Black Friday is coming a Day Early!

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is breaking boundaries and doing things never before done. Have you ever heard of a Black Thursday deal? Nope. That’s because they are traditionally called Thanksgiving deals. However, this year Sonic is covering both of their bases. To start things off, they are going to have their call center open on Thanksgiving. If that’s not enough, they are releasing their Black Friday deals a day early!

Having the call center open on Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity that we can be grateful and thankful for. While the majority of businesses are closed and people home enjoying time with their immediate family, Sonic Electronix sales reps will be with their work family. Not only does that consist of the fellow co-workers, but also those loyal customers that choose Sonic as their number one stop for their mobile electronics. So after that large turkey dinner when you head outside to install your new car stereo, Sonic will be on call and ready. Or maybe you need to place that last minute order while the oil for the turkey fryer is heating up, Sonic techs will be on the phones to help you make your order fast. Because on thanksgiving, less time on the phone means more time with the family.

Why stop there? Sonic Electronix is known for being a price leader and offering their customers the best deals possible. So why not release the Black Friday deals a day early and call them Black Thursday deals? That is exactly what Sonic is doing this year. However, there is one catch. These offers will be available by phone only. That means you are going to have to call in to place the order and find out the prices on these items.  So take a day off this Thanksgiving, call Sonic Electronix, and start your holiday shopping a day early.

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