How to Tell if My Speaker is Blown?


Blown speakers is an all too common issue. It happens frequently when people push their speakers at high volume levels for longer periods of time. Your audio will begin to sound scratchy and staticky. This happens often with cheap factory speakers. People try to max out their bass on speakers that weren’t meant to go at those levels. These are few simple ways to tell whether or not your speaker is blown.


Things to Listen For

There are some really simple ways on how you can tell if your speakers are actually blown. First, the simplest way to tell that your speaker is blown is to simply listen for some distortion. Simply play a familiar bass line and turn up your speakers to a reasonable volume. You should be able to hear some level of distortion if your speaker is actually blown. If you could not hear any distortion you probably have nothing to worry about.

Another important thing to look for is a lack of range in the speaker. If you notice a lack of a certain low mid or high that is usually there, that could be another telling factor that you need a new speaker. Also, a good way to determine this would be to isolate that one speaker by using the pan and fade functions on your stereo so that you can compare that one particular speaker to the others in your car.

Things to Look at

If you had difficulty in telling if there was any audible difference between the potentially blown speaker and the other speakers in your car, then there are few visual cues that will help determine if it is blown. One easy way to tell is if the speaker no longer moves. Functioning speakers should always have some sort of movement at medium to high volume levels. Another visual test is by using a multi-meter. First, set the device to read ohms. Your speaker should read at the ohm level it was rated at. Your speaker is blown if it measures at infinite ohms or if it is reading 2 ohms and it is rated at 4.

One of these tests  should help you determine whether or not your speaker is actually blown. Make sure to head over to our website to find some replacement speakers for your car if you are now in the market for some new speakers. We offer speakers that would be a quick and easy change out even if you don’t have an external amp. You could even use the current factory stereo with certain speaker options. However, if you are looking to make a quick upgrade for a noticeable difference in sound quality it might also be a good idea to look for an aftermarket head unit as well.

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