Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The bar has been raised, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. The new Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre, or “Beats by Dre,” are the latest must-have set of headphones. Featuring flawless sound reproduction and a hot-look, these headphones are the elite pair on the market. Famous hip hop producer Dr. Dre was in the lab for three years with Monster designing the Beats. Dr. Dre is quoted in TIME magazine as saying his goal in creating the Beats was to give people a way to “hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should – the way I do.” Mission accomplished: Beats by Dre are studio quality headphones that are compact enough to be practical for everyday use. The headphones can be folded into a small carrying case for transport.

Monster Beats by Dre are especially convenient for music phone owners, because these headphones include an iSonitalk cable. This cable allows you to pause your music while answering calls with your iPhone or other music phones. These headphones have other cool playback controls. For example, you can also mute your music with one tap of the ear piece, and tap it once more to turn the sound back on.

In comparison to other headphones, The Beats are unique in that they are internally amplified, which results in incomparable high-definition sound quality. They also feature a cutting-edge driver design which gives an unmatched level of precise audio clarity, and the sizeable speaker drivers generate deafeningly deep bass.

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