600-750 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 83dB



The NVX B.O.O.S.T subwoofer enclosure is the perfect solution for those Lexus owners who want to add a subwoofer that will fit perfectly in their vehicle. And with it being loaded with a 10″ VCW Series subwoofer, you can be sure that you will get head turning bass as well as excellent sound quality out of this bass upgrade system. In addition, if you are looking for everything you need to install the Lexus Sub Box into your IS Series, the B.O.O.S.T sub box is also available in a bundle package with an amplifier wiring kit and an NVX monoblock amplifier! Find yours today for a great price at SonicElectronix.com!

NVX Lexus B.O.O.S.T Subwoofer Box

2006-2013 Lexus IS Series Loaded Enclosure NVX B.O.O.S.T. System Subwoofer Upgrade



2008 Scosche Subaru STI At CES 2013

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to go fast. However, there is one thing I like more than going fast: Going fast with lots of bass. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Scosche came out strong with a fully loaded 2008 Subaru STI Hatchback with an impressive audio system that caught the eyes of many.

It is fully equipped with two 10″ HD subwoofers with an impressive custom enclosure.  It also has 5 sets of HD Series speakers powered by three HDA8004 four-channel amplifiers and two HDA8002 two-channel amplifiers for the subs. To top it off, there is a car stereo with wireless app control and a convenient custom iPad mount in the trunk strategically located with the subs and amps.

Audio upgrades aren’t the only thing present on this all-wheel drive beauty.  It comes complete with upgraded upholstery, surf rack, and carbon fiber lip kit.  Performance parts are plentiful with performance exhaust, cold air intake, coil overs and a sway bar. This would be quite a car to own.

As an added bonus, the folks at Scosche used hyperflex accumat to sound dampen areas such as door panels resulting in drastically reduced outside noise from the road and engine.  This tricked out subby is completely capable of handling extreme weather conditions and anyone would be satisfied with the level of sound quality the system provides.  This is just one of the many specticals to be discovered the year’s biggest electronics expo.  Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2013!


Prepare For the Zombie Apocalypse!

They’re Coming…

When people think about the end of the world and exactly how it’s going to end, there are usually two words that come to mind: Zombie Apocalypse.  Doomsday is almost here and people are getting more and more antsy.  A growing number of people (including myself)  think that doomsday  will come in the form of brain-hungry zombies chasing us down until there’s none of us left.  No one wants to be zombie food so i’m here to help you prepare Sonic Electronix style!  Many people may not realize it, but we sell tons of products that can give you the upper hand on our undead counter-part.

                                                  Tools & Generators

Powered Handsaw

Powered Handsaw

Oh yes.  We have all sorts of  hand tools and power tools that can assist you in the diabolic, post-apocalyptic world.  Not only can you use many tools for mundane tasks but you can use them as weapons against the flesh-eating hordes!  Just imagine the piece of mind you can have with a powered saw or a huge hammer by your side.   You can never have to many tools in a zombie-infested world.  You’ll also want to invest in a generator to keep some light in a dark world.


Shortwave AM/FM Radio

Shortwave AM/FM Radio

Don’t be the person who misses out on important broadcast messages that could possibly save your life.  Pick up a Shortwave or AM/FM radio in order to listen to all messages broadcasted by the government. Keep in mind that zombies are attracted to noise so make sure you play them at strategic times.  We even have CB radios so you can link up with other surviviors and fight the dead together.  Let’s face it no one wants to be alone in a zombie apocalypse. Just remember if they say to go to a military base that it might be overrun.


10" Subwoofer

10" Subwoofer

You might be thinking, “Why would you need a subwoofer in a Zombie Apocalypse?” A subwoofer might seem like an odd thing to have but hear me out. Say your trying to create a distraction to escape a large crowd of walkers.  Just place a vehicle equipped with a subwoofer in a strategic location.  Play the low bass tones of a subwoofer and watch as the mindless goons are attracted to the noise. See? who says car audio needs to die when the world does? Alternatively, you can always bash them over the head with one.

Pro Audio Equipment

Strobe Light

Strobe Light

The best zombie is a dead (again) zombie but sometimes you have to choose your battles wisely.  Pro Audio equipment can further your camouflage from the zombie population.  The same Djs that use equipment like fog machines and strobe lights can use these to their advantage.  Using strobe lights to blind zombies or just to light up an area and fog machines to conceal your location can mean the difference between a safe getaway and an all you can eat serving of “yourself”.

All of these items could help save your life just a few months from now.  You might laugh now but what if it actually happens? Wouldn’t you want to be as ready as possible? We’re ready for the impending Z-day.  Are you?


Ground Shaker Subwoofer Boxes

When installing a subwoofer in your vehicle, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects is the box being used for the application.  Not having an optimum enclosure for your subwoofer is like a Jedi not having a lightsaber: Sure, he’ll still be dangerous but he won’t be able to cut off any heads.  Ground Shaker is a brand that specializes in subwoofer enclosures and has a good reputation in doing so.  They make their boxes here in the good ol’ USA which is very rare nowadays. These are without a doubt the best enclosures Sonic has ever carried.

10" Single Sealed Compact Box

10" Single Sealed Compact Box

10" Triple Sealed 3-Dimensional Subwoofer Box

10" Triple Sealed 3-Dimensional Subwoofer Box

I’ve had the chance to examine about 40 of their sub boxes and let me just say that they do not disappoint.  The first thing I noticed is that they use very thick carpeting which results in a very clean look which is easy on the eyes.  A number of the boxes come in two-tone gray and black which is aesthetically pleasing. They make a wide assortment of enclosures ranging from ported, sealed, bandpass, vehicle specific, ect. which means you will have no problem finding one for your subwoofer and vehicle.  All of these boxes use high quality, thick MDF and come complete with durable speaker terminals.  They even have subwoofer specific enclosures for the JL Audio W7 which have Dual front baffles and a bracer inside the box.  Also, there are a wide variety for the Kicker L7 & L3 enclosures for all you Kicker junkies out there. They make their boxes in 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″,15″ so there is no excuse to not use one for your sub. Pick up one of these boxes and you won’t regret it!

Did I mention they are great for building office forts?