New Wiring Guide on Car Subwoofer Product Pages


Massive Audio DC 12

Whether you are a first time installer to the seasoned veteran, Sonic has what you are looking for. They have a large library of helpful tips and articles in the Sonic Electronix Knowledge Base that are written with the purpose to educate the reader. Even this blog is a medium that they use to help their subscribers become more educated about the industry. Last year, Sonic broke new ground with their forum community. Each of these pages (and more!) are designed to make both the shopping and installing easier.

The most recent update to the site is the integration of the Subwoofer Wiring Guide onto the car subwoofer product pages. This easy to use tool makes it simple to find out how to wire your subwoofer. On any car subwoofer page, you will see a new tab at the end of the row that reads “Wiring” Guide”. In that tab you will find a variety of wiring options with a wide selection of car amplifiers.

Lets practice using the Wiring Guide:

  1. Click on any car subwoofer. We will use the Massive Audio DC12 as an example.
  2. Click the tab that says “Wiring Guide”. It will be to the right of all the other tabs.
  3. Look at all the wiring options.

It is really that easy. In the example we saw that the Massive DC 12 is a Dual 4 ohm subwoofer. The Wiring Guide on the product page outlined how to properly wire that subwoofer in all sorts of configurations. Plus, it tells you how to wire multiple subwoofers together. In fact, we saw diagrams of how to wire up to 4 subwoofers together. With the new Subwoofer Wiring Guide, shopping for subwoofers and amplifiers has just become much easier.


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