Bazooka Bass Tubes

It all started back in November of 1983 when Southern Audio Services opened for business. Now with over 25 years of experience, SAS Bazooka has grown to be one of the most respected and innovative companies in the mobile audio industry today. Among the most impressive developments and products that have come out of the Bazooka labs are the Bass Tubes. A bass boost is one of the best and noticeable improvements that one could add to their car and Bazooka bass tubes have made the addition of a subwoofer simple and easy.

The tube subwoofers can easily be integrated into a factory sound system by connecting just a few wires. All of the Bass Tube subs come with the necessary wires and harnesses to hook up one of these subs. Plug one end into the back of the bass tube and the other end of the harness connects the power, ground, and remote. Then connect the RCA interconnect cables from the bass tube to the back of the head unit and you are set. Well, most of the time. Depending on which Bass Tube you get there might be more installation, but the installation is still basic. With the remote cable connected, the amplified bass tubes will turn on when you start the car. If you have already replaced your factory sound system, then installation is just as simple. Factory or not, installing one of these tube subwoofers is straightforward. Instructions are included and most tubes will include straps to hold the tube in place.

Even though the Bazooka Bass Tube subwoofers and amplifiers handle a relatively small amount of power, the sound they produce is quite impressive. I guess that’s what happens when you have been in the industry for as long as Bazooka has. They have mastered the tube design and live up to their claim of, “Big bass in a small space!” If you have ever been in a car with one of these subs, then you will understand the difference that it can make.

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