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Enjoy Hi-Fi Music Over the Airwaves with the New Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth

Klipsch Image ONE
Life is too short to be tied down to cables. It’s also too short to not being enjoying your favorite albums on the Klipsch Image ONE Series of headsets. Klipsch realized the combination of these two problems in the world were too much to bear and decided to help the general public by designing and adding the Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth model of headsets to their new lineup.

Klipsch is a top manufacturer in the headphone industry and the Image ONE Bluetooth cuts no corners on both quality and innovation. With a built-in rechargeable battery the Image ONE Bluetooth is capable of 10 hours of continuous call and music time, and is conveniently rechargeable with the included micro USB charging cable.

Just because this headset is capable of playing music wirelessly for extremely long periods of time doesn’t mean it’s not also capable of playing the music back with perfect clarity. The Image ONE Bluetooth headphones are designed with the most capable technology of today to ensure that your musical or conversational experiences are among your favorite.

When it’s all said and done – convenience is what separates a great pair of headphones from your favorite pair of headphones. The newly designed ear cups and adjustable leather headband allow for long-term wearing and superior comfort. They’re also extremely easy to store with a compact, collapsible design. To add to the convenience, a control system and microphone is built into the headset itself allowing you to control your music wherever you are.


California Legalizes Hands-Free Texting While Driving

In a world where technology gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, it’s not always easy following the rules. One of the more recent laws that we have all had to deal with is the ban on texting and driving. Now I will admit its much more efficient to shoot off a text while out on the open road, rather than pulling all the way over to poke a button or two, but it is in fact 100% illegal to text and drive in the state of California. Luckily a solution will soon be available.

Effective January 1st, Governor Jerry Brown is enacting a bill that will allow you to use a hands-free device that assists you in sending a text message or an email. I know it’s not the most exciting solution in the world, but it’s much better than not texting at all! We’ve all been in the position where you’re trying to shoot off a text and suddenly you look up to find yourself in the next lane over. Not safe! This law will assuredly cut down on your near-death experiences. You’re probably wondering… where can I get one of these fancy hands-free doodads? Sonic Electronix of course, duh.

We actually carry a couple of solutions to texting and driving. First, the Motorolla HZ800 is a Bluetooth ear piece that not only gives you wireless call capabilities, but let’s you dictate your own text messages to send off to your friends. It even cancels out wind noise up to 40mph for a more accurate dictation. Now, if you’re like me and hate things poking you in the ear, go with the Motorola Tz710 Roadster. It’s essentially a Bluetooth speakerphone that clips onto your sun visor, giving you voice commands to many of your phones functions including, yes, texting. This universal piece is great because it’s affordable, and lets you send and receive messages and emails clearly and effectively.

There you have it. No longer should you be a trouble maker, because there are multiple solutions that almost anyone with a Bluetooth phone can do. I’ve got my hands-free device… now it’s your turn!


50 Cent SMS Audio Street Headphones

After working my first official month here at Sonic Electronix I have been able to have the awesome opportunity of testing out many different types of products, particularly headphones. A pair of headphones that I have really become familiar with are the SMS Audio Headphones by 50 Cent. I have definitely heard plenty of different opinions on these headphones (mostly negative), and thought maybe I should go ahead and write a review on what I truly think about them.

50 Cent with SMS Audio Headphones

50 Cent with SMS Audio Headphones

So, they are definitely not the best headphones I have ever used, but they are definitely not the worst either. There are two main features that I find quite effect with these headphones, one being that they are super durable and two being that they also have a set with wireless capabilities.

I honestly was shocked to see how durable these headphones were. When first introduced to them my co-worker grabbed each end of the headphones and started to twist them in a spiral motion without causing them any damage. I had never seen any headphones do this before (without breaking them), and I definitely find it to be a very useful feature not only towards durability but also to give you a piece of mind.

50 Cent SMS Wireless Headphones

50 Cent SMS Wireless Headphones

The wireless capability on one set of these series of headphones is really awesome. They come in both black and white colors and I personally would prefer not to have a cord hanging around my body, tangling up, and even at times getting pulled on. The wireless feature on these headphones reaches up to 50 feet of range from your source of music, and I don’t think that has anything to do with 50 Cent’s stage name. The headphones also allows syncing for up to 4 users from one source which is also great when sharing music.

