Did you know that the average American spends one third of their lives at work. With that being said, when you are in the office having a great set of headphones will make that third of your life feel more like an eight of your life. In the office you use your headphones for a lot of different activities; whether it’s listening to music on your phone or computer, to take a call, or maybe even to watch some videos on your break.

So how do you decide which headphone is the one for you? To help save the time it would take you to search for a great set, we’ve put together a list of headphones to make your life a little easier.



As I am sitting at my desk writing this and listening to my in ear headphones, I can tell you some of the most important things to consider are: comfort, sound quality, and isolation.

First of all, you have three main categories to choose from; are you more comfortable with over the ears, on-ears, or in-ear headphones? Over the ears have an ear cup that completely covers around your ears, the ear cups and headband are cushioned for the optimal amount of comfort. I have found that the sound isolation on these really vary so you just have to test to find which one works best for you. As far a sound quality goes I really like to listen to a lot of my music with over-ears because it makes it feel more intimate.

Headphones for the office

The on ears are usually more portable than the over ears because more times than not they rotate or fold. They are also different from the over ears because the ear pads rest against your ears as oppose to over it. On-ears are typically less bulky than over-ears due to the smaller cups. When it comes to isolation, I have found that these do pretty well in that field. Sound quality is more like a hit or miss as far as these go.

Last but certainly not least are the in ears. They are basically little speakers that fit snugly in your ear canals. These are the easiest to carry around because they can fit right in your pocket. Most include an inline remote to control the music volume with ease. They also include many sizes of tips so you can find the one that works best for you. The in-ears are great when it comes to sound isolation and are typically better than other types because the ear tips seal the ear canal. When it comes to sound quality there are many greats ones out there but you should highly consider the recommendation to follow.




sennheiser hd630

The HD630VB is on my list because it is a fantastic over ear closed back set of cans that pack some major sound. They are made with aluminum adding a bit of weight to them but at no means causes any discomfort. The ear pads are packed with foam and covered with protein leather providing a pillow for your ears.

They also have this cool bass dial on the ear cup which is ideal for those bass lovers out there. It also has the right amount of noise isolation perfect for an office environment. They pretty durable and fold up which makes them great for transport. If you feel this is what you are looking for go ahead and pick up one of these babies today.



beyerdynamic idx200ie

Beyerdynamic is a really good brand and the IDX200ie does not disappoint. If on ears or over ears aren’t your flavor then I highly recommend these little guys for the office. Its slim design makes long time wear a breeze, ideal for those long hours spent at work.

The IDX200ie has magnificent detail and an amazing low end.  These are another set of headphones which work very well with bass heavy music, the sound quality is pretty fantastic. They also include an in line remote that is apple compatible. If the IDX200ie sounds like it might be your cup of tea just give it a shot.




These are a really nice pair of over ear headphones. The XPT100 are beyond comfortable I actually forgot they were on my head the other day. They have amazing noise isolation which creates a calmer listening environment without interruptions from crazy coworkers. It is not that common to find over ears that fold and these are not an exception but they do come with a carrying case for transport.  As far as sound goes it exceeds expectations. Grab yourself one of these before your coworkers run them out of stock.



Sennheiser hd461 Office Headphones

I think these are probably the most comfortable headphones I have put one. They have a great build and the cushioning of the ear pads are like clouds on your ears. You’re not going to catch gold bells and whistles on this baby but you will get excellent audio quality. There are two different kinds compatible with iPhone or android.

The HD461 is geared toward an enhanced solid bass experience. It doesn’t stop there the HD461 makes sure to cater to the music to make sure it doesn’t get muddied in the bass. Bottom line is the Sennheiser HD461 is top notch and I would go grab another set for the office if I didn’t just buy one.



Creative Aurvana ANC

These would make great office headphones just for the simple fact that they are a good price and check off all the requirements for a good set of headphones for work.  The Aurvana ANC is an over ear design with a primarily plastic coating and protein leather covering the ear pads. they fit really well on your head great for longer wear.  You’ll notice how the Aurvana ANC is significantly lighter than most other over ear headphones which is super convenient for moving around your cubicle.

These guys can also switch to noise cancellation if you want to block out noisy AC units or loud printers. As for sound quality I honestly can’t complain, it was really easy to listen to a wide range of genres without getting ear fatigue. The Aurvana ANC are really great headphones and I think that the fact that you have the option of sound cancellation is pretty cool.




When you reflect on the work day your amazing office headphones should be the first thing on your mind, with that amazing sound and comfort from the gods; not that new promotion of yours. The office could get overwhelming sometimes but after a good music session, your whole day can be revived. Now that I have given you the guidance you need to find headphones for the office go out and flap your wings all the way to Sonic Electronix.


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