Woodees Headphones (Earbuds)

The digital music market has been taken over by the digital music players, such as the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, and other MP3 players.  The most overlooked accessory to good digital music also happens to be one of the most important.  The headphones that one uses to listen to music can arguably be more important for the music playback than the MP3 player itself.  The quality of the headphones will determine the detail, clarity, and overall listening experience.  Scheduled to be shipping in April of 2009, the new Woodees headphones are making a change in the headphone industry.

Introducing the IES-W100B and the IES-W101B headphones from Woodees.  These headphones are uniquely designed with a wooden structure that produce a naturally rich sound.  The bass is deep and the acoustics are right where they need to be.  Each of these models feature a 10 mm driver for a sound that is just right with the perfect amount of natural deep bass.  The 105 dB sensitivity and the 20-20,000 Hz frequency responses are the results of ideal acoustic engineering.  Woodees are also fully customizable to fit your ear canal.  We all know that there are few things in life that are more annoying than having an ear bud that is too small or too large.  With the Woodees headphones, you will be getting the right fit every time.  A 4-foot cable allows plenty of slack in the cord and plenty of room to move around without having it get tangled or caught up.

The Woodees IES-W100B feature an in-line microphone made specifically for the iPhone or other smart phones.  Answer and end phone calls with the ease simply by pushing the button found on the in-line microphone interface.  When you receive an incoming phone call, you can answer the call and pause the music by squeezing the microphone with two fingers.  After the phone call is over, the music will resume playing.  It is as simple as that.  But that in-line microphone isn’t just for use with MP3 phones.  When an iPod is in its shuffle mode, the in-line controls can pause and skip to the next or previous song.  A perfect feature for listening to music while at the gym or exercising.

No matter what type of music you listen to or how often you listen to music, there is no excuse for using low quality headphones.  Listen to the music the way that the artists want it to be heard.  Hear the bass with a rich and natural sound.  What it really means is that Woodees have gone to nature to get a high quality natural sound.  Next time you think about getting the best buds for your ears, think Woodees.  Wood sounds richer.

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