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Special Edition Daft Punk Monster Tron T1 Headphones

Daft Punk for Tron Legacy

When the Parisian duo Daft Punk officially formed a band in 1992, they never thought that they would take the world by storm. While many Paris based progressive dance artists came onto the scene around the same time, Daft Punk quickly rose to the top and became a worldwide sensation. The release of Tron: Legacy marked a whole new chapter for this traditionally club based group. The 2010 Tron: Legacy movie from Disney featured a soundtrack created by Daft Punk. The music was an inspiration for the actors while they were filming the movie, as well as a popular downloaded album across the world. For Tron fans and Daft Punk fanatic alike, there has become a new way to experience the music created by this French duo. In partnering with Disney, Monster has released the Special Daft Punk Edition of the Tron T1 Headphones.

Daft Punk T1 Monster Tron Headphones

These Daft Punk Tron T1 Headphones create a listening environment unlike anything else. Monster designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for the sounds of electronic music. Similar to Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre headphones, these On-Ear Headphones will create a listening experience that Daft Punk (and other electronic artists) would be proud of. In addition to the specific electronic tuning, the T1 headphones also feature advanced passive noise isolation to keep your listening experience more of a personal experience. On the ear cars there are LED light drivers that have 64 adjustable embedded TRON Legacy animated light effects. In-line is the Monster ControlTalk that offers volume adjustment, as well as track changes on compatible MP3 players and smartphones. The leather band and ear cups are comfortable, so you can listen to your music all day long without discomfort. For fans of Daft Punk and other electronic music, check out the Monster Special Daft Punk edition of T1 Headphones for a marvelous electronic listening experience.


Disney’s TRON Legacy is Monster Cable’s New Legacy

Monster TRON T1 Headphones by Disney

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

The cult classic has made its way into 2010, and the Tron craze is now a premonition that’s undeniable.  “Tron: Legacy” is scheduled to be released on December 17th, 2010, and due to the deep movies roots in modern technology, it is sure to generate a buzz for plenty of Tron themed electronics.

The movie’s release is going to be paired with an early release of the “Tron: Evolution” video game, scheduled for release December 7th 2010. Integrating high definition graphics along with fast-paced action, this game is sure to thrill any die-hard game fanatic to the casual gamer.  Integrating the “Light Cycle” from Tron, you’ll have the ability to have fast paced speed events along the cyber world known as “The Grid.”  Not only will you ride these high speed “Light Cycles” you’ll also have a first-person based combat system and navigating “The Grid” will feel more personal and realistic.  The developers also made a large part of the game its online game play and leveling system.

Monster Cable has recently established themselves as a staple in the market for high quality headphones. Recently, they had launched their “Sound Really Matters” campaign to remind everyone how “Life is too short for bad headphones.” Realizing the need for high resolution sound to compliment the high definition graphics of the “Tron: Evolution” video game, Monster stepped up to the plate and is releasing headphones specifically designed to enjoy the Gaming and Cinematic experience of the new, “Tron: Legacy” and “Tron: Evolution.”

The design takes Tron and brings its sci-fi look to reality with Tron lighting effects, and large over-the-ear drivers to allow for surround sound and noise isolation. A separately sold surround sound headphone amplifier will allow you fully harness all of the features of the Tron T1 Headphones. This will convert your normal 2 channel audio into a full 7.1 Channel surround sound experience – serious gamers recognize the necessity for full surround sound. To enjoy the new “Tron: Evolution” to its fullest potential, this amplifier is highly recommended.  It’s compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, and even PC.  Other headphone options they’re planning to release are an alternative T1 white-colored headphone that is themed for Daft Punk, also Tron T3 Ear Buds.

Monster has also worked alongside with Sony to release a Monster Tron Powerstation which is designed specifically for the PS3 slim model.  This provides surge protection for your PS3, and gives you Stage 1 Monster Clean power to allow for noise-reduction.  4 USB ports makes your PS3 one large charging hub, and gives you total of 5 USB ports for your PS3 slim!

Finally, the iconic “Identity Disc” has been incorporated from the Tron movies into the new Monster Cable iPod ID Disc Dock.  This unique iPod dock shows off Tron lighting effects, and even has an iPod/iPhone alarm clock app available that will showcase Tron themes while utilizing Alarm Clock functionalities.

Tron is sure to impact these Holidays.  Such an iconic remake must be coupled with quality products. Monster Cable has truly taken this responsibility and manufactured products with precision to match with the movie’s release. The beautiful lighting effects, and the rich audio is sure to make you feel prepared to tackle “The Grid” through both the game, and by watching the movie this December.  Keep an eye on SonicElectronix.com for all of these products to be released, and stay tuned on our blogs for product updates. We’ll be sure to release more information regarding these amazing Tron themed products released by Monster Cable.