Getting a new set of cans is probably one of the best moments ever and with every new set of headphones comes the question if whether you got your full money’s worth out of those puppies. It is crucial to put your new set of cans through the wringers to see if they work with your taste in the music. I highly recommend you test them with songs that you are familiar with. Why? You not only like those songs, you’ve subconsciously learned to enjoy them a specific way. But for those of you that have a hard time finding music to test your headphones with or JUST want some new song suggestions never fear, I am here to help, with the best songs to test out those headphones.


The Best Bass Songs For Testing Your Headphones

“Look Alive” Rae Sremmurd

The bass in this song is beyond sick man. When I put on my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus and turn up the volume that bass has all my bones bumping. Now be cautious, lesser headphones just can’t deal with all that bass and are guaranteed to be demolished by Rae.


“Bangarang” Skrillex

Best songs to test headphones with

Throwing it back to one of Skrillex classics. I know it is hard sometimes to find a great set of cans that can handle EDM music and sometimes the song you choose to test out your headphones probably didn’t push them to their full potential. So when I was testing out the Sennheiser HD630VB I knew I had to put on “Bangarang” to hear all those ranges. By far the best dubstep song to test out a set of cans.


“That’s My Kind Of Night” Luke Bryan

It’s always good to throw a little country music in the mix. This song is perfect to test out on your headphones; if they are a premium set of cans like the Klipsch XR8I you should be able to hear every instrument and feel that nice bass. It also is the ideal song because it comes out the gates straight kickin’ so you don’t have to wait for the chorus to hear if your headphones are a real contender or not.


“Immortalized” Disturbed

Did anyone else feel every strum of the guitar inside their veins or was it just me? If you didn’t it’s probably because you don’t have the right headphones. I highly recommend that you get the Kicker HP404BTB to truly feel all the power in this song.


Vocals, Jazz/Instrumentals To Test Your Headphones

“Valentine” Pentatonix

I hadn’t really heard much about acapella groups other than the ones found in Pitch Perfect until the Pentatonix hooked me. When I first heard them listening on the HEM4 I was pleasantly surprised at how uniform and amazing they sound. With a great set of headphones you should be able to distinguish the different voices and the instruments they are imitating. It is a pretty cool experience if you ask me.The best songs to test your headphones with


“Weight in Gold” Gallant

I love the soulful feel of this song. This is a great song to see how your headphones work with male vocals and I find that the Grado RS1e vibes very well with this tune. There is a great range of highs, mids, and lows in this song to get a general feel how your cans work with a bit of a challenge.


“Angels Heart” DJ Can Quartet

There are no vocals on this one but it is great at showcasing how your cans do with smooth jazz instrumentals. A good set of headphones should be able to catch every instrument. I put the SRH1440 up to the test and it did not disappoint catching even lowest of piano notes. It’s as if you’re listening live. It’s a really intimate experience.


The Best Classical Music To Test Your Headphones

“Beethoven’s 5 Secrets” The Piano Guys

I like a good mash up as much as the next guy but this one was beyond anything that I have ever heard before. It is a beautiful mix of an instrumental and a well-known classic. The Audeze Sine takes me to another world with this song. I feel as if there is an orchestra right in front of me playing this divine melody. It is amazing how you can hear songs to test your headphones with every instrument and know which side of the room they are playing from.


“Interlude” Yosi Horikawa

This is like the ultimate test for your cans. You ever wonder if your headphones could catch a pin drop in the background. When I listen to this with the Shure KSE 1500 and I close my eyes I feel like I am actually in the wooden boat creaking as it’s paddling through the water. Pair up a good set of headphones with those virtual reality goggles and you’re there, its surreal man that’s for sure.


The Top Rock/Reggae/Blues Songs To Test Your Headphones

“Is This Love” Bob Marley

Bob Marley is well known for his beautiful reggae music and while testing your cans you should be able to hear the wonderful harmonies and the variety of instruments in this song. If that is not the case, it might be time to keep shopping and pick up the UMPRO30. This song is definitely a classic and if you are a fan of Bob Marley’s music you should find a set of headphones that revives it to its truest form.


“Hotel California” Eagles

Of course we had to throw this one in. Every time I test out a new set of cans this song is always thrown into the mix because of the epic guitar solo highlighting those crisp highs. its insane how you can hear every strum of the guitar and how it sounds like Don Henley is singing right into your ear. Then you add in those excellent drum beats and its’s just perfection.


“About A Bird” Fantastic Negrito

Try this blues track on the Master & Dynamic ME01 and be surrounded with some great vocals. The guitar solo should sound clear and crisp. This song can easily sound muddy with a bad set of headphones so be on the lookout for a set that can really bring out the liveliness in this song.



Every headphone has its strengths and weaknesses, the goal is to test until you find the one that fits your needs. We highly recommend that you start off testing songs that you know well so you are able to tell the differences in sound. With each music genre we also included the headphone found at Sonic Electronix that will suit your taste and then some. Now get out there and start blasting some music so you can find the right cans for you.


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