5 Exciting New Products from CES 2013

RE Audio Bluetooth Car Amplifier

While it’s a fairly simple idea, the new RE Audio Bluetooth car amplifier is easily one of the most exciting new products in the world of car audio. It’s essentially a car amplifier which can be paired to a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone or tablet as a source. This revolutionary design opens up a whole new realm of installation options including in-dash tablet installs, motorcycle or ATV systems and countless other possibilities!

LG “Dual Play”

LG’s Dual Play technology made quite an impression in the world of home audio/video. This technology allows users to view different video simultaneously on the same screen by utilizing special glasses with different refresh rates. Similar to the technology used for many 3D TVs, the glasses basically shutter on/off upwards of 100 times per second. This technology could very well be the future of multiplayer gaming, as well as NFL Sunday Ticket!

Axxess Auto-Detect Interfaces

These awesome modules will make it easier than ever to retain your OnStar, Bose, rear seat entertainment and other factory features when replacing your radio. Now you can simply plug in the radio interface, and the Auto-Detect technology will scan the system to detect and retain these factory features. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right interface module for your car, and makes it incredibly easy to integrate steering wheel controls as well!

beyerdynamic Custom Series

As a self-admitted headphone nerd, I’m extremely excited about the new Custom Series from beyerdynamic. These headphones are the ultimate in customization, as you can change not only how they look but also how they sound. The conveniently located sliders feature four levels of adjustment which transform the headphones from a tight, analytic sound characteristic of open-back headphones, to the heavy bass and the characteristic dynamics of a closed-back design. beyerdynamic already offers a variety of stylish covers, earpads, headbands and rings to personalize your pair, and will certainly have many more options in the near future.

Kicker KX Car Amplifiers

While my favorite new product from Kicker may not include the most innovative new technology, the new Kicker KX car amplifiers are nonetheless one of the coolest new car audio products at CES 2013. The KX series is totally redesigned for 2013, including five monoblock models to complement a 4-channel and 2-channel, as well as a 5-channel to power a full system. These amps feature a stylish compact-chassis design which takes advantage of a great circuit board layout to achieve nearly 80% efficiency.

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