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Cerwin-Vega HED Series Speakers – Great Sound at a Lovely Price


So you’ve got a vehicle, but the sound simply isn’t up to par. What do you do? Well, you upgrade your speakers of course!  Cerwin-Vega has made it easy and affordable to get the quality sound you’ve always wanted in your vehicle with the HED Series coaxial and componentCerwin-Vega H4653 car speakers.

Each woofer cone is composed of a polypropylene cone material which is accurate and lightweight so the speaker will have a greater transient response. The series is equipped with rubber speaker surrounds that help guide the movement of the cone in a perfectly linear fashion in order to preserve the accuracy of the music being produced. Each Cerwin Vega HED series speaker is equipped with a 19mm mylar dome tweeter that’s responsible for articulating super-high frequencies that pass the range of human hearing. All of these speaker components are driven by a powerful ferrite magnet and an aluminum voice coil that work to control the cone movement and to dissipate heat as quick as possible.

The HED Series car speakers are available in a 3.5″, 4″, 4×6”, 5.25″, 6.5”, 6” x 8” and 6” x 9” coaxial system, and a 6.5” component system. Both component sets feature a separate tweeter that can be flush mounted into the doors for optimal imaging of your music. Separate crossover networks are included which will blend the frequency spectrum of the mid-woofer to that of the tweeter for an ideal flat response. With relatively low power ratings, these speakers will sound great off the head-unit or even a small amplifier.

The entire HED lineup is constructed using quality parts and materials to ensure a long lasting driver that will forever sound great in your car or truck, so when it’s time for a little sound upgrade, don’t overlook the HED series by Cerwin-Vega. You can check out the whole line-up of speakers by visiting us at SonicElectronix.com!

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PowerBass 2XL Component Series Speakers

PowerBass Convertible Speakers

Tired of hearing the same distorted music from your car speakers? Replace them! Aftermarket speaker solutions are affordable and can take little effort with the right tools. Installing a new set of speakers gives your entire vehicle a brand new voice – one that we all would appreciate. Make sure you install speakers of good quality when upgrading your factory speakers, and for a rich sounding solution you can’t go wrong with PowerBass 2XL Convertible Speakers.

Realizing that not everyone can easily install a pair of Component Style Speakers in their vehicle due to the externally mounted tweeter, PowerBass manufactured these 2XL Speakers as Convertibles. This means the tweeter can be mounted on the speaker itself (Coaxially) and mounted separately (Component-Style). This means more compatibility with a wider range of vehicles, and also an easier installation process so you can hear these speakers as fast as possible. The simple features don’t stop there – a 3 Ohm impedance design allows these speakers will make more efficient use of the amplifier so it can output higher wattage. This means a clearer, and a louder enjoyable experience from your amplifier!

With a pivot point 1” silk dome tweeter you can adjust the high frequencies of your music to perfection. The pivot point allows you to adjust the music to project from different angles, which can help for setting your vehicles audio stage. The silk dome tweeter will allow for a smooth experience without any of the hard tones that some may find with a “brighter” tweeter design. This can aid with “listening fatigue” a common side-effect of the previously mentioned brighter tweeters. They can end up really wearing out your ears to the point where you may prefer driving with the stereo off. Being such fans of car audio, we cannot condone driving without a stereo on.