Dual XHD7720

Dual XHD7720

HD Radio is the new radio.  In the next couple of years, many of the new automobile makers are going to including HD Radio in their vehicles.  But for those of us that aren’t in the market to purchase a new vehicle, Dual saves the day. The HD Radio bar has been raised with the release of the Dual XHD7720.  The single DIN receiver seems like a basic in-dash receiver, but is so much more.

The first and most notable feature on the XHD7720 is the HD Radio iTunes tagging.  The process is quite simple.  First, make sure that your iPod is connected to the unit.  Then when you hear a song on via HD Radio, you are able to “tag” the song on your iPod.  Because the HD Radio carries a digital signal, the song information can be stored digitally on the iPod.  That information stays on your iPod so that the next time you sync your iPod on your computer, the song information it transferred to the PC and the “tagged” songs will display with a link to download them.  Imagine the convenience: hear a song you like on the radio, push a button, sync your iPod, and download the songs to your home computer.  You’ll never again have that frusturating feeling of wondering who just played that great song on the radio! The best part about this feature is that it comes built-in.  No need to purchase a separate HD tuner, an additional iPod add-on, or even a subscription because it comes with everything you need.

The Dual XHD7720 also comes with all the features that make it a solid head unit.  It plays MP3 and WMA files.  Front panel USB for the connection and charging of iPods or other MP3 devices.  The unit is Bluetooth ready with the Dual BTM60 microphone.  For even more music options, this head unit allows A2DP streaming of Bluetooth audio.  Overall, this car radio (in-dash head unit) is perfect for those that like to discover new music on the radio and then take that music with them. The interface on the 2-step motorized front panel is easy to learn and simple to use.  With the rise of HD Radio, Dual is one step ahead with the XHD7720.

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