2016 Best Headphones For Going Back To School


It is back to school time my friends. You know the time when you show up to school swagged out from head to toe. Well with every new school year comes highlighters, notebooks, electronics, and a nice set of headphones. Headphones are an essential part of back to school gear whether you are catching the bus, skating to class or taking a simple study break.

Now we know that most students are on a strict budget but no worries we have budget friendly options for you. We have a great selection to choose from, from understated in-ears to upscale headphones.


Beyerdynamic IDX200ie In-Ear Headphone

2016 Best headphones for back to school Beyerdynamic IDX200IE







These in-ear headphones really have it all, starting with their sleek classy minimalist design. The IDX200ie really show why Beyerdynamic is one of the best audio companies out there. The IDX200ie has strong bass and clarity which combine for an awesome sound that can’t be explained.  And don’t worry your pretty little head, they sound good with just about every type of music.

The IDX200IE are so comfortable, you can wear them for hours.  They also have an inline microphone and controls for use with your Apple or Android smartphone, a carrying case, and a multitude of ear tips for every size ear hole. 

We know the IDX200IE is pricey but just like your current 4 year investment these will be will worth the money.  Plus…. you only live once so to avoid some serious FOMO by grabbing one of these.


Beyerdynamic Custom Streets

2016 Best headphones for back to school Beyerdynamic Custom Street Black







Why not take the initiative and just put the Customs Streets in your shopping cart right now since you’re about to find out that these are on of the best back to school headphones out? I know for sure my bassheads out there are gonna love these bad boys because they come with adjustable bass selectors with three settings that go from low to high bass. The sound is so well balanced that detail fanatics will love them too. The Custom Streets sound quality is bomb.com but can you really expect anything less from Beyerdynamic.

The Custom Streets have a detachable cable with a port on each ear cup so you can choose which side you prefer the cable hanging. They can be customized to the look that matches your style with the included interchangeable plates. The on-ear fit of the headphones are great for all day wear with just the right amount of plush cushioning so they don’t become overbearing.

2016 Best headphones for back to school beyerdynamic custom street plates








They come in two color options:

2016 Best headphones for back to school Beyerdynamic Custom Street White










A price under $150 is nothing when you think of the sheer amount of enjoyment and customization you will get out of the Custom Streets. Better get yourself a set before they are all out of stock.

Sennheiser Cx686G Series Headphones

Attention freshmen! I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the freshmen 15 and we are here to tell you it’s real. So why not have a set of in-ear headphones that are designed for fitness. Just looking at their fun neon green color is motivation enough to get your booty outside.

2016 Best headphones for back to school Sennheiser CX686G












The CX686G are great for many reasons:

  • Slide-to-Fit mechanism ensures that they secure comfortably in your ear and don’t fall out easily. So when you are in the groove no worries having to stop your workout to get them back in.
  • SteriTouch® antibacterial ear tips keeps them sanitary.
  • Extreme durability and sweat proof for the toughest of gym conditions.

Play “Panda” by Desiigner and witness the pure power the bass the cx686 have, its insane. For sports in-ear headphones they have amazingly rich mids and crisp highs. You’ll love these whether you’re in the gym, in the library, or walking across campus.

Bottom line is the CX686 is the way to go, they have all the qualities of a great set of earphones.

Nvx IEWR2 In Ear Headphones

2016 Best headphones for back to school NVXIEWR2






The NVX IEWR2 are a great set of earbuds for students with an active lifestyle. They have a sweat and water resistant rating of IPX4. What that means is all the fitness fanatics out there that sweat buckets don’t have to worry about drowning these.  The noise isolation is fantastic so no worries about getting distracted when in you’re in the groove. They’re exceptionally comfortable and designed to stay snug in your ear no matter how much you move.  

2016 Best headphones for back to school NVX IEWR2 lifestyle








Some fantastic feature of the NVX IEWR2 are:

  • Enhanced banging bass
  • Sporty blue color scheme
  • Memory wire hooks around the ear and keeps it in place
  • Flush in-ear design comfortably fits under most helmets
  • Compatible for both Android and Apple devices

The NVX IEWR2 are a great set of in-ear headphones and crazy inexpensive. So inexpensive you can get one for yourself and a few of your friends without putting a big dent in your wallet.

I guess the only thing left to ask is, how many sets do you plan to order?



Music makes the world go round. One of these headphones will guarantee the bass, clarity, and pure comfort you expect during for music listening experience. Do your ears a favor and start this new school year out right with a dope set of on-ears, in-ears or both.


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