Scosche Photo Caption Contest on Facebook

Sonic Electronix Scosche Photo Caption Contest

For the month of September, Sonic Electronix is holding a Photo Caption contest. The top captions will win some awesome Scosche items that are sure to make your life more convenient. Sonic is confident that you will easily come up with a creative caption for their creative picture. To make it even better, the Scosche items they are giving away include great sounding car audio equipment and some of the most popular gadgets out there!

How to Enter:

  1. Go to the September Caption Contest on the SonicElectronix Facebook page.
  2. Think of an awesome, creative caption.
  3. Click the large green button to submit your caption.

For the readers that are unfamiliar with Scosche Industries, they are a leader in car, home, and consumer electronics. Sonic is giving away some of the EFX car audio gear and their convenient portable electronics. Some of the prizes include the EFX P65 Performance Speakers, the EFX HeXaD17 RCA cables, the boomCAN portable speaker, the freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard, and many more!

Entering the contest is fast, easy, and can quickly land you some free Scosche gear if your caption is picked. Put on your thinking cap, get creative, and submit a caption!

I've always had a passion for quality sound. Growing up, my sound editor father taught me the importance of good sound and good audio equipment. In my teens I was installing audio systems and frequenting concerts. Today, I'm marketing audio products a company that is as passionate about audio as I am. All along the way i've collected and built a nice collection of quality audio gear that lets me listen the way I want. The point is, I love audio... and pizza.

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