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Whether you’re trying to overfill your car with bass or create the perfect sound, there is a set up that’s right for you . You may have heard of the terms “SQ” or “SPL” before.  Understanding these terms will assist you with what kind of sound you are seeking.



SPL stands for sound pressure level which basically means how loud the subwoofer or speaker is producing sound.  In regards to subwoofers,  ported enclosures are usually favorable for SPL set ups.  This is due mainly to the ports being able to push more air and create more pressure. Bigger subwoofers such as 15 or 18″ or multiple subwoofers are more common in these set ups as the more cone area you have the more air pressure you’re going to be able to produce.  SPL is measured in decibels which means you will be able to tell just how loud your system is with an SPL meter.    SPL systems are going to be higher powered and geared towards pushing your system to it’s maximum limits. Musical genres like rap and hip hop are ideal for this purpose  Speakers can also play a role in an SPL system.  Metal tweeters are ideal for obtaining louder highs which you will need to prevent the bass from draining out the high frequencies.  If your goal is to make sure the whole neighborhood can hear you, then go SPL.


JL Audio CS110-WXv2

JL Audio CS110-WXv2

If SPL had an estranged brother, then it would be SQ.  There are many differences to an SQ system.  SQ is for sound quality which means there are no overbearing frequencies, excellent sound staging and superb tonal accuracy. Sealed enclosures are ideal for subwoofers in this application to give you a tighter and more accurate bass response.  Genres of music with double bass pedals, such as rock, require subwoofers that are more responsive. For this reason, 10 and 12 inch subwoofers are more commonly used for this type of application.  Sound quality can not really be measured.  However, a good subwoofer should be able to produce +/- 3 dB. It is mostly about personal preference for sound quality.  Go SQ if you are looking for a sound that will make you feel like your right in front of the artist.

Keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other.  It all comes down to what you’re into.  Its even possible to create an SQL system that can take the best of both worlds.  Theres always going to be haters on both sides of the fence but only you can decide what is right for you!


Vibe Audio Guess How Many Contest

Vibe Audio Facebook Contest

Do you want to win a free pair of speakers? For the month of June, Sonic Electronix and Vibe Audio are holding a contest where four lucky winners are going to receive new speakers for their car! It is fast and easy to enter the contest. Simply guess the number of butt connecters in the image and you will have a chance to win. Those with the 4 closest guesses will win. Follow the steps below and you could be on your way to some new car speakers.

How to Enter:

  1. Go to the Vibe Contest page on Sonic Electronix’s Facebook
  2. Become a fan (if you haven’t already)
  3. Click the “Make a Guess” button to submit your guess and enter the contest!

The prizes for the contest are Vibe Audio car speakers. Each winner will be contacted and let Sonic Electronix know the speaker sizes that fit their car. Sonic will then award the winner two pairs of speakers for their car. Being a new company in the United States car audio market, Vibe Audio is just beginning to catch on. However, they have been leading the European circuit for many years. If you are looking to a great upgrade to the speakers in your car or just want to try out something new, consider Vibe Audio speaker.

The Prizes:

1st Place: VIBE Audio SPACE Speakers
2nd Place: VIBE Audio Black Air Speakers
3rd Place: VIBE Audio Lite Air Speakers
4th Place: VIBE Audio SLICK Speakers

For complete details about the Vibe Audio Guess How Many Contest, head on over to the Sonic Electronix Facebook Page.


Things to Look For When Buying New Car Speakers

Vibe Audio SPACE 5

It’s common for someone to ask “Which speakers would be right for me?”  Well, putting together a car audio system can require a lot of thought, or it can be something that’s decided on a whim.  There’s a few questions you should ask yourself before picking out the next car speakers for your ride, and to help make the best decision you should consider the most popular questions asked.  So first, find out what size speakers your vehicle has installed, and follow this guide to finding the perfect car speakers.

A commonly asked questioned is “Will I need an amplifier?”  The short answer to this question is do you want to have an amplifier?  A lot of speakers on the market can be used as direct factory replacements.  Make sure each speaker requires no more than 50 watts of power handling and these will work right off of your factory stereo.  A common factory replacement that doesn’t require amplification is the Boston Acoustics S65 speakers.  If you’re looking for a more fully staged audio experience with better volume and voice you might want to consider finding an amplifier.  In this case, match up the amplifiers power rating with your speakers RMS power rating.  This way you can get the best possible continual performance from your speakers.  Component style speakers, like the Vibe Audio SPACE 5 speakers will usually always require an amplifier since there’s separate components to power.

