Headphones You Can Leave In While Sleeping

Headphones You Can Leave In While Sleeping

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four…

Sometimes it is a killer to be able to fall asleep at night and leaving the T.V. on keeps most up for all hours of the night. Playing your music out loud sometimes is not an option either, so then what do you do? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a nice set of cans that you could use while sleeping without worrying about discomfort or having them yanked out of your ears?

Well put those sleeping pills away people because here at Sonic Electronix we have put together a list of headphones that are prime for bedtime use. Now take a moment and think, what would make a great set of sleeping headphones? We would say comfort, noise isolation, a long cord, or no cord at all. So keep all that in mind as we go through this list of headphones guaranteed to make restless nights a thing of the past.


Final Audio Design Heaven II-blk Headphones

The Heaven II are just another incredible product of the Japanese Final Audio Design engineering. They have a super lustrous design with a stainless steel housing and 4 ft. black cable. The Heaven II have a pronounced built with a single barrel that fits further in your ear so you don’t have to worry about them falling out your ears while sleeping.

Final Audio Design Heaven ii Headphones to use while sleeping


  • beautiful sound isolation
  • BAM technology that copies stereo spatial interpretations
  • sound balance adjusting filter

Everything about the Heaven II screams comfort. I don’t know about you guys but when I am trying to fall asleep I can’t stand to feel anything underneath me, it is pleasing to know that the cord on these are flat hence no worries about laying on them. The actual in ears are also really cozy because of the plush tips. The heaven II will make anyone happy for the simple fact that they have a right angled jack and strain relief.

The Heaven II have a pretty good extension and a robust bass for a balanced armature. Overall, they produce a pleasant, smooth, and tranquil listening experience. The Final Audio Design Heaven II really are a little piece of heaven. They make falling asleep a breeze and affordable.


NVX IE3RC Headphones

NVX IE3RC Headphones

The NVX IE3RC are a great set of monitor style earbuds. They come in a unique sunset orange that sets the stage for a good night’s rest. They are built with memory wire which conforms to your ear for an easy fit. The NVX IE3RC are very resilient so if you are one of those people that wake up half way off your bed, you don’t have to worry about your in ears getting ruined.


  • detachable cable
  • sweat resistant
  • in-line microphone

Go ahead play “Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles and enjoy the amazing highs, warm mids, and beautiful bass. Wait, don’t fall asleep just yet, we are just getting started on the highlights of these puppies. The IE3RC also are android and iPhone compatible just in case that hype song comes on and you want to skip the song without being blinded by your phone.

Eccentric price, great fit, and incredible sound? I honestly can’t complain. I’d rather plug these babes in and hit the hay.


Phiaton Chord MS 530 Headphones

The MS 530 is ideal for bedtime use, first of all it has no cable so no worries about getting tangled in your cord. They honestly are the picture-perfect fit, you go to sleep with them on your head and I promise they will still be on your head when you wake up. And the MS 530 protein leather ear pads and soft head band are just as good as that teddy bear you cuddle with every night.

Phiaton Chord MS 530 headphones for sleeping


  • Active noise cancelling technology
  • Quick and easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Multipoint connection, you can connect to two devices at the same time
  • Long battery life with Everplay-X so you can continue to listen to your music even if the audio device is not Bluetooth compatible

The sound quality is not compromised no matter if you are listening to audiobooks, a chill playlist, or even a video. They have a good variation of highs, mids, and bass so now you can have an amazing soundtrack for the featured film behind your eyelids.

No need to worry about all the extras just get yourself a MS 530 and get the best nights rest you have had in a while.



NVX has been the topic of conversation in audio circle, with their almost suspiciously cheap prices and crazy remarkable products. The XBTL6 are a lovely set of cans that I think were made to aid you with your sleep dilemma. Have you ever thought of sleeping in pure luxury? So have I! No need for it to be a distant dream because with the XBTL6 you get just that. They come in a luxurious matte black with a brush of metal.


Now let’s get to the highlights:

  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Can also be used with the supplied 3.5mm cable
  • Long battery life

The lows, mids, and highs don’t disappoint on these puppies either. So the only thing left to say is get the NVX XBTL6 pronto. Actually, with that price, why not get one for your significant other, roommate, or maybe even a friend too.


You can kiss those days of counting sheep, cows, or whatever farm animal of your choosing, goodbye. Get a sound night’s sleep in the comforts of your new bedtime headphones without causing a ruckus for those around you. Yeah, teddy needs his beauty sleep too.


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