How to Make my Car Audio Sound Better


For those of you who simply can’t do without entertainment, your car can be a great haven to enjoy your favorite music. However, many commuters and car owners still put up with marginal sound quality that would not be tolerated at home. On the other hand, some vehicle owners take their time to assemble a sweet, sophisticated sound system for their ride. They do however make some common installation mistakes and omissions that prevent the car from achieving its’ full potential. Sonic Electronix remedies the situation by giving you all the tips and tricks you need to make your car audio sound spectacular.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Make my Car Audio Better

[wpsm_numbox num=”1″ style=”4″]Replace your Car Speakers[/wpsm_numbox]

More often than not, a sound system is probably the last thing a manufacturer considers when designing your vehicle. Typically stock sound systems are low quality, inexpensive products that exist just to make noise. Replacing your stock system with speakers from our website will give you tighter bass, crisper treble, and overall sound clarity.

NVX Speaker Packages

If you really want crystal clear well-distributed sound in your car, then you can’t rely on stock speakers. What you need is the entire package from NVX which comes with all the features you need to keep that head bobbing. We’re talking about a premium parts providing linear sound with incredible accuracy.

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Desirable Models:

[wpsm_numbox num=”2″ style=”4″]Add Bass[/wpsm_numbox]

NVX QBUS8v2 Quick Install

Purposefully engineered to fit under your car’s seat, the NVX QBUS subwoofer will make you feel like you are part of the music. The slim profile of this 8-inch woofer totally complements your entire audio system and makes the lower spectrum audio fuller and more pronounced. The flexible EQ adjustment and crossover controls allow you to tune the woofer to your system. This means that no matter what your car’s acoustic environment is, you always get the best audio.

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[wpsm_numbox num=”3″ style=”4″]Add an Amplifier[/wpsm_numbox]

Yeah yeah, so your factory car stereo pumps out a whopping 200 watts of power; big deal. There is a major difference between 50 watts of peak power from a stereo and 50W RMS from a big boy amp. A great amplifier provides more power enhancing the sound of your system.

NVX JAD Series Amplifiers

NVX JAD Series Amplifiers

NVX’s line of JAD Amplifiers is an excellent choice for people looking for high output amps that capture the sound just like a studio. With state of the art features like low pass filters, gain level control and bridgeable channels, this bad boy takes clarity to a whole new level. Car owners can choose to run a couple speakers or even a subwoofer.

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[wpsm_numbox num=”4″ style=”4″]Use Sound Damping Materials[/wpsm_numbox]

Drastically cutting down on road noise and car vibration, damping materials make your car audio better because they help eliminate external interference. The metals and panels your vehicle is made of vibrates because of the sound waves, distorting sound quality. Any expert will tell you that you need sound damping materials to supplement your aftermarket system.

NVX SDVK4 – 90mil 2.3mm THICK

If you are looking to make the sound quality in your car the same as your home, then you can’t afford to ignore the effects of sound damping. In addition to reducing the shakes and rattles in your car, damping the sound lets the tone and notes hit with more clarity. The NVX SDVK4 – 90mil 2.3mm THICK works by lessening the vibrations from the woofer and makes the sound more crisp.

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[wpsm_numbox num=”5″ style=”4″]Utilize a Sound Processor[/wpsm_numbox]

AudioControl LC2i

This compact, two-channel processor with active input circuitry now accepts up to 400 watts per channel on speaker level signals. With dismal levels of super low distortion, you can now drive all day with the sound quality and convenience you deserve.

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[wpsm_numbox num=”6″ style=”4″]Incorporate an Equalizer[/wpsm_numbox]


If you want the most suitable way to make your car audio sound better, there is definitely no such thing as one size fits all. The NVX XEQ7 7 Band Stereo Equalizer lets users compensate for up to 7 different acoustic anomalies that are common in most auto environments.

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[wpsm_numbox num=”7″ style=”4″]Install a Capacitor[/wpsm_numbox]


Like most music enthusiasts, your car probably needs a little more juice than the average vehicle. How about giving the NVX XCAP1F a spin? This ingenious little device is not only easy on the eyes and wallet, but it is ideal for music systems up to 1200 watts. If the power runs low, this bad boy lets you know.

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