“Will I need a soft-dome tweeter, or a metallic dome tweeter?” This question is common when searching through speakers and this can really only be defined by personal preference.  Soft dome tweeters like Silk found on the RE Audio RE65FR speakers, and Cloth will produce a crisp listening experience.  Metallic tweeters can be considered “brighter” and will produce louder volumes with less power.  Metallic tweeters are popular on Boats, Motorcycles, and other environments where a lot of outside noise is present and needs to be drowned out.

After considering your amplification options and what style of speaker you want. It’s about finding the correct speaker by different manufactures.  Keep in mind each manufacturer has tried to develop their own sound so they can stand out and create brand loyalty.


Vibe LiteBox Class GH Amplifiers

Vibe Audio LiteBox Class Gh Car Amplifier

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Finding the maximum power with minimum weight are not only important factors when creating supercars, but also important when manufacturing high-end car amplifiers.  Anyone that has ever installed an aftermarket car audio system with an amplifier can tell you that size matters. However, in this case the smaller the chassis the better.  But once installed, it all comes down to the power output of the amp.  The amplifier is no good if it does not put out any power to the speakers.  More power means louder music and cleaner sound.  With this understanding, the British car audio manufacturer Vibe Audio set a goal to create a new series of amplifiers that merged high output with minimum size and weight.  The result is the Vibe LiteBox car amplifiers.

Traditionally, car audio manufacturers use Class D circuitry to put higher power in smaller spaces.  Vibe chose a different path by creating their own amplifier class. By invented a state-of-the-art Class GH power supply, they are able to deliver the sound quality of a Class AB amplifier with the efficiency of a Class D.  What does that mean for those that use these amplifiers?  It means the music will play loud and clear, while retains a small installation footprint.  Consider the Vibe LiteBox Stereo 4 as a prime example of this series.  It measures 5-1/4” x 11-3/4” and a height of only 2”.  Even with the small frame, this amplifier successfully produces 90 watts through 4 channels at 4 ohms.  Keep in mind that is a RMS rating! That is a lot of power at 4 ohms and plenty to power the majority of the higher end audio components.  At 2 ohms, this amp will produce 125 watts with 4 channels.  When the size of amplifier and power ratings are compared, there are few other amps out there that are considered to be in the same class as the Vibe LiteBox amplifiers.


Authorized Vibe Audio Dealer

Vibe Audio Authorized Dealers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Across the world there are car audio manufacturers that design, engineer, and create high-end audio products.  Many of these companies have industry-leading products that produce some of the most impressive audio ever heard by human ears.  Vibe Audio is one of these companies that come from the British car audio circuit.  As the leading manufacturer of consumer and competition car audio products, Vibe has traditionally only dealt with the European market.  However, as the Vibe name has grown and the reputation of their fine audio products has been solidified, the demand for these superior British products has also grown.  In part with the great relationship between Metra Electronics, Vibe Audio, and Sonic Electronix, Vibe has decided to break barriers and enter the US car audio market.  To make this possible, Vibe Audio chose Sonic Electronix to be the only authorized online seller of their premium products.

As the only authorized online seller of Vibe audio, Sonic Electronix is taking great care in the line of products.  Ensuring that they receive the level of respect and appreciation that they deserve, the Sonic Electronix car audio specialist work hard to accurately recommend the products for what they are comparable with.  Since the brand is so new to the United States consumer car audio industry, it is important that those shopping understand the level of quality that each vibe product is made with.  Using the most advanced production techniques and experienced engineering, the Vibe Audio specialists are able to offer incredible sound quality for an affordable price.  Since Sonic Electronix is the only authorized online, those shopping for vibe on Sonic will experience the best prices and warranty available.  For more information on Vibe products, feel free to view their lines of Car Speakers, Car Amplifiers, Car Subwoofers, and more!  Shop with the confidence of owning a quality loudspeaker or amplifier by choosing Vibe audio for your next car.  Already proven in the European car audio circuit, Vibe is ready to prove to you that they truly are a leader in the car audio industry.