A Complete Guide to Bluetooth Headphones – Part: 1


Earphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you are working out, on the phone with a friend, or just on the go listening to music. Wired headphones are now becoming a thing of the past and many companies including Apple have gotten rid of the headphone jack on iPhone devices entirely. Quality Bluetooth headphones used to be something in which you had to spend hundreds of dollars on; today, they much more readily available and affordable for the average consumer. This brings you to the question, which Bluetooth headphones are right for me?

Well, with so many options, it’s hard to choose but you have to think about a few things. Such as why are you buying them, how are you going to use them, do you need them for the phone or just for music? It really depends because if you need them for talking to people, it needs to have a great connection, so the phone calls don’t cut out mid-sentence. If you’re buying them to listen to music, then you need something more with bass and some noise isolation. It just depends on what fits comfortably in your price range, in your ears, and what lifestyle do you live? Active, in the office, with children, or all of the above?

Key Features

Talk on the phone hands-free:

The best part of wireless headphones is that you are able to talk on your phone from anywhere without your devices glued to your ear. Wireless headphones give you the ability to keep your hands free. Most Bluetooth headphones come with simple buttons that allow you to play/pause music as well as accept or decline phone calls, some even offer options to control the volume or skip tracks.

Usable controls:

The reason why a lot of people get Bluetooth headphones is to not reach for their phones. Having usable controls is essential and if the controls are too difficult or even unusable, then what is the use of using Bluetooth headphones. Make sure the Bluetooth headphones have usable controls to fit your needs, so you can get the most use out of your Bluetooth headphones.

Wireless vs. True Wireless:

In recent years earphones have gone from wired to wireless, and now not even a single wire. Why have wires to deal with untangling them every time you throw them in your pocket? Now, with truly wireless earphones, all you have to remember is to throw the earbuds in the case and put them in your pocket or bag. When you are ready to listen to music or talk to someone, all you have to do is plop them in your ear and you’re ready to go.

However, it is important to be able to differentiate between two distinct types of Bluetooth earbuds, wireless vs. true wireless. As confusing as it may be, all Bluetooth earbuds are technically considered wireless because there is no headphone jack required. The difference between true wireless headphones and just wireless ones is that they do not have any type of wire whatsoever. They are contained typically in a charging case like the NVX INN81’s and INN82’s. While a wireless headset like the NVX Nektek2’s has a wire that connects the earbuds together.

There are advantages to both. The biggest difference is the battery life and portability. The wireless option in the NekTek2’s gives you a longer uninterrupted playback of 10 hours while the INN81/INN82s gives you three. However, the INN81/INN82s offer an included charging case that gives you a total playback time of 24 hours. That charging case also makes them more portable, but some people may prefer the wire in-between because it makes them more difficult to lose.


One amazing thing about when technology advances is that it becomes more readily available to everyone. Something that once cost hundreds of dollars now cost less than $100 for quality headphones. Both the INN81/INN82s and the NekTek2’s are quality headphones, but both are still very affordable. Which means you can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

There will also be a part two, to this article where we will continue to use these NVX headphones as an example. In that article, we will discuss some of the other important features that these incredibly useful wireless headphones offer.


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