Introduction To Car Speakers

custom car speakers and subwoofers

A car can be an excellent space to enjoy your favorite music. But the fact of the matter is that many car owners still put up with dismal sound quality that would otherwise never be tolerated at home. While a good deal of music lovers assemble some of the most advanced sound systems on the planet, just one mistake or sub-par components can keep your system from reaching its full potential. When it comes down to music quality, it is crucial that you don’t overlook the most important element; car speakers.

The speakers are what gives your music and audio files a clear and distinct sound. Think about it; you could have four kick-ass subwoofers pumping bass and vibrations over a 10-foot radius. But if you can’t make out even the slightest vocals or chimes, your investment and enjoyment go flying right out the window. To improve your music and driving experience, we have compiled a list of the best car speakers as well as how to find the perfect match for your needs:

Consider the Sensitivity

This is a measure of exactly how much sound a speaker yields as a result of power applied. Most factory-installed car stereos give 15 watts RMS per channel. As such, high sensitivity ratings of over 90 decibels will make a great match. However, if your stereo system is aftermarket and you have an external amplifier, or a high power rating of over 16 watts RMS per channel, then what you need are speakers with a lower sensitivity for excellent sound quality.

Consider the Type

Full Range Speakers

Full range speakers consist of tweeters to reach the highs notes, mounted on top a woofer to hit the lower notes. Other models include additional drivers such as super tweeter or midrange. If you want to replace your car’s factory speakers without all the hustle, always go for full range speakers. Since the tweeter and woofer are one unit it simplifies the entire process. Assuming you bought the appropriate size, full range speakers should fit where the factory speakers were located. Lastly this type of speaker will save you money!

NVX Speakers

NVX car speakers and subwoofers






There’s a reason why car audio fanatics love NVX speakers. The high standards and manufacturing precision distinguishes this brand within the car audio industry. With such versatility and extensive range, users enjoy this brand over the competition. Whatever your taste in music, NVX Speakers are guaranteed to bring it to life with vibrant and brilliant highs and deep lows. Some of these bad boys incorporate the latest features that music lovers from all corners of the world have come to appreciate. These include:

  • Lightweight polypropylene cone construction for accurate tone reproduction
  • Silk dome tweeter for rich and warm treble and remarkable definition
  • Excellent impedance on NVX subwoofers
  • Heat dissipating technology
  • High sensitivity levels
  • Lengthy manufacturer warranty

Component Speakers

On the other hand, component speakers utilize a superior design that gives you the best possible sound. Component speakers are made up of separate woofers and tweeters, as well as external crossovers that are engineered to work in unison. The tweeter can be mounted on any location of your car to optimize sound distribution. Component speakers allow you to experience your music the way the artists intended. The sound quality has more depth and all the high and low notes are noticeably achieved. This system approach is recommended for those devoted to the highest sound quality willing to pay extra. You will not be disappointed by a component speaker as long as the install is done correctly with a fully functioning crossover unit.

JBL Speakers

jbl car speakers and subwoofers





JBL is another noteworthy brand that has been in the business since 1946, delivering nothing but quality. What really makes this company so distinguished is the fact they have been industry leaders for decades. More so they are able to adapt to the times and release relevant new products to keep consumers loyal. With such a large product selection comes big responsibility. And guess what JBL takes pride in their audio gear. With car speakers ranging in all sizes, shapes, and power; this brand will satisfy your audio needs.


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