Headphones That Help You Get Your Groove On


Picture this, you have just made probably the sickest playlist on the planet, mixed the next best hit, or going for a good run. Now the question is, would you rather use the stock earphones that came with your phone or would you rather a dope set of cans that really get you grooving? Okay, now that you have made the right decision, we’ve come up with a lineup of our favorite cans and earphones to help get you started.

We want to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your listening experience so we pick those needles out the haystack for you so you wouldn’t have to. Without further ado here is our highly recommended groovy headphones.

Sennheiser HD800 S award_logo_v1_Hi-Res-Audio

Sennheiser HD800 over ear headphones

These babies are big, black, loud, and just a sexy set of cans. The Sennheiser HD800 S is a beautiful product of German engineering, producing no faults so you know they are long lasting. They will completely spoil you with the detail of the various layers of each instrument, vast natural soundstage, accurate bass, and what many people call perfection. I’s the dominatrix of every genre but may not be the biggest turn on for bass heads.

For those that are fans of the original HD800, the HD800S are not replacements but rather Sennheiser’s response to people that thought the originals were a little too bright. They call it absorber technology which takes the edge of the highs while preserving the detail and audibleness.

If you plan to get most out of these bad boys, we highly recommend pairing them up with a powerful amp and a nice dac. Keep in mind that the HD800S is open back, so whatever you hear, everyone around you can hear the same thing. With that said, these probably aren’t the most ideal on-the-go headphones or for use in the office but if you’re a boss you don’t care.

Sennheiser HD800 S in black

The headband and cups are made for pure comfort with Sennheiser microfiber material that don’t heat up. Once you put these on time doesn’t matter because you can go hours without experiencing ear fatigue.

If the price tag ain’t a thang then get your fix and remember, once you go HD800 S you’ll never go back.

Audio Technica ATHM50X

audio technica ath m50 in matte gray

The ATHM50X are a versatile piece of equipment ideal for office use, DJing, and producing. They check off every aspect of a great set of cans; they are very comfortable, great isolation, extremely durable, and their sound is simply amazing. They fold easily convenient for storage and travel. The M50X has been a big hit in the music community, no wonder everybody wants to get some…we mean one. Some highlights of the ATH M50X:

  • Three detachable cords included
  • Thick padded ear cups that swivel
  • Fold flat for storage
  • Comes in few multipe colors: matte gray, black, white

Audio Technica ATHM50X in white

ATH M50X has a classic understated design not so much different from the original M50. They do not discriminate made to appeal to a wide audience, they offer a beefy bass, an expansive soundstage, and excellent control. The ATHM50X is definitely worth the price with the amount of sheer enjoyment you will get out of them.

Klipsch X6i

Klipsch X6i in white

The Klipsch X6i are phenomenal, they are a perfect set of in-ear reference headphones. They are a flawless mixture of crisp and loud without being overbearing. Our personal favorite feature is the unique oval ear tips which makes it super easy to stay in the ear canal. Don’t get us started on that bass the X6i have, it is honestly insane how clear it is.

They are super comfortable for all day wear and include an array of tips in different sizes. The best part is you don’t have to worry about playing twister with the cable because they never knot up or tangle. The X6i also has an inline remote and microphone perfect for phone use. You won’t hear us complaining about that external sound isolation. The Klipsch X6i are great for when you are on the go and is the cheapest of its model.

Klipsch X6i in black

Its no wonder that they are flying off the shelves, with its amazing feature and price tag.

Master & Dynamic MW60

Master & Dynamic MW60 in brown

First things first, the design of the Master & Dynamic MW60 emits nothing but pure luxury. Now it is well known that audiophiles aren’t too keen on Bluetooth due the byproduct of a compressed audio signal. With the great improvement of wireless technology, Master & Dynamic have created an amazing set of wireless cans that we’re sure will get an audiophiles attention. These headphones sound amazing with any type of music that gets you in the groove.

Master & Dynamic MW60 in black

The MW60’s have a lot of great features. If it being wireless did not make it portable enough, it also folds until it fits in the palm of your hand. These high quality cans do not need to be babied, they have the durability to last for years. It was no accident why M&D skipped the noise canceling feature, with its closed back design and snug pads all outside noise is virtually nonexistent.

Now the question is, should you pay half a k on these cans? These babies are well worth the cost and trust a good set of Bluetooth cans don’t come cheap but these babies are as high quality as it gets.


One of these headphones are surefire to get you moving regardless of music taste, fit or application. If you need over ear, in ears, wireless, or just the best cans we’ve got can for you. Music is made to get you grooving so get jiggy wit it.


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