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K40 RL100 vs. The Legendary Valentine One

The best way to test something to see if it’s up to snuff is to put it against the industry leader. In this case, we’ve decided to take the K40 RL100 Radar Detector and compare it directly to the Valentine One Radar Detector. The Valentine One has been an industry standard when it comes to radar detectors for many years; does the RL100 have what it takes to stack up against the top dog? Here is our no holds barred matchup between the RL100 and the Valentine One Radar Detectors.

Valentine One
The Valentine One has been an Industry Standard for many reasons. First and foremost are the radar and laser sensors that face both forward and backward. This allows you to detect the presence of radar and laser from both directions. It also displays which direct the presence is coming from. The Valentine One detects the X, K, Ka, Ku, and Laser frequencies that are in range. Another major advantage of the Valentine One system is that you can always have the most up-to-date version with a simple software upgrade.

Valentine One

The helpful display of the Valentine One has an easy to understand indicator to let you know which way the signal is coming from

Although it sounds like it’s ahead of the competition in every way, the main benefit to Valentine One is really the fact that it displays which direction the signal is coming from. For many who are new to radar detection, this indicator may very well be what helps them out of their next speeding situation.  Those who are more accustomed to radar and how signals are distributed and received may not need this additional feature.

K40 RL100

Although it’s up against a veteran, the RL100 has it’s own advantages. It features 360° detection from both radar and laser, and also has many convenience features. The convenience options available on the RL100 are features found even on their highest end models, such as the RL360. One of the main things to keep in mind with the RL100 is the GPS technology on board. You can program areas into the GPS to block specific bands & alerts in that desired area, allowing you to prevent false alarms in familiar territory, but still maintain the security of full-band coverage when in another area. Having GPS on board with the RL100 also promotes safe driving in areas such as dangerous intersections, or school zones.  The RL100 also features many other safe driving features, such as the Speed Monitor. This allows you to select a specific speed to be alerted at by your detector. If your vehicle rides so smoothly that you constantly end up at speeds higher than you mean to be driving, this is a very convenient feature.


Full Protection with the Valentine One & Laser Interceptor Radar Detectors/Jammers

Radar Detector Jammer Package

Last month we talked about the Valentine One and all of its spectacular features and ratings. For the Holidays we’re all buckling up and taking our Holiday journeys. Now is the best time to protect yourself against those who Valentine refers to as “The Unknown”. Well if you’ve researched radar a bit, you may know already that a radar detector alone will not have you fully protected. Yes, it will protect you from radar frequencies and give you plenty of time to slow down, but when you’re captured by a laser used in different areas unfortunately it’s too late already. Lasers are used to track vehicles progress, and by the time the alert from your radar detector would go off to alert you of an incoming laser, you will have already had your speed registered and written down.

Radar detectors may be capable of detecting lasers, but they certainly won’t protect you from the readings, and unfortunately won’t buy you any time to slow your vehicle down. Laser Jammers are capable of reading these incoming laser signals and disrupting them from getting a clear read out.

Protecting yourself from unwanted lasers and radar is a project within itself, but there are components ready for this challenge. Try pairing a Valentine One Radar detector along with the supreme Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer. These premium Laser Jammers will protect your vehicle from all attempts at a clear readout from a Laser signal. The Valentine One has it’s spot at the top of the Radar game secured, so with careful use these will get you by. On your Holiday trip this season, protect yourself from radar, but always remember the other invisible threat, the laser.

Laser Interceptor is also at the top of their charts with the supreme Laser Interceptor Dual jammer. This, along with the Laser Interceptor Quad are the most reliable Laser Interceptors on the market and do an exceptional job of keeping you protected from the invisible enemy. With superb detection and jamming response, you won’t fall victim to unreliable laser protection.


Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector Locator

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

When searching for the perfect Radar detector, a common thought may arise.  “Which one would be best for me?”  With Radar Detection, we all have a similar goal – to go unnoticed, and to complete this objective we’ll need something that can aid our senses the most when traveling.

A Radar Detector will only work if the owner can understand how to react to its alerts.  Standard radar detectors will only have a few lights and an audible beeping alert to notify of any possible threats.   This can lead to a lot of guessing as to which direction the radar is coming from, and how many threats may be present.  The Valentine One uses multiple sensors and receivers to allow for more accurate detection and feedback.  There is also an indicator on the front to notify the user how many threats are present.  This can help the user distinguish between speed traps, and areas like grocery stores with motion sensors.

Radar Detectors must be able to accept all interference in order to be fully compliant, so this means a lot of “false alarms” are commonly associated with Radar Detectors.  The Valentine One helps you distinguish against false alarms and urgent alarms as much as possible.  The detector not only informs the user which band the radar is coming from, but also the strength of signal and how many radars it is detecting.  Users do need to get used to the alerts the Valentine One provides, and adjust their driving habits accordingly.  When used correctly, the Valentine One can severely reduce how noticed you are when driving.

The Valentine One radar detector is backed by lifetime updates.  Products manufactured in 1992 are updated as a courtesy just as products purchased in 2010.  The Valentine One has been critically reviewed by many different sources, and in the end has appeared to trump the competition.  For the most accurate results when driving, there’s no replacement for the additional information the Valentine One provides.