Now when it comes to sound quality I would not be able to confidently say that these are the best one’s in the market, but they also aren’t the worst. Of course sound quality is one of the most important features people look at when purchasing a pair of headphones, but with the other cool unique features provided I would say that these headphones are definitely worth a try.

Make sure you check them out here at Sonic Electronix and pick out a pair that best fits your preferences.


5 Ways To Connect Your iPod To Your Car

Written by Kyle Duffy – Product Specialist

Progress is slow, but more and more vehicles are coming from the factory with built-in 3.5mm headphone jack inputs or iPod specific connections. However, most of us don’t have new vehicles shiny from the factory, with that new car smell. So how then do you play your iPod through your car instead of having tons of pesky CDs?  There is always the route of buying a new aftermarket car stereo with an iPod car adapter, but that isn’t the solution for all of us.  Here are some other methods on how you can get iPod playback in your car.

Method 1: Cassette Adapter
Most vehicles in the world have the dreaded cassette player which sits there doing nothing. Unfortunately, most of us do not have cassettes we care to dust off. No worries, let’s put it to use! With a cassette adapter, you can plug in any portable electronic device with a headphone jack into the adapter, which goes into your cassette player, giving you tunes from your iPod or MP3 player.

Method 2: Wireless FM Transmitter
If your car has a working cigarette lighter power adapter and a working FM radio, you can get those tunes from your iPod to your car speakers. They broadcast a radio station only strong enough to be picked up by your car radio, so just tune your FM radio to the transmitters selected frequency and there you have it! No messy wires, plug and play installation, thousands of songs at your fingertips. The biggest issue however with this method is that sometimes you will pickup radio stations from actual broadcasting towers, just change the frequency and your good!

Method 3: Stock Radio with 3.5mm Auxiliary Input
If you’re lucky, your vehicle will have a 3.5mm (Headphone jack) port on the face of the radio or somewhere in your center consol. The radio will also have an AUX button to activate the port. This is ideal because all you have to do is by a 3.5mm Male-to-3.5mm Male auxiliary cable and you can rock out all day or night long with your iPod, Zune, or MP3 player. This is becoming more popular in newer vehicles, so be on the lookout!

Method 4: RCA Input Jack
Very few stock car stereos will come with a feature like this. The radio will have either on the back, front, or in the center console a red RCA input and a white RCA input. Get a 3.5mm Male to RCA Male cable and you can enjoy tunes from this input type. Some 6-disk CD changers use this, so if you’re willing to give up the CD changer for your vast iPod music collection, just hijack those RCA lines! And Poof!

Method 5: Wired FM Modulator
This method is not as popular as the other connections, but it should still be considered if you can’t jump the gun for an aftermarket radio. The wired FM Modulator hooks up to your radios antenna cable and inserts your iPod signal right into the line. This method does require a bit of installation but it is not incredibly difficult, the quality is better than a wireless FM transmitter.


Autonet Mobile Router – Get Internet in the Car!

AutoNet Mobile Router

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Great news – Autonet has extended their $200 off mail-in rebate offer on the Autonet Mobile Router to December 31, 2009. That means you can turn your car into a WiFi zone for just $169.99 after the mail-in rebate! Imagine having broadband internet to help pass the time on all of those long road trips. If you find yourself stuck in traffic and late for a meeting, the Autonet enables you to send and receive email on your laptop!

Check out our previous blog on the Autonet Mobile Router for more details about this extremely useful wireless internet router. You can use this router to access broadband internet while inside of your vehicle. All of your passengers can access the internet while you drive. In fact, this router creates a WiFi zone of 1000 feet in and around your vehicle, so you can even use the internet while sitting outside of your parked vehicle.

We have also written a guide on how to install the Autonet mobile router in our Knowledge Base section. You can use this article as a guide during your install. Remember, you will need to purchase a monthly subscription to access the internet with this router. Hurry, with a $200 rebate, supplies won’t last!