How Much Does It Cost to Install a Subwoofer?


When writing this article I am going under the impression that you have already installed an aftermarket radio in your car. If you are in need of a new head unit, please refer to our article about the best car stereos or the best car stereos under $300. Also, I am not taking into account any additional power output you may need. Please read this article to see if it’s time upgrade your alternator.

We are frequently asked by people new to car audio: how much does it cost to install a subwoofer? They want the extra bass for their music, but they really don’t know where to start. In this article, I am going to break down a few separate audio upgrades at varying prices.

Easy to Install & Affordable

The first option I want to discuss is an under-seat subwoofer with an integrated amp. The NVX QBUS8v2 is an 8-inch subwoofer that is a great option who wants to quickly upgrade their factory sound system. It is incredibly compact and easy to install even for a beginner. As I stated before, it also has an integrated amp along with it. This means that you won’t have to wire your sub to an external amp because it is all housed in one convenient enclosure. Plus, you’ll need a wiring kit. One reliable wiring kit would be this NVX XKIT82. This is a 100% copper wiring kit meant specifically for a monoblock or a 2-channel amp. Your total would be $154.94. You could also consider getting a second enclosure which would just double that price and put you at just over $300.

NVX QBUS8v2 $109.95
NVX XKIT82 $44.99
Total $154.94


For a more noticeable upgrade in sound quality for a bit higher price point you should look no further than the JL Audio 12W0v2-4. This is by far one of our highest rated subs that we sell. Currently it is rated 4.9 stars on 624 customer reviews. This sub offers great sound quality for the price and it can handle power up to 300W RMS. You could pair this with this Single 12″ Sealed MDF Subwoofer Enclosure. This is also a very well-reviewed product with 4.7 stars on 154 customer reviews. For an amp, a great Monoblock option would be the NVX BDA7501. At 4 ohms it will output 450W RMS. Finally, you’ll need an amplifier wiring kit to wire everything together. You could utilize the wiring kit I discussed earlier. That brings you to a total of $324.96.

JL Audio 12W0v2-4 Subwoofer $99.99
Belva Subwoofer Enclosure $39.99
NVX BDA7501 Amp $139.99
NVX XKIT82 $44.99
Total $324.96

Superior Sound Quality

Obviously, there are higher quality sound options available, but the cost will reflect that. The most difficult thing about upgrading your subwoofer to a $300 or $400 plus price point is the expense of the amplifier that will ultimately output that amount of power. If you were to get a 4-ohm subwoofer that can handle 1000W RMS, it may only cost $400. However, an amp like the Alpine PDX-M12 could end up costing you $600 on top of that. It’s a very high quality amp, but the price tag displays that as well.

Another option we offer is a subwoofer in the $200 range. If you were to simply upgrade to a $200 12-inch sub like the NVX XQW124 for example, you could use that same NVX amp I talked about before. Plus, you could keep the same box enclosure.

Whatever option you decide upon make sure to check out our website to find which combination would be best for you.


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