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classy headphones and sound

Audiophile or not, don’t you want a set of cans that have only the very best features and a look that screams power and sophistication? There is an assured charm inherent to exceptional classy headphones. Each set of cans have their own inimitable assets, they also impart a sense of contiguity and intuitive influence to well produced music.

Music is the universal language, providing everything from Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” to raw beats by Dre, to vibrant melodies. Only after the shock of the sheer magnificence of the sound that comes from these headphones will you comprehend the advanced engineering detail and admirable construction that created a revelatory listen. We here at Sonic Electronix have made a list of the classiest headphones in the business.


 Audeze EL-8 Titanium Classy Headphones

Audeze EL-8 Titanium Classy Headphones

American Made Audeze EL-8 are bold and dripping in elegance with its perfect balance of titanium metal. They are an astounding pair of headphones that are better suited for home use than taking on your daily commute. Next is the soft leather ear cushions with the oval shaped ear plates that have a spun metal finish that give the perfect amount of pattern difference. Take a moment and appreciate the robust built of the EL-8. Audeze took the minimalist approach on these and it clearly paid off because it has the high quality look without being gaudy.


  • Planar magnetic driver creating wide frequency response, low distortion, and better sound quality
  • New Fazor Technology retain audio detail for cleaner, detailed sound
  • DAC and Headphone amp for apple devices included

The Audeze is an absolute joy to listen to if you are looking for that natural sound with a large soundstage. They cover all the bases when it comes to the full sound spectrum. The EL-8 adapts to any type of music effortlessly. Bottom line is the Audeze EL-8 will not disappoint. They are the full package with a handsome design and fantastic sound quality.


Grado RS 2E Classy Headphones

The Grado RS 2e are top of the line open back reference headphones that exhibit nothing but pure class and style. It has an incredible look with its handcrafted mahogany wood ear cups, the real leather headband, and premium foam earcups. Grado purposely chose a stiff foam to give these their unique sound signature.

Grado RS 2E Classy HeadphonesHighlights:

  • One of a kind driver design housed in wood for a low transient distortion
  • Mahogany wood air chamber for an heightened audio reproduction
  • High purity crystal copper voice coil wire

A deep bass is certainly not absent from the RS-2s. With these, Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion” sounds like you are actually at a bar on the beach in Belize hearing it live. The RS-2s have a vivid sound that most other high quality headphones can’t compete with. At the end of the day the Grado RS 2e is the way to go. They are the full package with the sound and the retro look, what more can you ask for.


Master & Dynamic MH40 S2 Classy Headphones

Master & Dynamic MH40 S2 Classy Headphones

Master and Dynamic are one of the newer headphone companies but don’t let that fool you because all they make are headphones that exude pure opulence. The MH40 is made of the most wholesome of metals and leathers. You even get the option with the detachable cables to go with or without the three button inline remote and microphone. The overall cushion of these cans leave you in bliss after hours of wear in the office, home, or even on the go.


  • Premium lambskin and cowhide on headband and ear pads
  • Stainless steel in high strain areas
  • Custom neodymium drivers
  • Aluminum body built to last for the long haul

They have a large soundstage that makes the music sound like it is coming from somewhere far. The bass holds a lot of power making the music sound as if it was moving through your veins. The MH40 have amazing highs and mids but they are definitely more favorable to those who like a warm sound signature.

The final verdict is the Master & Dynamic MH40 S2 have a wonderful sound and a unique look different from other headphones.


Beyerdynamic T51I Classy Headphones

Made in Germany, the T51i is a high grade set of on ear headphones that are a mixture of elegance, maturity, and ruggedness. From head to toe these guys are made of full metal that contrasts wonderfully with the very soft protein leather. The T51i is very well built and sits securely on your head for long time use without experiencing ear fatigue. The cups also moves and lays flat in any direction making it a great choice for those who like to put their cans around their neck when they are not using it.

Beyerdynamic T51I Classy Headphones


  • Tesla technology giving amazing detailed sound
  • Inline remote that also works on IOS devices
  • Ambient sound attenuation keeping the users attention on the music

The T51i is very detailed, warm, and the rich quality leaves you speechless. The best part is they are not musically biased, they will give you the same amount of detail and vibrate bass with any song of your choosing. These compact audiophile headphones do not hold back and give you exactly what you ask for and maybe even more. The T51i is exceptional and perfect for the classic man or woman. We have one question, what’s holding you back from getting yours today?


There is a headphone out there for everyone and I know one of these cans are for you. You don’t only want a headphone that does its job very well, you want one that looks like it does too and goes with your personal style. Get one of these and experience the sophistication and power they possess.


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