What to Expect at CES 2015!


CES 2015

With the year coming to an end in just a few days, that means that its that time of year again to start preparing for CES in Las Vegas, Nevada! The annual Consumer Electronics Show is an event that Sonic Electronix has participated in for almost a decade now. We take pride in being able to experience, first hand, the new products that will be released in the car audio, home audio, and portable electronics industries. This year, we are very excited for CES and are anticipating some great new products!

As usual, our video and social media team will be covering the entire event- bringing you guys the news from CES – as fast as possible. Our goal is to bring back information on what the industry has in store for 2015. If you have something in mind as to what you’re really hoping to see from CES 2015, please let us know in the comments! And stay tuned for all the CES updates and videos – only from Sonic Electronix! Until next time, we’ll cya later!

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