Rock Out Like Gene Simmons

For many years Gene Simmons has shown the world what it truly means to Rock and Roll, and now he has teamed up with Cort to design and distribute his very own legendary Axe and Punisher basses. Each bass guitar is decorated with Gene’s signature on the head stock and features a chrome bridge cover that adds to the overall flair of the bass and protects your hand from sharp saddle screws.

The Cort GS-Axe 2 was specifically designed by Gene Simmons and is also a bass that incorporates what he claims was his “dream bass guitar.” Not only does the guitar look absolutely awesome, it also sounds really good as well. It features bolt-on construction, a mahogany body, Canadian hard maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. The bass also has die cast tuners and includes it’s own custom gig bag for easy transportation.

The Cort GS-Punisher 2 incorporates the same features as the Axe, but with a different body shape and style. The Punisher has a very clean and simple design, to provide complete access to the full neck while playing. The Punisher also includes it’s own custom gig bag for easy transportation.

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