5 of the Best Celebrity Car Collections


Being a celebrity has many perks it goes without saying but if you’re a car lover and happen to have more money than you know what to do with then you’re on cloud nine. As luck would have it, there are PLENTY of celebrity car lovers out there who have spent some of their not insubstantial fortunes on amassing some amazing vehicles – we check out five of the best celebrity car collections below:



If eclectic, vintage and unusual cars are your thing, then it’s Jerry Seinfeld’s collection of vehicles that will be right up your street because it is positively overflowing with insanely awesome vehicles that only a genuine lover of cars would even think about adding to their collection.

Seinfeld doesn’t hide his love of cars and he has amounted a small fortune over his career so can afford to sate his appetite for vintage machines and it is said that the funnyman has up to 40 Porsches in his amazing collection of automobiles.



Jay Leno is the king of talkshow television and he’s certainly sitting at the top table so far as car collections are concerned as well. Boasting a stellar line up of some 20+ supercars, the chat show host definitely has some mightily impressive cars in his line which includes stunning machines like a McLaren P1, Ariel Atom, 1970 Citroen SM and a Jaguar XK120M Coupe.

The chat show host has amassed somewhat of a fortune and we for one are pleased to see that it has been spent well on accumulating one of the most genuinely interested collections of cars we’ve come across. From vintage machines right through to modern day supercars, Jay Leno really does have it all. One of the most impressive collections in our round up for sure.



Ralph Lauren isn’t exactly a shrinking violet in the fashion world and his car collection is equally as stunning and extravagant. Despite the fact that Lauren doesn’t get much time to visit his sprawling car collection (what with running one of the world’s biggest fashion labels), he’s certainly generous with it and often ships some of his more unusual vehicles overseas for display in various museums.

As you can from the shot above, red is a dominant choice in Ralph Lauren’s collection as is Ferrari (though this typically goes hand in hand) and there’s no doubting that the name synonymous with fashion really has amassed one of the world’s most amazing collection of motorcars as well.



One of the finest baseballers in Kansas’ history, Reggie Jackson now boasts one of the most stellar line-up of vehicles out there. With a multitude of eras and car manufacturers making up the cars within the right fielder’s collection, you’ll be in your element if you’re a lover of vintage cars.

Reggie Jackson’s collection of cars has many stand out vehicles but amongst the most notable include the likes of a 1969 ZL1 COPO Camaro and 1941 Willys Steel Coupe which are surely some of the most striking machines out there. A really remarkable collection of automobile and one that is simply too good to ignore in our list of the best celebrity car collections.



Tim “The Toolman” Taylor will be abiding memory for many men of a certain age and you’ll be heartened to hear that Tim Allen has a suitably awesome collection of cars under his belt built by that iconic sitcom character. You can check out a video below of Tim Allen’s jaw-dropping collection of motor vehicles:


Tim Allen boasts an unparalleled selection of vintage American cars and as you can see above and just a few of the most mesmerising and memorable motors in the funnyman’s collection include a 1965 Shelby Cobra and a 1933 Ford Roadster.

The older, more vintage machines in Allen’s collection are extremely rare and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more exceptionally curated and well-kept collection of vintage motorcars than those that Tim Allen has managed to accumulate over his career.

That’s our selection of the top five celebrity car collections but we know there are plenty of other fantastic collections out there – let us know which ones you love in our comments section below.


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